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Hey! I was wondering if you still Id as panromantic? Bc calling yourself a lesbian casually in posts and calling ur relationship a lesbian one is a bit iffy to me (I'm a lesbian) and I know ur gf is actually a lesbian so if she's cool w it ur probably fine but it makes me a bit uncomfortable to see a non lesbian saying stuff like this. I hope this didn't come off as rude I actually do like ur blog a lot sorry.

this is a longer response than you were probably anticipating but i’m gonna take some time to explain why i use flexible labels for myself and why i personally believe it is only up to the individual what labels they choose for themself, and is not up for anyone else to determine but each individual. 

(i don’t mean this aggressively at you btw!! you seem nice and asked an honest question! i’m just providing a very in depth answer on this issue)

my romantic attraction has always been a very ??? situation especially because i do not experience sexual attraction so my feelings are always hard to pin down

i call myself panromantic because i know hypothetically i would date any one regardless of gender but it’s also a more nuanced situation than that for me. I know i could find myself attracted to anyone regardless of gender, but i also know it would be very hard and unlikely for me to date a cis man because toxic masculinity and misogyny in men is so prevalent and has affected me (via cis men and their culture) so much in my life. i’ve had attraction in the past to people that weren’t just women even though i prefer women, and i don’t have sexual attraction so genitals don’t matter to me when it comes to partners. both meg and i know we prefer women but being lesbian doesn’t mean “i like vaginas” to either of us. 

maybe this is an ace/pan experience specifically or just a personal experience, but i’ve had to adjust my labels frequently for simplicity and minimizing stress in my life because NO ONE that isn’t LGBTQ+ in the outside world knows what pansexual/panromantic or asexual is. it’s led me to generally use “queer” for myself for its inclusiveness and umbrella coverage.

and i hate saying this because it’s a bad explanation for most bi/pan experiences (there’s the dangerous but common misconception that bi/pan people “go straight” or “go gay” depending on their current relationship - when really they’re bi/pan and their attraction will always be all genders!), but personally the relationship i’m in is almost certainly the relationship i’ll be in for life, so my potential attraction to other people doesn’t matter to me as much as my love/attraction to meg and our relationship that is read by others as a lesbian relationship. it does bother me that almost all same sex relationships are read in a way that neglects that people can have attraction that isn’t just gay/straight, and i know that’s a HUGE bother to many of my bi/pan friends, but in my personal experience i’ve had such a topsy turvy labeling situation for myself and had so many people misinterpreting what i am that i’m fine with almost any labels for myself.

so anyway tl;dr - these are a snippet of my personal experiences that explain why i’m flexible with my labels, and why I believe only the individual can decide what labels they should use for themself. meg and i share this belief and yes she’s absolutely fine with me calling myself whatever i prefer. no one can fully know my history and why i prefer lesbian sometimes but pan other times, and i can’t fully know any one else’s experiences and why they prefer the labels they use.

sorry this is such a long response! i don’t mean to attack you for gatekeeping or anything because you sound pretty chill. i’ve just seen so many people in the LGBTQ+ community be attacked by extreme exclusionists that i wanted to reflect more on these kinds of issues while on a similar subject. it’s disheartening to me to see so many extremists online drawing borders between labels, yelling at NB people for calling themselves lesbians (when we’re the ones already forcing them into binary-centric, self-gender oriented attraction labels that don’t work for them) or at ace people for not being “queer enough” or at sapphic people like me for not being “lesbian enough.” 

LGBTQ+ people choose whatever labels they use for themselves based purely on comfort and confidence in those, not out of vicious intentions. It’s more important to me that LGBTQ+ individuals have an identity or identities to be comfortable and confident in than it is to close the borders between labels. We’re all a group of Not Straight or Not Cis individuals and no matter a person’s specific label, that alone lets me know “you are probably not a threat to me - you’re like me in some way.” Each subsection in the LGBTQ+ community - gay, lesbian, trans - may all be pretty different cultures from each other, but to me unity against our actual oppressors is more important than gatekeeping or strictness on labels. 


Requested by @eurusholmmes. Also, this is my 1,000th post! Yay! I don’t really think this fic is ready, but it needed to be posted, so here it is.

