bit late to the party but i only just noticed this!!

BTS Bon Voyage Gift VOD 1 ~ Full Thoughts

Hey guys! I’m about two days late on this short review but here goes! 

Well, VLive+ just uploaded BTS’ first behind cam for the Bon Voyage series. As a heads up, these gift videos are only accessible to those that purchased the special package containing all of the Bon Voyage episodes. Also, the episode was about 12 minutes, which was more than what I had hoped for so thumbs up to that.

I really enjoyed how every bit of the footage came directly from the recordings of the members themselves. It definitely gives fans a feeling of closeness since the members remained casual and showed us close-ups of their bare faces aka perfect imperfections x). There were also moments in which they felt more vulnerable and ordinary, such as when Yoongi and Jimin revealed that they liked the feeling of being able to walk around the airport without people noticing them. Even Jhope being kicked out of a store due to having/eating food gave us a chuckle as well as a sense that he was just like anybody else. 

Lastly, whoever captioned the episode with the hashtags needs an applaud because they were so on point and very funny. It really kept things from feeling too filmed and created a vlog-ish feel. Plus, the subs were much better in these than in the actual first episode. In sum, I’m very pleased with the video quality and content of the gift VODs and think that they’re a great way to pay back those who purchased the special package!