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Promise Me

Bucky x reader

Prompt: After falling in love, Bucky realizes that if he stays, she isn’t safe. 

Warnings: None, just a bit short. 

Here’s Part 2

She haunted him.

This wasn’t what he intended to happen, not after swearing to himself that he would keep a low profile. Not after saying he could never fall in love. 

She was here, in his mind everywhere he went. He remembered the way her hair spread across the pillows as they lay in bed together. He remembered her laugh, and the way her nose would scrunch up at every joke he managed to tell. He remembered her, her body. Her smile, her voice. 

He tried to forget her, he really did. He tried to forget the way her hand would tenderly touch his cheek after he had nightmares, calming him instantly. He tried to forget the way her lips felt against his and how he thought they would stay together forever. 

Of course, in his eyes he just wasn’t good enough. 

It started gradually. At first he just wanted to be around her. He wanted to be in the same room while she laughed with their group of friends. 

Then he wanted to be close, holding her hand or even having their legs touch softly on the couch of her apartment while they had beers in their hands. 

Eventually, he had become entirely invested in her. Both emotionally and physically. 

He felt emotionally drained when they didn’t see each other for a day, he felt nauseous without her. He wanted everything and anything he did to be with her. So, they moved in together. 

His excitement couldn’t be contained as he and his best friend helped carry in his boxes. He felt genuinely happy for the first time in many years. 

“You sure about this, Buck?” Steve asked with a wary expression. Bucky sighed happily, “Of course.” 

He remembered one particular night with a sad smile on his face. The way his shirt slipped delicately over her shoulders after a shower shared between the two of them. 

He remembered the specific taste of the pancakes she made, and the way her hips swayed softly to the music playing in the back round. The way his lips connected to her neck and her giggle before she realized the pancake was burning. The giggle turned into laughter as the normally golden cake was a sudden black. 

The Winter Soldier shook his head trying to forget the happiness he once felt. 

She fought for him. She screamed and cried, completely and utterly confused as to why he wanted to leave. “You don’t get to do this to me, James! You do not get to do this! Not now! Not after everything we’ve been through!” 

Her hands hit his chest as he held back his tears, “I’m so sorry doll, so sorry.” 

The yelling was the thing he remembered the most. He had to go, though. To keep her safe. 

If only he had known about the little girl soon joining the woman he loved, then maybe he would have fought for her as well. 

Quick 2 hour-ish painting of Ermes because 1) I want her to carry me in her arms, 2) I finished Stone Ocean hours ago and it destroyed me


Buffy Meme : Two Vampires - Spike [½]

Beautifully Broken

An anon requested a one shot based on Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. I have no idea what you had in mind, but I hope this suffices. I listened to the song too many times to count, believe me. I was trying to get a feel for the song, but I’m a bit iffy on this one. I had so many thoughts running though my head, but when I sat down to write, my mind went blank. Anyways, I hope you like it. 

Word count: 5,035. (I didn’t mean to make it so long it just happened.)

Trigger warning: toxic/abusive relationship and mention of cancer.

Riley was finally feeling like herself again after getting out of a toxic relationship. She had spent her summer vacation in California with her Aunt Morgan. It didn’t take a lot of convincing. Her parents, everyone really, thought it was the best thing for her; and it was. Now, her smiles reached her eyes, her laughs were real, and she was her bubbly self again.

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anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity, what does the "QIA" in LGBTQIA stand for? Do you know?

well lets disect this then huh since you wanna be condescending

the actual agreed upon acronym is LGBT. thats the generally understood and used acronym, you can use whatever other acronym you want to use if you want to be weird but LGBT is THE acronym.

the Q stands for queer, which IS A SLUR, and using it as an umbrella term for the LGBT community is something you probably shouldn’t do considering for a lot of people it’s a pretty upsetting word to be referred to by. so it really has no place in the acronym.

