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Fox Demon Interview

(She makes me set up the room as if this were a job interview)

Are you often confused for a kitsune or gumiho?

No, the only people who would do that are humans and I dont work with humans. (Me: What about me?) We’re in business together. (What does that mean?) [What she says in reply is a bit private but basically our business is her teaching more about hell while I teach her more about humans,]

What area of hell is she from and what is it like?

It’s fox country *cackles*. A bunch of hungry beasts that prowl around eating even their own kind. It’s nice if you’re the one who can do all the eating. Those that are weak are usually cowering in fear all their lives. (How’d you get out?) Are you implying that i was one of the cowerers? (No, I was just-) Well I wasn’t, at least my family wasn’t. If you’ve got family connections, you’re golden. Nobody’s going to attack the son or daughter of a prince. (Were you rich?) Rich might be pushing it but we were well off enough to escape the mess. (How is this place structured?) Well you’ve got your rich mansions hanging around and then you got your slums where the predators go to feed. You gotta keep your doors secured there, I heard that you won’t get eaten if they cant get into your house.

Note: From what I know, her species has a “beast” form in addition to the humanoid one. The more “civilized” members rarely go into their beast form. Also “fox country” isn’t the actual name of the place. 

How old is she?


(We discuss how nine is a good number)

What does she eat?

An assortment of things, we’d often get food imported in from other areas. Lot’s of meats and delicacies. You know I’ve eaten human before. Not as tasty as one might expect. (My companion, B: “I’d disagree, it depends a lot on the human”). Well we didn’t have it that often so we didn’t get the chance to be choosy. It was a lot juicier than I expected. A bit sweet. It probably just needed more seasoning now that I think about it. (B: “Humans come with their own seasoning sometimes”) *They laugh*. (Me: Anything else?) Veggies! There’s this one veggie that is wonderful. Radishes, they are called. Do you have those? (Yeah, I like them) Oh, so good!

Are there any damned souls in her area of hell?

No, if there are they’d be eaten *cackles*

What is the gender roles like in her species?

Women…should not be in the workforce. *cackles* Obviously I don’t give a fuck about that. That’s one thing that i like about humans, you have so many working women. It’s nice to work, gives a sense of purpose. Though staying at home is good too. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t go into work because of the stress but then i remember how bored I’d be if I were sitting around a house folding clothes all day. (What kind of gender expectations are there?) Woman are there to take care of the children and that’s it. She can’t own a home, own a car (Cars???) yes cars, or even arrange her own marriage. (So how did you get out of all that?) I left. My job takes me to all sorts of places so I don’t have to go back there. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be running the place in a few years *cackles*

Ask her if she has any favorite foods/pastimes/what she does for fun?

I hunt rabbits. The little hell rabbits are good game. You can actually make a lot of money off of those if you find ones with good furs. (Do they taste good?) Oh yeah, of course. (What else?) I’m a business woman, there’s no time for much else. Though I do like food tasting. I like food.

What does she think of furries?

What are furries? (I explain furries and show her pictures of fox anthros) That one looks like my sister!!! (So what do you think of them?) I think this is cool!

What’s her culture like?

My culture is shit, I hope you got that idea already. We’re kind of a bunch of assholes. That’s really all it is: asshole culture.

What kind of business does she deal with?

I’m an agent. I connect people with potential partners so they can make good deals. I also own stock in some companies though those are outside of hell. One of them is a radish producing company!

Any experiences with crap customers?

Oh honey, I work with demons of all kinds. If you thought you knew crap customers let me tell you, you don’t know nothing until you work with an angry hellbeast. They’ll threaten you with death, with torture, and you just gotta sit there and be professional. Though if you ever intentionally screw them over, you’ll get what’s coming to you. They don’t mess around with business.

How does she deal with them?

I be polite, the good customer service agent. Of course in the back of my mind im cursing them out to hell and back if that’s an expression that you use. Also sometimes I have a…uh friend who’ll help me out with the really rowdy ones. Though usually once I show my “teeth” they’ll calm down before we need to go there.

Note: By teeth she means her beastly form

Are you queer?

(I explain what that means) I like men, though I wouldn’t say no to some human woman. I love their hair.

What do you find interesting in the human world?

