bit it will do the job

  • Ravenclaw: *crosses something off their to-do list*
  • Ravenclaw: Look at me being productive! I deserve some time to relax.
  • *To-do list still has 51 undone items*
  • Ravenclaw: *anxiously ignores them while sipping tea*

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[1/2] I’m honestly super worried about Adrien right now, and a big chunk of it is coming from rewatching the new OP. Like, we’re all happy about the super gay rainbow theme (I know I am) but I’ve yet to see anyone point out how Chat Noir is on the far right next to his shit dad and another probable villain. Look at his color scheme too; he was always associated with GREEN and black up to now, never GRAY and black. And he’s the farthest away from his Lady. From his positioning and comparison...

[2/2] to the others’ vibrant colors, it gives the illusion that Hawkmoth is sucking the color out of him. Knowing the foreshadowing of this season (i.e. Chloe’s remark about saving Ladybug w/o needing a mask; she’s gonna become a superhero later) I just really need him to get some help somewhere down the line.

well, i don’t mean to totally shut down the theory because it is an interesting one, but i personally don’t think it’s that deep. look at the box full of the miraculouses 

firstly, he’s always had grey associated with him. the portion of the box his miraculous sits on has always been grey. he’s the black cat and he’s set within the yin and yang configuration with ladybug in the center of the box so that makes sense. secondly, the turtle miraculous is already green and can’t really be any other color but green. so you can’t make chat noir’s color scheme green because….then there’d be two green miraculouses. doesn’t make sense. gotta keep him grey. 

their color designations in the opening credits match their color designations in the miraculous box. and it’s put in rainbow order because…..well, it just looks nicer. and it makes sense to put that cool grey on the cooler end of the color spectrum (next to the blues and purples) than on the warmer end of the spectrum (next to the reds and oranges)

now sure maybe you can argue this is purposeful and they really thought that far ahead with the color schemes bc they wanted to allude to chat noir aligning himself with the villains, but i personally don’t buy into that. 

i can see where the theory comes in. hawkmoth is his father. hawkmoth seems to be trying to get his wife (adrien’s mother) back. it’s a scheme whose endgame at least partially benefits adrien. i could see how perhaps hawkmoth might try and get his son to side with him so that they can work together to get adrien’s mom back. but even if that’s something that hawkmoth presents to adrien, i doubt very much that he’d go along with it. 

the one thing that fu seems to favor in his miraculous heroes is that they’re self sacrificing. which makes sense, that’s a pretty important quality to have in a hero. both of marinette and adrien’s “tests” involved selflessness (marinette pulling fu out of moving traffic and adrien risking his father’s ire to help a stranger). now of course the two of them aren’t always self-sacrificing because, hey, they’re fourteen, they screw up, they’re allowed to be selfish every one in a while. but generally where it counts, they know when to sacrifice their time and their safety for the sake of others. what they’re doing is important. they know hawkmoth is evil. they know he needs to be stopped. they know nothing good can come from him gaining the miraculouses. 

i doubt very much that adrien would throw all of that away because he found out hawkmoth was his father. 

would he be upset? yes. would it be harder for him to fight hawkmoth directly? yes. will doing his job become harder? of course. is finding and defeating hawkmoth always going to make him feel a little bit of guilt? definitely, this is his dad. is he going to join hawkmoth’s side and fight alongside him? i don’t think so. 

even when ladybug told chat noir that she thought his father might be hawkmoth, chat noir didn’t say it was impossible, he did’t defend him, and he didn’t hesitate into jumping straight to ladybug’s side to fight the akuma hawkmoth created. he asked for proof. he wanted to know for sure. his hesitation that entire episode was never because he was struggling with what side to fight on. his hesitation that episode had to do with the fact that he was trying to accept the fact that his father might be evil. if anything, i think it’s more likely that chat noir would try and pull hawkmoth onto the good side in order to help him see reason. hawkmoth is clearly stricken with grief over his wife. perhaps he needs his son to pull him back and make him realize this isn’t the path towards finding her. 

adrien’s a good kid. he was so excited to be a superhero, he didn’t bother to ask questions before he put the suit on and got to work. he wants to help people and he wants to do a good job and, more than anything else, he’s in love with ladybug and admires ladybug down to his bones. i can’t think of a good reason for why he would suddenly abandon all of that in order to work with his father – abandon all that goodness, that love, that faith. that’s a touch too dark an outcome for a children’s show in my opinion. i don’t see ML veering in that direction. 

it’s a cool fandom theory! would love to read a good story that explores this! but i don’t think it’s possible in canon. so i wouldn’t worry. 