You were so close.

You leaned against the smooth edge of the console, relief still humming in your veins after one of those adventures. You know. One of the we-almost-died-but-it-turned-out-fine-so-we-won’t-talk-about-the-extreme-emotional-tension-we-just-had adventures that left you feeling both buzzed and drained and wondering why the Doctor hadn’t done or said something differently in those moments of hey we might be dying.

The Doctor relaxed beside you, hunched just enough for you to be shoulder-to-shoulder and hip-to hip. He was still just slightly out of breath from the run you had taken to get back to the TARDIS without getting caught and killed (because, y'know, that would be bad). You would give him a few more minutes before you asked him if he was alright (he would say that, yes, he was fine, but you would know by that point that, no, he was not fine, and then you would have to drag him down to sickbay like a fussy child).

“Well,” you said, bouncing one knee in an attempt to work off whatever was left of the adrenaline in your system, “that was, uh, fun.”

“Yes,” the Doctor agreed, voice slightly breathy. “Let’s never do it again.”

“You’ll hear no argument from me.”

The conversation refused to carry and you found yourself noticing it again. How close you were. All either of you had to do was turn just a little bit and- and- had he done this on purpose? He had been getting more and more comfortable with the touching. The hugging was still a bit iffy, but he was the one who had put himself so close to you.

He leaned even closer to you.

“It’s okay now,” you said, hoping that was what he needed to hear. Sometimes that was enough.

But not this time, apparently, because instead of relaxing, the Doctor wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him.

He was hugging you, you realized, shock turning you stiff in his embrace before you relaxed and leaned back into him.

“I almost lost you today,” he whispered harshly. his hands balling into fists against your back.

It’s wasn’t that bad, you wanted you say, but you didn’t say that, because you knew exactly how bad it was. He had almost lost you, and you had almost lost him. And the worst part was that you hadn’t said anything. You had stayed silent when you thought you were going to die. Neither of you said a word. You held his hand, like you always would, but you didn’t say what you should have.

Well. You were going to say something now.

“Kiss me.”

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historical plot bunnies;
  • cold war; maybe a russian spy infiltrating enemy lines as a domesticated family man and an american assassin watching and waiting as the friendly neighbor because the government is suspicious
  • ww2; a singer/showgirl going on tour with her band to entertain the military troops on their downtime and one specific officer catching her at the bar
  • 1910s/1920s; two silent movie actors, one a comedic act, the other too dramatic and methodical for their own good. maybe they compete, or intertwine when they keep becoming costars when they have to sort out their differences. i’m a bit iffy about this one, but maybe it can turn into something great
  • late 1800s; after slavery ended, a mistreated maid/keeper and the young heir finding love with one another and having to sneak around
  • 1940s noir; hard-boiled FEMALE detective kicking cocky and degrading men with feminism. and wit. along with her trusty poc male sidekick who feels uncomfortable sometimes and has to keep apologizing for his partner’s actions and behavior.
  • squeaky clean 1950s aesthetic; gay greasers sneaking around and being confused and scared about their sexuality bc they have crazy christian conservative parents
  • 1980s headbanger rock era; a rockstar getting big with his band and touring nationwide and his worried college student girlfriend that started with the bottom with him. she’s always calling, but he barely picks up anymore. he starts to fall into bad habits and keeps landing jail time for possession or drunken outbursts. and she hears about this only bc the radio talk show mentions it the day after. but no matter what her parents say about him, she loves and waits for him.

I see a lot of misinformation around tumblr, so i wanted to clear some things up.

Otherkin: The belief that your soul is not human.

-Therianthropy: Identifying as an existing earth animal (wolf, cat, dinosaur, fish, etc)

-Otherkin: Identifying as a mythological (or not yet proven to be real) creature (mermaid, unicorn, pegasus, dragon)

^This also includes things such as spacekin, plantkin, waterkin, etc.

-Fictionkin: Identifying as a fictional character. Fictionkin’s legitimacy is hotly debated in the community, and does not actually count as otherkin unless the fictional character is not human.