i stands for intersex, which is a bit of an iffy one when it comes to the acronym but as far as i understand it, people who are intersex dont consider themselves part of the community by virtue of themselves being intersex (someone may be intersex and consider themselves straight, then personally decide they dont belong with the community. similarly, someone could be intersex and consider themselves gay or trans and then want to be part of the community) so its not something people oft include in the acronym, considering there is no inherent factor of intersex that makes you part of the community. (thats my understanding of it, and obviously being im not intersex that makes it hard for me to speak on so let me know if i got anything wrong here, thats just what i have seen people say)

and the a of course would be standing for asexual. which isn’t part of the acronym because, huh, asexual people can be straight? weird. just like intersex, theres nothing inherent to the identity of asexual that makes you part of that community by default, so including it in the acronym is fallacious. little known fact, the first guy who first campaigned for the A to be part of the acronym, David Jay, is a cishet dude. just thought that was interesting.

hope you learnt something today!

park jimin as your boyfriend

here is my fourth bts as your boyfriend for our lovely park jimin! i really hope you guys like this one, i was a bit iffy about it. but please enjoy and feel free to request for the groups i write for! 

Yoongi / Taehyung / Hoseok / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- honestly jimin is a huge cuddler like sometimes you’ll wake up as the big spoon or lying on top of him literally. you just never know when it comes to him

- surprisingly, you both get up around the same time everyday so whoever wakes up first usually just stays in bed and waits for the other because ya’ll are adorable like that

- like jimin hogs the bathroom because he takes way too long showers and literally uses all the hot water and you get so mad but he’ll just smile real big and squish your cheeks to make your anger practically dissolve. (or ya know, he always suggests you can shower with him, which you rarely agree to. other times you just whack him with a towel and tell him to quit being greasy)

- sometimes though he asks if he can do something random like try to paint your nails or braid your hair in the morning and you’re kinda just like ‘uh i guess?’ and tbh he doesnt do a terrible job like the nail polish stays on the nail and braid is even kinda nice, high five jimin

- you are always forcing chim to eat his breakfast because he tries to skip it all the time so you are nearly force feeding him a banana or toasts every morning and he acts like he’s annoyed by it but secretly when he’s in the middle of practice, he’s so thankful for the extra energy 

- and he does the same to you because you never even remember to eat breakfast for yourself so he’ll prepare something like a bagel and have you eat it on the way to work

- he always walks you to your job first like a proper gentleman and you always give him a kiss on  the cheek and a big hug before going to work and he blushes like a little boy, its super cute

- jimin will be so good to you omg like i really think he’ll do cute things like “anonymously” sending you chocolates to work or giving you piggy back rides when your feet hurt from wearing heels like ughh how cute

- dates with jimin are really different because he really likes doing the whole being fancy and dressing up deal (he even buys you new clothes to wear out like..) but other times he likes to order like three pizzas and sit on the couch in minimal clothing while watching cartoons and it’s really lazy but then there are times when he wants to be really active like 'omg lets go take a random salsa dance class!’ or he signs you up for couple’s yoga lol

- he also likes going to the trampoline park with you. he has the time of his life literally  flipping off the walls and when you say you wanna try doing one he is like 'no way, sorry babe’ and you pout and use your puppy eyes until he gives in and helps you do a front flip but i mean you’re on a trampoline so you could really do it by yourself if you actually tried but jimin is a protective little shit

- speaking of being a protective little sit, when he took you to get your ears pierced, he was a anxious mess because sometimes you couldnt handle pain like that well and omg you were doing it voluntarily!! so he literally held your hand so tight and kept rubbing your back when in reality all you did was wince and cringe up a bit when they actually pierced your ear lol 

- he’s just really protective in general though. like that dude was checking out your butt? oh hell no, sometimes has to be said. 

- okay but hear me out- his giggle

- you sometimes tease him by calling him chimchim and tickle him under the chin or something and he’ll do that beloved giggle and its so adorable. you even recorded it once and listen to it when you miss him

- CUDDLE BUG STRIKES AGAIN like anytime he can, he cuddles up with you. it could be anywhere- the couch, in bed, while making dinner, in the car. he loves holding you in his arms and knowing you’re safe and warm. (when you guys cuddle, you almost always fall asleep on each other and the other members have like 100 embarrassing pictures of you like drooling and jimin with his mouth wide open from snoring)

- you like to wear his boxers sometimes when you cant find pants and he gets SO embarrassed but he also thinks its super hot and bites his lip