“[on being annoyed by paparazzi and fans on the street] Do I mind? Yeah, I guess everyone probably wishes it wasn’t part of the job, but it’s not something that I’m suffering with at the moment. I have friends who it’s an issue for and I think it gets a bit tiring. I think the best thing to do is try to deal with it in a grown-up way, and accept that it’s a part of it that you’ve got to do. It’s fine, it’s the acting I’m in it for.” 


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”What’s going on here?” Newt demanded jogging over toward you and Alby. He had noticed that while he was gardening that you and Alby were having a heated conversation. Curious, and admittedly a bit worried about you Newt decided to approach you two.

”What’s wrong is that someone decided not to do their jobs today” Alby said glaring at you. Newt raised an eyebrow at you, wondering if the accusation was true. Judging by how you looked down shamefully as his eyes met yours it was pretty clear that Alby’s words rang true. Yet Newt knew you hated getting yelled at so for some reason he found himself doing this…

”Oh ah that’s actually my fault Alby” Newt said clearing his throat. Both your leader and yourself shot to blonde confused looks.
“I told [Y/N] that they didn’t have to do that stuff. So technically this is on me”.

Alby narrowed his eyes as if he didn’t by the story but eventually he shook his head.
“Honestly Newt you should have known better. Jobs are important”.

”I know, I made a mistake is all but you have to leave [Y/M] out of it. If you want to yell at someone shout at me. I can handle it”.


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Have you watched 306 yet? Something was off for me, like the emotions were not quite right at times. Then I came on here and apparently I'm not the only one having this feeling.

Yes I did and I have to agree. I only know why some bits were off for me and as I’ve said a few times today already it has all to do with writing/directing/editing and the choices these show runners make. 

All that is great and good about the episode is pure Cait and Sam performing and making excellent jobs of their portrayals. The surprise, the hapiness the relief the rediscovering the awkardness the shyness the cuteness the passion the love the humor and tenderness and the longing and the pain and the doubts…it was all there and in the right places. 
But, pictures scene at printshop was screwed up badly in my opinion. Honestly, it kinda ruined the mood for the whole episode for me. Again the fault is not the acting, it was the way it was written and directed. Maybe it’s me having the books to compare it to and people who are blissfully oblivious remained happily so and enjoyed the exchange? 

Some may call me a drama queen and some may feel I am exagerating here but in order to express how I felt watching that bit I gotta be honest and say what the scene really spoke to me like. Here it is, and pardon if I hurt someone’s sensibilities. 

Claire: Here she is, our daughter Brianna.
Jamie: Oh, what an awful name.
Claire: She’s named after your father. 
Jamie: Ok…yes there she is…allright *looking at the photographs like he’s seeing some cards. He finishes and hands them back to Claire. Stands up and grabs portrait of Willie to show it to Claire*
Jamie: I do have one of those too, a son. My son. Here he is. Look at him, he is blah blah blah blah *looks at his watch* Oh damn it I gotta go, 


There’s a fine thin line between being shocked at the appearance of Claire and taking it all in little by little and making it look like was all so nonchalant he didn’t even care. Like it hurt to see him ask Claire why did she come several times and she having to ask if he wanted her to go because she was not wanted. I already know the explanation for that seeing how they had him conflicted from the very beginning wanting to tell her that other secret so I know he was just testing the waters to see if she really meant it and would stay once she found out but still…

Gosh I don’t know, maybe the problem here is all me and people are celebrating the reunion and I am miserable of my own doing but I can’t help it.  

He Loves Me (Chapter 1)

Eddie POV

Eddie hated his new job at the movie theater. The Aladdin was one of the dirtiest places he’d ever set foot in, they’re lucky he was feeling really desperate when saw the ‘help wanted’ sign plastered in the window. He usually worked the later shifts so by the time he got home he didn’t need to deal with his mother’s ramblings. The theater was old and a bit run down, but to some people it was home. Especially to one annoying asshole named Richie Tozier who had been working there for months before Eddie showed up.

If Eddie hadn’t hated his job enough, Richie only made it worse. He couldn’t stand the boy’s constant flirtation and over-sized glasses. To put it simply, Eddie hated his fucking face. So rather than deal with him when the theater was a bit dead, he would just go on tumblr on his phone. Luckily, Richie would usually follow suit and go on his phone, doing God knows what, rather than annoy Eddie.