You may be otherkin if:

-You do not feel like a human/you feel out of place in a human body

-You feel inexplicably homesick for places you’ve never been

-You are drawn to forests/rivers/the ocean/etc (depending on kintype)

-You have always connected with a certain animal

-You have memories that haven’t happened/memories in which you weren’t human

-You feel a tail/ears/etc. even when you know nothing’s there

-You feel urges to act like a specific animal

-You have characteristics of a specific animal

-You feel normal and right when acting like a specific animal

(these may be modified to fit your kintype- i’m speaking from a therian’s pov)

Otherkin is not:

-Just liking something a lot

-Being connected to something

-A choice

-A coping mechanism

-A target of oppression

-A gender or sexuality

-Made up

-A tumblr thing


How to find your kintype:

-Some people already know, and some don’t! That’s fine!

-You can also have more than one (however it gets a bit iffy if you have over 10, you may need to reevaluate and determine if some are just cameo shifts or false alarms)

-Meditate! A lot of being otherkin is meditation! There are many tutorials on how to meditate online, some are even otherkin specific! Eventually you may find sounds and smells that help.

-Get some sleep! Often times otherkin have what are called “dream shifts”- where in your dreams you are your kintype, or you see your kintype. This could lead to memories! My most common shifts are dream shifts.

-Assess. What have you found? If you’ve had any dreams or meditated, you may have seen some things, or remembered some stuff. Try to find a general animal (for example: caninekin), and then try to narrow it down!
(Canine > Large > Wild > Wolf), (Canine > Small > Domestic > Chihuahua)

-Be sure to do plenty of research! Finding kintypes takes a long time, and some things you may interpret as different animals could all be traits of one animal.

Tips and resources:

-Dealing with species dysphoria (yes, this happens)

-Food to satisfy kin-related cravings

-Wearing collars is symbolic of being otherkin! I never take mine off!

-You can’t help feeling this way. This is not a choice. You are good. You are not wrong. There are many like you. You are so fantastic.

Promise Me

Bucky x reader

Prompt: After falling in love, Bucky realizes that if he stays, she isn’t safe. 

Warnings: None, just a bit short. 

Here’s Part 2

She haunted him.

This wasn’t what he intended to happen, not after swearing to himself that he would keep a low profile. Not after saying he could never fall in love. 

She was here, in his mind everywhere he went. He remembered the way her hair spread across the pillows as they lay in bed together. He remembered her laugh, and the way her nose would scrunch up at every joke he managed to tell. He remembered her, her body. Her smile, her voice. 

He tried to forget her, he really did. He tried to forget the way her hand would tenderly touch his cheek after he had nightmares, calming him instantly. He tried to forget the way her lips felt against his and how he thought they would stay together forever. 

Of course, in his eyes he just wasn’t good enough. 

It started gradually. At first he just wanted to be around her. He wanted to be in the same room while she laughed with their group of friends. 

Then he wanted to be close, holding her hand or even having their legs touch softly on the couch of her apartment while they had beers in their hands. 

Eventually, he had become entirely invested in her. Both emotionally and physically. 

He felt emotionally drained when they didn’t see each other for a day, he felt nauseous without her. He wanted everything and anything he did to be with her. So, they moved in together. 

His excitement couldn’t be contained as he and his best friend helped carry in his boxes. He felt genuinely happy for the first time in many years. 

“You sure about this, Buck?” Steve asked with a wary expression. Bucky sighed happily, “Of course.” 

He remembered one particular night with a sad smile on his face. The way his shirt slipped delicately over her shoulders after a shower shared between the two of them. 

He remembered the specific taste of the pancakes she made, and the way her hips swayed softly to the music playing in the back round. The way his lips connected to her neck and her giggle before she realized the pancake was burning. The giggle turned into laughter as the normally golden cake was a sudden black. 

The Winter Soldier shook his head trying to forget the happiness he once felt. 

She fought for him. She screamed and cried, completely and utterly confused as to why he wanted to leave. “You don’t get to do this to me, James! You do not get to do this! Not now! Not after everything we’ve been through!” 

Her hands hit his chest as he held back his tears, “I’m so sorry doll, so sorry.” 

