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NDRV3 Transcripts: Ouma’s Prison Mode Ending

So, many people have asked me about Ouma’s prison mode lately–the ending in particular! I’d like to get around to actually translating all his prison mode events if possible at some point, but for now @shinjiroaragaki and I are bringing you all the ending!

They provided me the transcript and I’ve translated the full thing to English. Since it’s a relatively short event, I’ve included icons for all the sprites in the formatting. There’s a Google doc version as well, although this time around it’s pretty much the same as this post, just minus the Japanese text.

Google doc link!

More translated transcripts.

Since we both worked hard on this translation, it’d be great if people could spread it around and reblog it if possible!

Although it’s bonus mode content, this ending is highly insightful to understanding Ouma’s character. It provides glimpses as to how Ouma behaves in a scenario where no murders occur, what Saihara thinks of him when he’s not putting on such an antagonistic act, and how even Ouma doesn’t really fully understand himself all the time.

I hope you all enjoy! Here’s Ouma’s prison mode ending, alternatively titled “Saihara decides to hold Ouma’s hand until he stops being such a bratty liar.”

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Courage, dear heart. - C.S Lewis

(taken from my studygram! and yes, i’ve gotten into bullet journaling (⌒▽⌒)☆)

anonymous asked:

Every time I see Magnus my heart skips a few beats because he is the most gorgeous man I've ever seen, I seriously just want him to hold me in his big strong hands. And how can anyone not want to hold Magnus's hands? I mean I'm pretty sure everyone attracted to men is in love with Magnus. But a guy can only dream I guess.

Brianna was coming down the stairs as he pulled the door of the study closed, moving with exaggerated caution. She arched a brow in question and he lifted the folder, smiling.

“Got him,” he whispered.

She didn’t speak, but an answering smile spread across her face, bright as the rising sun outside.

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

When it comes to the discovery of Jamie in the records of Ardsmuir prison, I feel like this little detail gets overlooked. Jamie is often associated with imagery of the sun in the book. Is this Brianna being associated with the sun in a way that creates yet another thing she’s inherited from Jamie? Or is the sun that is associated with Jamie shining on her because the record of him has been found and it brings her one step closer to him personally?

Hot damn! I’m so stoked–I just had like a big flush of ideas for a few short stories. I’d mentioned before that I’m thinking of rebooting the story of Mark the Idiot and his fairy antagonist as a series of short stories, and I just outlined two and half stories (umm, they don’t include Mark tho XD)! Writing is normally a really grueling process for me, so outlining a lot in like half an hour is an amazing feeling. :D

Unfortunately the stories include some sims and lots that were lost in my Great Steam Migration back in October, so I’ll have to redo some stuff. :( But time willing, I might actually make progress on a story that’s been nagging at me for FOREVER.

…I also had an idea for a sci-fi version of the Pastry War, but that probably won’t come to fruition. (:


Conversation with Lepidolite

I’ve been bonding with my lepidolite worry stone a lot recently and I just think it’s been helping me so much. I am filled with joy just thinking about it right now and I am caring for it immensely. I gave it a really good cleanse after forgetting to cleanse it for a while, and it is shining so brightly.

This conversation was really tiring but one of my most vivid. I am so excited to be able to have this type of conversation with her, and I am so grateful that she has helped me with that.

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