It was Friday night around closing time when Richie decided to bother Eddie again for the first time in a few hours. Eddie had just posted the first picture of himself on tumblr. It’s not his fault he looked damn fine today. His curls were working with him today, looking more like subtle waves, and his skin was clearer than usual.

“Hey, Eds, whatcha doin?”


He curled his phone closer to his body, trying to hide the messages on his phone screen. Lately, he’d been talking to this guy. He was dreamy. Eddie only knew him as Trashmouth, as his tumblr bio referred to him. Trashmouth was quippy and intelligent and… well, perfect. Eddie knew it was foolish to be drooling over a guy he barely knew, didn’t even know what he looked like, but Trashmouth was different than anyone else he’d talked to in ol’ Derry.

“Ooooo Eds you talking to a special someone?”

“What? No. I don’t even have a special someone.”

Richie looked down at his phone again, not bothering to questioning the statement. Eddie noticed out of the corner of his eye, however, an odd flush on Richie’s cheeks as soon as he looked at his phone.

“It’s a damn shame.”

This made Eddie whip his head directly in Richie’s direction.


“I said it’s damn shame…”

“Wha-um- what d-do you mean by that?”

“Cute.” he hummed and hopped off his stool behind the ticket counter. “Lock up for me, would ya?”

“Yea sure, Rich.” he responded, a strange heat rising in his stomach. Richie tossed him the keys and headed out, quickly saluting and winking at Eddie. But before he could process what had just happened with Richie, he got a Tumblr notification. It read,

Hey, I like the picture you posted. You’re beautiful. It’s nice to finally see you…

And with that, Eddie was blushing again.

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How about a request of mtmte rodimus during a mating cycle for the seaformers au? Liaison is a bit oblivious and asks if Roddy is feeling alright. (Bonus points if this leads to little Rodimus jr being born)

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Golly gosh I hope Rodimus Junior becomes a thing for this blog of mine. )

✦ Still learning the ropes of their new job, the liaison hadn’t been informed by the others in CROC that it was mating season for the Lost Light pod. Everyone thought everyone else had given the poor newbie the heads up for whats to come. None of them wanted to be the bearer of bad (and awkward) news for what to expect during a mate obsessed seaformer. The most the liaison understood is that everyone was sending them off to their funeral on the day they’re to make their monthly visit to the pod. Was Ultra Magnus in a poor mood or something…?

✦ It wasn’t that bad, they thought at the time. In fact it was downright pleasant with how nice everyone was acting towards them. The podmates were friendly to the liaison upon their arrival at the cay, doing their best to make them feel comfortable with offered drinks and sweets and presents. Some of the seaformers were a little too friendly - reaching out to card their claws against their hair or their back, brushing their tail against their waist if they went in the water to inspect maps or items - but they brushed it off. The Lost Light pod are notorious for being extreme when it came to physical affection. Either no physical affection or all the physical affection ever and it seems that today they’re feeling inclined to have all the pets and scritches.

✦ What tips them off to what’s happening is noticing how… well… aggressive Rodimus is being to the rest as the day goes on. He sticks to the liaison like glue while they’re going about their business and keeps the rest of his podmates at bay, hissing and glaring his gales in an intimidation tactic. When he begins to bump and rub against them in a display that the liaison knows is shameless even for Rodimus’ standards, they decide it’s best to drag the co-leader of the pod aside, somewhere quiet and away from prying eyes, and ask what the hell is going on.

✦ Which is how they learn that its mating season and they happen to enter the cay at the height of it. Oh. Oh. Ohhhh. Oh dear. They can’t help apologise to Rodimus and, through him, the rest of the pod for making a big mess of things. He tries to reassure them that it’s not their fault and he should have known better. They note how his fins, usually displayed with pride and confidence are flat against his face and frame when he realises they weren’t responding his courting methods because they liked him. They see how he’s not looking at them while he speaks, his tail wrapped tight around his frame and looking like he’ll like to jump in the water and hide for the rest of his life.