How you all live so close to each other. I could barely live in the same house with my family much less a building like this with a bunch of strangers. (I live in a college residence hall). Also your food! I’ve never seen such weird and diverse things until I came here. Like fish? What is that??? I don’t know but it tastes good.

Which human characteristics do you find interesting/amusing? And why?

Your need for revenge. Like I understand revenge and why people do it and all that but I guess coming from a place where your best friend can be killed any minute it’s hard to see how people can keep mustering up energy to go against everyone that has wronged them. It would make for good business though, write that down!

You also seem a lot happy all the time, which is the total opposite of the first thing. It makes it hard to gauge where a human’s emotions and feelings are at. Are they mad? Are they happy? One minute they’re one thing and the next they’re something completely different. It’s hard to keep up. At least with demons they’re normally vocal with their feelings. Humans are….enigmatic.

What do you think about humans in general?

Enigmatic like I said. You seem like interesting creatures but you’re very hard to figure out. That’s why I haven’t done too much work with them. You have to know your client in order to be in successful business with them but if you don’t even understand your client’s species, how are you going to understand them personally? (So demons are just easier for you to work with?) Yes, considering that I am one and I’ve got them figured out, at least mostly. Humans are a whole other story.

Final Words?

Uh you better be supplying me with radishes now. I was, what was the word that you use, “lowkey”?, trying to tell you that i want them. (I meant for the readers) Oh! Uh, I don’t know…maybe eat more vegetables? That is a human thing right? Where not a lot of people eat vegetables? (Mostly for children) Oh, those things,…. but still vegetables are important!

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Dark looks at you with a half lidded gaze and walks over to you. He grins at you and brushes your hair off your ear. He leans in close to the point you can feel him breath on your neck. "And what are you doing in a place like this?" and brushes his hand on your jawline. (This is for the blush thing but its making me blush a bit but idk if this is what you had in mind)

JESUS ALRIGHT. I wasn’t expecting something like this but YOU SUCCEEDED. GOOD JOB! :D

I’m blushing like an idiot oh my god. THIS. Just…. this. Wow. Thank you.

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1, 41, 80, 91

1: Let’s start with a tricky one; what is the real reason you are confused right now?

Not Seriously: Translating Italian hand gestures, I swear it is its own language.

Seriously: I’m really struggling with what to do professionally. I’m getting to a financially secure enough place that I could start working a job I love & get out of the corporate sector, but sacrificing such great financial security is a bit unnerving as someone that grew up in a low income family on government assistance.

41: Do you think age matters in relationships?

It’s all relative. I think once you’re 30+ that you’re mature enough & have had enough life experience to know what you want that age isn’t a factor. However, I think there’s a big maturity & experience difference between an 18 & 25 year old that if consider consent a blurry line at best even if it’s legally fine.

80: Would you get involved with someone if they had a child already?

I wouldn’t be opposed to it when I’m older, but I definitely wouldn’t date a single dad at this point in my life. I don’t have a stable enough lifestyle to be involved with a kid & I’m not looking to casually date where a dad could easily hide me from his kid either.

91: If you’re single right now, do you wish you were in a relationship?

Relationships can be great, but I’m perfectly content with my life right now & the boy would have to be pretty special for me to give up my current freedoms as a single nomad.

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Their reactions :)


Johnny— kinda doesn’t like doing it himself, but he gets super turned on when you talk dirty to him

Dally— he loves it 100% tho he likes talking dirty to u more

Steve— oh my god if you talk dirty to him, this boi will pokémon transform into some sex god/beast creature

Soda— he’s kinda like woahh okay? ;);) it’s not that it turns him on as much as it is that he just likes to hear you say vulgar things?? He’s vv odd

Pony— IT ACTUALLY MAKES HIM SO NERVOUS bc now he doesn’t think he’ll,, do a good,, job??