- well since lips was mentioned- just imagine his lips against yours, so soft and slow, making you feel like really lucky because he’s so passionate and loving. plus he’s probably into neck kissing like he loves kissing your neck, sometimes leaving hickies, sometimes not. when he’s mad, he kisses you like he’s going to lose you. his kisses then are hard and frequent and slightly rushed but still holding that affect that makes you need to fan your face

- on another note, you get nightmares sometimes, which of course makes you wake up scared and shaking and it literally breaks jimin’s heart so he’ll draw you in and begin singing really softly in your ear and rub your back in hypnotic circles until you go to sleep completely calm and content

- when you cry is another time that jimin will sing to you. he absolutely hates seeing you cry so he’ll sing in a silly but still melodic voice and hold your hands and sometimes he’ll spin you around and slow dance with you or he’ll just hold you close and rock you back and forth

- honestly you can always hear his voice from somewhere. he likes to sing in the shower, in the kitchen, along to jingles on the commercials, and especially to the radio in the car. you two like to go on drives at night and just look at the night and sing to slow songs in the car

- another one of jimin’s talents is dancing. he likes to try and teach you to dance. even if you’re rubbish, he praises you and you cant tell if he genuinely thinks you’re doing okay or if he just doesnt want you to give up. but you always continue to learn the choreography to his songs and having really bad dance battles with him and the other members and honestly you’re on the level below even seokjin and namjoon but they all still cheer for you when you go against jimin or hoseok and its a lot of fun 

- jimin always takes the time to praise your talent too, even if its something silly like your ability to apply chapstick he’s like 'yasss, just look at you being fantastic’ and tbh its very uplifting

- you two are always uplifting each other actually. he’s quite insecure a lot of the time to you give him compliments all the time. you sometimes write him little post-it notes that say things like “how are you so handsome?” and slip them into his coat pockets for later or you leave him little videos on his phone reminding him to eat and smile. he personally likes to send you inspiring quotes that sometimes come with a picture of him blowing you a kiss or something silly. you both never let the other feel like they arent loved

- the first time you guys said i love you was because jimin couldnt find his shoes he had to wear that day for some promotion and he was searching everywhere for them and so were you and eventually you found them like under the couch and you gave them to him and he was like 'omg you found them, i love you!’ and you legit freeze and drop the shoes and he covers his mouth and his eyes are wide and his cheeks are a bright red and he’s scared but then you start tearing up because he finally said it and then you two hug and you whisper in his ear how much you love him and he hugs you tighter and keeps kissing the side of your head

- your relationship with jimin is overall playful and comfortable and neither of you would want to spend your life with anybody else


title: Time Lapse 
word count: 3261 
prompt: JB wandering the streets in the If I Do MV. 
notes: the MAD SERIES will be a one shot series for each of the members of got7 based on their role in their music video, If I Do.
***alcohol, swearing, and anger tw! 


The streets were empty and the sky was getting darker, and JB was starting to feel more and more alone.

He couldn’t really think straight or walk straight and he couldn’t even remember what happened the night before that made him sleep in until now..

Well, he knew that he was tired. And that it was almost 1:00AM because that was what his watch said. And he knew that was at Mark’s last night, because that’s where he woke up. The apartment was dark and empty, too, just like the streets. There was bottles everywhere with two half eaten pizzas, a sink full of dishes, and a hole in the wall. Was that there before? JB couldn’t remember as he woke up that evening, his head literally feeling like it was spinning. He wished Mark was there so he could explain to him what had happened — he guessed Mark probably didn’t drink as much as he did and so he probably remembered— but Mark wasn’t there. Instead, all he had left of last night was the clothes he was in, and this headache.

JB shoves his hands into the pockets of the red jacket he was wearing as the night air became colder, feeling more and more sad for some reason, and then wondering if that was what drove him to spend the night at Mark’s apartment drinking… His head spun too much, still feeling the alcohol in his system as he almost trips over something. He guessed today was a weekday since there wasn’t anyone walking around this late, but then again people didn’t usually walk around in this alley much anyway…

A weekday.