✦ …It would be a lie to say it wasn’t flattering to have Rodimus so enamoured at the thoughts of mating with them. He was a stunning mershark, his breed bearing similarities to a shortfin mako while they can tell his breathtaking fins and flame-like patterns took cues of the betta fish. Not only that but he’s earnest and sincere, giving all he’s got no matter what is thrown at him and doing his best to act confident and certain for the sake of his pod. They reach out and caress his cheek, biting down on their lip to smother a giggle at his confused and hopeful voice expression. Maybe, they tell him in a quiet voice, maybe when they’re on vacation and are not this pod’s liaison they could… you know… see where this goes. Never hurt to try anything once, right?

✦ ( Rodimus loves to tell this story to Rodimus Junior in the far flung future, explaining this is how he and their pup’s carrier began the process of falling in love which would lead to their awesome union. The director of CROC won’t argue with their mate at this time, content to let him tell the story his way while he grooms their peeping pup and sneaks a kiss to their cheek every now and then. )

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I'm sorry if you could give me your most genuine answer to this I'd be really appreciative! Why is it super adorable when G doesn't give a fuck and posts whatever Shen wants on set and of david but if M posts a cute photo or video of brick or a sunset in Vancouver she's "over sharing" and playing with the fandom? Is it cause we're under the impression she's an employee and it's unprofessional? Or do we just have an unfair double standard. Truly curious to hear what your think!

I think the answer is in your question. It is adorable when Gillian shares pictures of the set or bts with the fandom because she is the fandom. We’re fan of her, of the show she plays in, of her relationship with David. She is in control of what she shares with us, she’s advised, she knows what she does, it is her job. Monique is just sharing bits of David’s private life and places to whomever she decides to accept then block, then accept again. 

Following Gillian on social media is just following Gillian. But following Monique is stalking. That’s the difference.

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help! im 19 and never had a job, i live alone and my parents support me financially because of college but i cant do it anymore, i hate it. so i decided to quit it, but im freaking out that i wont get a job or wont handle it by myself... i just really don't want to come back to my parents house.

Deep breaths!! “Adult” responsibilities can get so overwhelming at times, I promise that everything you’re feeling is totally natural.

First of all, it sounds like your parents are helping pay your bills, which is an amazing thing for them to do. This means that you can take some time to find the right job for you. This also means that you have a bit of a cushion in terms of unexpected expenses. Like remember how earlier this week I backed my car into a dumpster? Yes, those kinds of expenses!

Straighten up your resume and start doing research. Think about the sort of job that would make you happiest- is it waitressing? Or stocking shelves? Or data entry? Look around your area to see what positions are open, and ask to speak to someone about the position.

Don’t stress! You’re so fortunate to have your family supporting you. Don’t be so hard on yourself, college is not for everyone. I know you’re gonna go out there and do great things! 💖

And yet here I am, malms and malms away, listening to the tales spun by bards and merchants alike. It certainly is a bit particular considering our last grand adventure together in the city state of Ishgard. I can’t help but to worry about your safety. 

Nevertheless this is a job I must do. And just like each morning you awake to a world in peril, I too, fight my battles.

I don’t think I have ever mention how much of an inspiration you are to us. How much your presence comfort and soothes our wary souls. But you are, and even in these distant shores your heroics are felt.

That certainly is quite a bit of pressure isn’t it? So from one friend to another, I beseech you this.


Let us fight your battles with you for a day. Let us be your shield. Knowing you, you have most certainly been a busy body and nosing your way into other trouble.

Go to Costa de Sol. Go visit your friends.

Come to Kugane.

Whatever you decide to do, be certain in the knowledge that you are all above all else still moral, echos or not. And it won’t simply do to sent you into battle tired and worn thin.

Leave the small things to us. To me. That’s what I’m here for. I might not have the blessing of the Mother Crystal but I know a tired soul when I see one. 


And let us greet the dawns of morrow refreshed.

Sincerely yours,

Tataru Taru

P.S. Among the stash of hopefully helpful items I have also included a pair of nice red glasses. Please do keep it away from Kugane. Thank you.

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I'm in a bit of trouble. I've learned that I'm working with my former abuser. I want to stay as far away from them as physically possible, but I also need this job. I don't think we'll be working in the same department, but we will have to meet together every now and again. What should I do?

talk to management about your discomfort and express that you’d be able to work much, much better if you were kept away from your coworker. if they don’t help you, and your abuser says/does anything, be sure to document all of it. keep your phone on you and on at all times as well

257 words
notes: i got an anon on cc and i love winter cuddles

“what are you doing.” the shifting behind him stopped and chuuya frowned to himself, listening closely to make sure dazai wasn’t doing what he thought he was doing. it was useless anyway, because after a moment, it resumed and dazai was suddenly pressed against chuuya’s back, breath hot on his ear and chuuya almost relaxed back in dazai’s arms.

in his defense, it was cold, the multiple layers he had on weren’t doing their job, and dazai being the weirdass fuck he was, was surprisingly warm.