Two-Bit— enjoys it so fucking much like nothing is better

Curly— prefers to dirty talk to u versus you talking to him 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Tim— ooh he likes it but not EVERY time like if you do it every once in a while he’ll love it like he’ll fucking fuck u soooo hard which is like so ok w me 😉😉😉😉💦


Rules: Answer the questions and tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

How old are you? notoriously bad at this question, pretty sure 28

Current Job? On good days I get to make a fancy spreadsheet

What are you talented at? I can juggle like, three things (things must not be large, unwilling, or in any way on fire)

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? one day I will be able to juggle four things, or maybe something that’s on fire a little bit

What’s your aesthetic? you wouldn’t think there was an intersection on the venn diagram between ‘classy’ and ‘minimum possible effort’ but one day I will achieve this very thing

Do you collect anything? a long list of research-intensive settings I one day intend to write in

A topic you always talk about? did you know the union jack is not completely symmetrical and can be hung upside down, isn’t it interesting that there’s a name for the little blob that joins the stem of a wineglass and its foot, did you know that nightsoil can and has historically been used for fertiliser as long as it’s fermented for several month- where are you going, I’m sorry, come back

Pet peeve? we’re not in the future yet so I still have to cook meals

Good advice? everybody is faking it. everyone. except probably the gymnast right on top of that three-person stack they do at they olympics, she knows what she’s doing. I hope.

Recommend 3 songs: I’m still deep in Course of Honour, so Never Look Away, All The King’s Horses and for choral music nerds, Ēriks Ešenvalds’ Stars.

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Well I love you ❤️ All the things you wrote about Naruto opened my eyes and made me look for the other things that only work in a fictional world and not a real one. I can now enjoy the manga a bit better and I also feel like I grew up a bit thanks to you 😀

This means a lot to me, thank you. I love critically analyzing the stories and media I consume because it’s half the fun in watching it and I follow some other great blogs that do a much better job of it than me. I always love hearing that I’ve in any way inspired people to put more thought into the shows their watching because the more people break down what qualifies as bad vs good writing, the better stories we’re gonna start getting in the future. Most of my meta is unorganized and sloppy but it’s cathartic to get all my thoughts off my chest and on to the page. I do this with literally every show/movie I watch - the other day I had a four hour conversation with my roommate about The Legend of Korra lmao. 

KWIKN:  NCIS: LOS ANGELES – "High Value Target"

How often do doctors in hospitals stop equipment theft?  Isn’t that the job of security?

Unpopular opinion alert – I always thought a bucket list was morbid too.

“Radiation is bad for my skin anyway” – and you’re pregnant and shouldn’t be near things like that.

Deeks should have gotten one of those little velvet ring boxes.  Would have saved him from the whole ring swallow.

A.J. called Hetty. Admiral Chegwidden gets an early bit of foreshadowing as he gives Hetty the heads up call about Undersecretary iPhone and his minions invading the office.  

Again, my greatest problem with the show, and its sibling, the mothership and the mothership’s mothership is that anyone who comes up against the team is at best an incompetent boob, at worst evil.  I’m not talking about the bad guys, they’re supposed to be that.  But Undersecretary iPhone in these episodes, the congressional subcommittee in season six, Det. Whiting in season seven, Granger when he was introduced – they’re all plot points and poorly written straw men/women, not real opponents.  Give me a worthy opponent (Tim on Scorpion is the perfect example as a rival to Walter) over these folks.

I miss the whole team in the bullpen scenes.  Haven’t had one of those in a long time.

“This is who I am” is a nice foreshadowing for Kensi’s fight to recover and her frustrations.  The “yet” conversation came back to haunt poor Elle on the mothership this week.

I like the Callen slightly longer hair look.  

Setting your entire business on fire to get away seems a bit excessive.  That was until Sam decided to run through the fire.

As the field agents/liaison situation returns to normal fairly soon, I hope Eric and Nell don’t become exclusive creatures of Ops.  Seeing them in the field every now and again should be a regular thing.  Working as a team would be even better.  Have someone recognize Callen or Sam from a past case, have someone know Deeks from the neighborhood (loved that in “Where There’s Smoke” last year) so they have to be left behind in Ops while Eric and Nell work the case.

Can’t say this enough - kudos to Miguel Ferrer for working when he was so sick.

It is nice to see Callen and Sam do exposition for Eric instead of the other way around.

Duggan’s staffers at the exchange – incompetent.  Let’s go to a summer place dressed for a late afternoon lawyer’s conference in our moderately priced women’s business attire and sit at full attention right next to each other.  That just leaks the SoCal hanging out vibe.

“Serpentine” from “The InLaws” – Deeks is the best.

Kensi’s undercover as a pregnant woman – great.  They really made no effort to cover her up pregnancy in this episode.  She was going to be around for one episode looking like this. Daniela Ruah’s rehab scenes and “Belly of the Beast’ were already filmed.  

