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Stress Relief

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Featuring: Jimin (BTS)
Genre: Smut/fluff
By: Admin S

This is not a request, but the Jimin feels are strong and he’s hands down my fave I love him so much so I wrote this~ enjoy <3

Jimin is stressed out, and you want to help him relax.

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Lazy Day (S.W)

|based on the request: ello :) can you please make a really cute and fluffy Sammy imagine?like a lazy day or something??thank you !love your blog!x💗|

|763 WORDS WOO ITS A SHORT ONE PEOPLE, I’m so bad with requests so just drop me a message and it’ll be done by Christmas lol (I’m completely serious) HAVE A GOOD NIGHT (it’s 10pm in England rn so night from me) YALL|

“YN!” Sam shouts, causing me to jump out of my daydream and swinging in my arm around to smack him for scaring me. “Ow! What the fuck was that for?!”

“For screaming in my fucking ear, you cow!”

“Fuck off, you hit me really fucking hard!”

“Because you screamed in my fucking ear!”

“I’m trying to fucking sleep, shut your fucking mouths you sons of bitches!”

I widen my eyes and pull the duvet up to just under my eyes, Nate’s probably only been in bed for like, 30 minutes, the time being 5 in the fucking morning.

We went to bed last night at 7. We went out for an ‘early dinner’ at 4, came back at 4:30 due to, circumstances, and fell asleep straight away.

I guess two and a half hours of pure sex really does tire you out. Well, obviously, but I’m surprised we managed to go out for that long. We only ever stopped so Sam could pee and I could get some water. It was great really.

“Sorry, bro!” Sam calls back in a laugh. He leans on his elbow, looking down at me with a big smile. “So…” He mumbles, raising his eyebrows at me. “Wanna go for round 16?”

I scoff loudly and roll my eyes so hard that they hurt. “Dude, no! I’m so sore I can’t even begin to explain.”

“You think you’re sore?” He laughs sourly, “I went through nearly two packs of condoms! I need to moisturise my dick!” He’s such a drama queen sometimes, he’d be such a good Big Brother contestant. “Wanna help with some natural moisturiser?”

That smirk will be the death of me. But it will also be the death of him.

“I’m not going bare, Sam, your pullout game is weaker than Donald Trump’s parents’.”

He tilts his head back and shakes his head at my comment. “Harsh.”

“Say that to more than 30 pregnancy tests.”

He’d probably freak out if I told him the actual number of pregnancy tests I’ve taken since we met. When we were 15. That was 8 years ago.


79 fucking pregnancy tests in 8 years. Thank god for multipacks. And late periods.

“Damn, more than 30?” He looks impressed with himself, but also shocked - imagine having 30 kids. Fuck 30, imagine having 79 kids.

“'You know how much money all those tests cost me?”

“More than my Yeezys?”

“You didn’t even pay for them, but yeah, roughly around the same price if you want an accurate result.”

“I’ll buy the next one-”

There won’t be another pregnancy test in my hand for at least 6 years. That’s one promise I can (try to) keep.

“The next pregnancy scare will be when we actually want to start a family-”

“Aw babe, you wanna have kids with me?”

“Only if you shut up and rub my back like a good boyfriend.”

I roll onto my stomach with my head facing my boyfriend. I pull the cover down to my tail bone and grab his hand, placing it right on top of the spot that needed a good run. “So demanding. So sexy.”

He starts to gently massage my back with his warm hands. “I’m not gunna give in.” Sam sighs and adds a little bit more pressure with his hands. He really does have magic hands. “We’re not fucking for a month, either.” I need time to recover from the past 24 hours. “Let’s not talk about this anymore, tell me about your trip to Jamaica next week, I wanna hear what you’re planning on doing.”

“For an entire month?! Are you fucking crazy?!”

“Dude, I changed the subject!” I pinch his bicep with a laugh - we both know I won’t be able to actually hold out for an entire month, but it’s a good threat for when he pisses me off. “Are you gunna meet Ky-Mani finally?”

We spent the rest of the day in bed, - well, until 3pm when we decided to get into onesies and go get McDonald’s, but then we came home and got back into bed - talking about things we saw around the town or online, watching Family Guy and How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and eating anything we could find, which was barely anything because guys who both have busy lives travelling around don’t bother to stock up their cupboards. It was a good day. Lazy days with your partner is the best thing ever, hands down.

Even when the entire time is spent turning down requests for a “round 16”.