“what are you doing.” he repeated through gritted teeth, but didn’t fight dazai when his arms tightened around him and allowed himself to relax, just the tiniest bit, because it was freezing, and he really should have brought more jackets with him. or at least warmer ones.

“it’s cold,” dazai murmured, pressing his lips to chuuya’s ear, and chuuya hated that they felt hot and sent a shudder down his spine. he felt dazai smirk. “we’re just sharing body heat.”

“i’d rather freeze to death,” chuuya grumbled, but it was hard to mean it when he felt so warm, and it was so cold and there was so much of the night left. he ignored dazai’s little chuckle and allowed himself to get comfortable in his position. it was just for the mission, he told himself. just the mission, just for tonight, and only because it’s cold. and if he liked it, it was only because he wasn’t a winter person, and liked feeling warm, that’s all there was to it.


Can we talk about how Rick lost his composure and became insecure when Morty up and left him?

Roiland did a really good job capturing his emotions with the voice acting in this scene, and the animators did a good job with Rick’s body language here, like how he just took the punch and didn’t fight back like he normally would, and just stood up wearily, and how he was a bit slouched when he first stood up, and also how they showed him doing a nervous habit like rubbing back his hair.

This part messed me up man.

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Hi i just wanted to tell you that i love your art specially the batfam ones, i did’t really know anything about the robins untill i read one of your comics and got curious and now i’m kindda addicted tbh. You’re doing agreat job please never stop drawing them

I am incredibly honored to have been the starting point for your newest Robin interests! Stephanie Brown also held the title of Robin for a bit, so you can check her arc out, too.

When kids who have never been allowed to struggle with anything ever enter my classroom and hate me for challenging them.

  1. read classics - I know from experience its a slow but steady climb when it comes to reading classics, but it’s a worth while experience to put yourself in world that so different from the world now but mirrors it quite the same. Reading classical opens you mind to how simple but complex the human race is. It might seem like chore especially if your not a reader but you can start by just picking a classical that ficinated you the most  and listening to it on audiobook first. After a couple times of listening on audiobook you’ll get used to rhythm of the language and it’ll be easier to continue reading on your own. Also, pro tips- if you really wanna kick it up a notch, write a short review for every classic you read to help retain the info. 
  2. expand your genres-  Everyones knows there’s a lot to be learned from movies, tv show and music but for most of us, once we learn what kind of genres we like we tend to never branch out and this limits our learning. You don’t have to like every genre but exposing yourself to different styles of music and movies teaches you tolerance and after a while of forcing yourself to do this, you might find your pallet start to shift.  
  3. watch youtube videos- This is one of my favorite ways to not only be entertained but to get a general overview of a certain topic, usually if it sparks my interest i’ll do a little further research. Youtube channels such as ted-ed, asap science, scishow and today i found out do an amazing job of giving you a little bit of knowledge about everything.
  4. listen to people who have different opions than you- I know this one is particularly hard one for most people, but your going to learn the least from having repeptive conversations with people with the same ideas as you. People with different opinions than you will have an impact on how you live your life wether you like it or not; its not your job to accept their ways of thinking but to understand why they think the way they do- you never know, you might just find that the other persons opinion has some merit and might make you more knowlegable about a certain situation. A great way to do this is to watch interviews, read articles about the opposing side of your opinion.
  5. Accept that you’ll never know everything- This is an important one, you may be thinking, how does this have to do with educating myself? well, I added this one because I truly feel like you can’t educate yourself without acknowledging your ignorance. A person who thinks they know eveything has no room to learn. One of the most powerful ways to educate your self is to accept that you are never going to be finished learning, this opens you up and makes you more receptive to lessons we learn in life everyday. So in short, if you want to be more educated, just live! we’re all life long students and that’s okay. 

“My job for the next hour and a little bit is to entertain you. Your job is to do whatever it is that makes you the most happy in the world. If you wanna do whatever you wanna do, be whoever you wanna be, do it here in this room.”

Harry talking to the crowd in Boston tonight 9.30.17