"So much for team work”.  Yeah – let’s root for a terrorist and a killer going free.  The show is so bad at this.  And what makes it worse is they killed off this character and it meant nothing.   He was there to be a problem and then he was there to be gone.  Same with Whiting.  Bring in someone with a sunny disposition, helpful and kind and then have them pull the rug out from under the team – far more devastating betrayal instead of watching this guy act like a horse’s ass.   The mothership never treated Paula Cassidy well but they treated her with some degree of respect.  Her death meant so much more.  Duggan got a mention in the second part of the mole finale three-parter and probably never gets mentioned again.

The Deeks strip tease was fun, though Deeks’s pants wouldn’t come close to fitting Basil.  Too long, way too long.  

So was the bathroom visit.  “Now I have you to thank for that image.”

Who do we think wrote the note?  I’m guessing Sam has impeccable handwriting.

“Go for Chen” – no, go for Santa.

You think Hetty would have a nice casual robe to wear hanging out at home.  Like Terence Howard.


as I have mentioned in other posts in the past I am pretty much homeless.
I’ve been living at a friends house these past few weeks, but I will be out and about again march 10th because she is moving away, and I have no idea where to go next.
So yeah if you have any inspiration in terms of where I could go let me know. I wanna see the world :) Or if you know someone who would lend me a corner of their sofa for a bit, i don’t have any money for rent but I’ll gladly help out around the house or anything i can do.

Posting this makes me really uncomfortable because I hate to ask for help but I have run out of possibilities.
As soon as I have somewhere to live I will get a job and be able to support myself economically, but the sad truth about our society is that in most cases, you can’t get a job without an adress, so I’m in a bit of a dead end situation.
Again I’m really sorry about this but I’m getting more and more anxious about the future.

So yeah, sorry about this long post but if you have any type of information/solution for me, send me a message. Thank you ❤️

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I was planning on coming out to my parents but after this episode I relate to Maggie so much and I don't know what to do. I live in a small town (in a country that has almost no lgbt rights) that is very judgemental, racist, narrow minded and homophobic. My father is exactly like that, my mother a little bit less (I hope). 1/2

People always say safety first, but I can’t repress who I am anymore, it feels so toxic, but at the same time I’m scared they’re going to kick me out and I don’t have a job (so no money) or a place to crash because no one knows I’m lesbian and my “friends” are just like my parents. 2/2     

Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry. You deserved to see an episode that dealt more fully with Maggie’s trauma, so they didn’t just kind of leave you hanging with the tears and pain of it all.

As for your own life, darling, only you know if you are ready, if you are able to be okay if the worst happens. The thing is, my love, you’re right – safety first, yes, yes, yes. The flip, also, is that there’s emotional safety as well, and sometimes people feel more emotionally healthy when they’re out, even if they lose a lot of other kinds of safety because of it.

However you evaluate it, darling, and whatever you choose, know that you are perfect and you deserve the best of all things. I believe in you and you are not alone. Keep safe and keep believing in yourself, darling. You’re perfect, and you are so, so, so, so very loved <3 <3 <3

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Have you thought of maybe having a page with all the requests you haven't fulfilled yet? Just so people don't end up accidentally requesting something you already have in your inbox... You don't have to if you don't want to, obv, just thought it might make your life easier uwu Love the job you're doing, btw! You're great <3

Ah, this is a very good idea, but my inbox is so packed I feel like it’d be a burden to go through all of it ^^

I have over 550 requests, I myself lost track of it, it’s a bit embarrassing >///<’‘

I will think about it though, because I really like the idea! I just need to make sure I find some free time :3

Y'all, I’m just so thankful because I honestly went into YOI expecting Viktor to be an asshole, diva, stuck-up superstar that’s hot shit and he knows it but… that’s not what I got at all??? Like, yeah, he’s a little bit of a diva. And yeah, he’s a superstar. But he’s also so PURE?? And earnest? He doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s just going around fucking winging it half the time but he’s so happy with Yuuri and he wants to be a good coach and prove that he can do a good job and he gets so excited about little things and stuffs his face with katsudon and #ninjas and says “wow” in his cute little voice and I just… I will never be able to thank Kubo-sensei enough for the wonderful gift that is Viktor Nikiforov.