He stops, suddenly remembering something about a weekday…


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You swung your machete at the last vampires head, and blood spurted all over you. You took off your first layer of clothing which was a flannel leaving you i just a tank top, to wipe your face. Part of your lower neck was showing, and you had completely forgot about the tattoo you had there until Cas said something. 

“Y/n why do you have a pair of wings on the back of your neck?” He asked You turned around to look at him while Sam and Dean came out of the building covered in blood as well. 

You had gotten the tattoo as a reminder of your mom who had died over your brothers crib. You were the middle Winchester and your brothers were very protective of you. You all looked out for each other so when you said you wanted to get another tattoo after the anti possession one they were a little bit iffy about it. You wanted to get it because your mom used to say “Angels are watching over you.” And she couldn’t have been more correct.

“Um, Its reminds me of mom.” You said wiping your weapon off on your flannel as well. You brothers looked at it. “Awe, Y/n I forgot you had this.” Sam said smiling. 

When you got back into the bunker Cas kept asking about your tattoo. When you two were laying in bed that night you decided to show him your other small tattoo on your finger. It was an arrow on the side of your middle finger, this intrigued him eve more. The rest of the night was filled with him asking questions about them.

Going to merge my IRL blog with my main blog. Only reason I feel a bit iffy is the possible transfer of selfies over to here. That one makes me feel a little weird….

Prepare for the memes

thylauniverse  asked:

53, 56, and 61? <3 :)

53. Do you like rain?
I do! I’ve slept through many hurricanes in PR so im alright with hard/heavy rain, gentle rain is also nice. i adore the sky being shrouded with clouds

56. Do you like to cuddle?
That’s a bit of an iffy one. When I’m feeling it, I’ll definitely cuddle for hours, but oftentimes i get restless and can’t stand cuddling? :-/

61. If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you?
I cant even have a ouija board near me how do you expect me to survive one night

Is Luci a Girl? (After Season 10)

So, thejourneyof-smilesnotmiles asked me this (x):

“Hey I don’t know if you have done this yet but I remember somewhere that Mark said that Lucifer was played as if he was a woman. Slightly feminine and crafty. (Don’t know how to explain that I just hope you understand) Can we discuss how Lucifer could very likely be female? I’ve always like’d the idea especially cause of the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.”

And you know what? That could be possible.

I have evolved my view on angels over the time I’ve been doing metas. I have. Here’s my most recent understanding of what angels are. The gist is as followed: I view all angels as gender neutral until the actor or character says otherwise.

So, if Mark says he plays Lucifer as a woman…I’m inclined to believe that Luci views herself as a female.

It’s a bit of an iffy thing to ponder upon. On one hand, allowing yourself to be gendered as an angel can make you less of what you believe yourself to be. Angels are multidimensional wavelengths of celestial intent. They don’t start out with genitals, it’s not exactly like they need gender at all. To start viewing yourself as a gendered being if you are an angel, well, it seems more of an influence of the humans, making you, in a way, more human.

Lucifer, however, despises the human race. It wouldn’t make sense for the angel to choose to gender hirself, not if ze wants to remove hirself from any idea of humanity whatsoever. It just doesn’t make exact sense for the angel to do so, especially if Lucifer doesn’t necessarily have to choose a gender as an angel.

On the other hand, though…this may come more from jealousy than anything else. Lucifer was corrupted by the Mark of Cain. Ze became jealous that the humans were Chuck’s new favorite, not hirself. The line between love and hate is blurry, so one could make the argument that Lucifer hates humans so much because ze…loves them and wants to be them. Wants Earth all to hirself. Wants to be the number one favorite once again.

Maybe Lucifer genders hirself because, well…she just wants the things that humans have but the angels cannot. Free will. Independence. Her own world, not just some dimension she can shape to her own design. So…maybe Lucifer is a girl. Mark does say he plays her like one.


8 Aces for Ace Day

I’ve collected a few packs over the years, so I thought a photo with all of them would be nice, but I couldn’t fit all of them in my hand (also the Silent Hill one is a bit iffy, so I wanted that covered up). 

So yeah, I’m asexual and aromantic, although I’m only partially out irl. I’m also a bunch of other things beginning with ‘A’ XD.

If you wanna see the backs of any of these cards, or your own card from the set, feel free to ask