I finally realized today that the only way to truly improve Pokémon designs is to literally insert myself into my work. I really tried to capture the essence of each Pokémon I inhabited, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I do admit I am a bit timid about putting my true self out here like this, but I am excited for the opportunities that will come from this. If you’re interested in hiring me for any modeling or acting jobs, please contact my agent at 1-800-PIZZA-HUT. Thank you.

Question: Can the show give us any scoop on Supernatural Episode 11, which is rumored to have a de-aged Dean? —Kim

Ausiello: Dean’s not physically de-aging, but rather “trapped in a Memento-type loop, where he’s kind of losing his memory a little bit,” Dabb previews. “For him, as someone who struggles with all the baggage from years and years of doing a very, very difficult job, it almost becomes freeing, in a way. So you’re going to see a Dean that is a lot more fun and childlike. Jensen [Ackles] does a great job. Then it becomes a much more tragic story as he starts to forget Sam — and himself.[x]

This couple is being charged $100 a day for the racist graffiti someone left on their home

  • On Jan. 14, the Stamford, Connecticut, home of Heather Lindsay and her husband Lexene Charles was defaced with racist graffiti — someone had spray-painted the word “n***er” across their garage door. 
  • Now, the couple is being fined $100 by the city — because they refuse to clean off the slur until the authorities “do their job,” as Lindsay told the Stamford Advocate on Monday.
  • After they found the slur on their metal garage door in January, Lindsay and Charles reported the graffiti to Stamford police. But the department told the Advocate they have no witnesses to the incident and that no security cameras in the neighborhood recorded it.
  • Ted Jankowski, Stamford’s director of public safety, told the Advocate police offered to remove the slur — but Lindsay and Charles said not to.
  • She told the Advocate she wants Stamford police to find the person, or people, responsible — and “not just cover it up and sweep it under the table as they have done in the past.”
  • But now, because of the couple’s refusal to remove the slur from their garage door, Lindsay and Charles have been issued a blight citation from the city — which comes with a fine of $100 a day. Read more (2/22/17 11:09 AM)

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Something I think is interesting is if you consider Warp Tour through The Return from Peridot’s perspective, it’s a little bit like…

Imagine you’re working in a good-sized office building. It has a basement, but it’s always locked and you’ve never been there. One day your boss hands you the keys, tells you there’s a fax machine down there, and asks you to go see if it’s working.

You head into the basement, and it’s really creepy down there. There’s weird graffiti on the walls and like… mysterious arrangements of paperclips that you have no idea who put them there or why. But you are here, you have a job to do, you are good at your job, you are finding that fax machine.

And then suddenly a bunch of people you have never seen before jump out of nowhere, strike poses, rattle off some kind of motto and start attacking you. 

You book it back up the stairs and lock the door behind you, because, holy crap, there are people living in the basement, why did no one tell you about this. And naturally the first thing you do is blab to Security and by Security I mean that one ex-Navy Seal with all the tattoos who’s built like she wrestles grizzly bears in her spare time and somehow ended up on security detail in an office building right here at this point in your life when ordinary security will not suffice, because sometimes the corporate gods are merciful. 

And not only does she believe you, but she just sorta looks you over and goes “oh, yeah, those guys. I know who those guys are. Let’s go, I’ve got some unfinished business with them.”

And then to make situations way weirder there’s some other person who shows up around this time who has apparently been held hostage by the basement people for longer than you’ve been working here and she’s deeply alarmed by the phone system and she comes along even though she really doesn’t want to because you have Security on your side and Security probably benches I-beams, and you are totally confident you are going to kick these basement-lurking weirdos’ butts. 

And then the whole situation goes rapidly downhill and then before you know it you’ve been indoctrinated into the basement cult.

I am forever sighing over the fact that I don’t work in a library anymore. Like literally, I think that was my favorite job that I ever had, back when I was in high school. Just shelving books and taking care of the place and occasionally helping people find stuff. I very nearly made it my career before the college money ran out.

I’d LOVE to find a part-time job doing that here, but the state has drastically cut funding for public libraries recently. People who worked there for decades were summarily laid off because their positions weren’t “necessary” anymore.

Kids, do me a favor - support your local public libraries. Go there to study, to read, to have quiet time, to get away from your family for a bit, whatever you want. Put a bit of spare change in the donation box. Write to your state reps and tell them how important the library is to your community.

Because they ARE important. And we won’t understand just HOW important they are until they’re gone.