The yelling was the thing he remembered the most. He had to go, though. To keep her safe. 

If only he had known about the little girl soon joining the woman he loved, then maybe he would have fought for her as well. 

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Out of curiosity, what does the "QIA" in LGBTQIA stand for? Do you know?

well lets disect this then huh since you wanna be condescending

the actual agreed upon acronym is LGBT. thats the generally understood and used acronym, you can use whatever other acronym you want to use if you want to be weird but LGBT is THE acronym.

the Q stands for queer, which IS A SLUR, and using it as an umbrella term for the LGBT community is something you probably shouldn’t do considering for a lot of people it’s a pretty upsetting word to be referred to by. so it really has no place in the acronym.

i stands for intersex, which is a bit of an iffy one when it comes to the acronym but as far as i understand it, people who are intersex dont consider themselves part of the community by virtue of themselves being intersex (someone may be intersex and consider themselves straight, then personally decide they dont belong with the community. similarly, someone could be intersex and consider themselves gay or trans and then want to be part of the community) so its not something people oft include in the acronym, considering there is no inherent factor of intersex that makes you part of the community. (thats my understanding of it, and obviously being im not intersex that makes it hard for me to speak on so let me know if i got anything wrong here, thats just what i have seen people say)

and the a of course would be standing for asexual. which isn’t part of the acronym because, huh, asexual people can be straight? weird. just like intersex, theres nothing inherent to the identity of asexual that makes you part of that community by default, so including it in the acronym is fallacious. little known fact, the first guy who first campaigned for the A to be part of the acronym, David Jay, is a cishet dude. just thought that was interesting.

hope you learnt something today!

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romance headcanons for main 4 + goatparents+ mtt learning that their s/o is poly and which would try to set their s/o up with someone they'll both like?


- Hey, he’s chill. For the most part. Listen, he never thought he’d be able to have a singular successful relationship, so to add another partner to the mix is…well, a little bit stressful. He’s pretty cool about it, though.

- He’s gotta know how any potential partners you bring up sit with Papyrus. If they don’t get along with his brother he’s not gonna be very apt on giving them a chance.

- He might be okay with trying to set you guy’s up on a triple-date or whatever, though getting a three people booth at Grillby’s might be kinda hard. Don’t let him set up a date at Grillby’s. You’re trying to get this person to like you & having your boyfriend guzzle ketchup straight from the bottle on the first date might not be a real clincher.


- He’s confused at first, but definitely into it. More date-mates just means more love to share & take part in!! He’d be the one to try & set you up with another/more partners. Of course he has no worries that you’ll all get along in the long run, after all–he has good taste, & you have good taste (because you’re dating him, aren’t you?), so if this person is into your or him (or both) obviously they’ll have good taste too! & ultimately date you both!! Because you’re both good things…to taste?? You know what he means.

- He pulls the same moves on them that he used on you when he was first trying to figure out basic courtship rituals. Chocolates, bouquets of fancy roses, maybe a love poem or two. A lotta cheesy, silly stuff to try & test the waters/ease them into the idea of joining your relationship as another partner.

- He insists that the first date you all have together take place at home, where he can cook them a fancy dinner. He’s convinced that having a familiar setting around would ultimately increase his chances of a successful date, as he’d be used to the terrain & could use it to his advantage. He could show them his collection of MTT-Brand action figures!! Everyone loves sexy robots!!!


- She’s a little bit iffy about it. She was so pumped to be the one dating you, that having to share makes it feel like a competition. Not that she doesn’t love the chance to show chumps just how quickly she can kick their asses–but when it comes to dating, it’s just…different.

- If she met someone she thought you’d both like, she’d definitely try to introduce you all to each other. She’d go through all this trouble to pre-plan a surprise date for all three of you, but that fact that neither of you know each other would probably make the whole thing blow up in her face. It was a nice thought, though.

- After she gets more comfortable with the idea, she’s all for it. More than one date-mate means more people she can carry around & show off to! Don’t be surprised if she throws you onto her back for a piggy-ride, then sweeps your other partner into her arms before taking off at the speed of light. Her carrying you both around becomes the new norm pretty fast.


- The idea is kind of nerve-wracking for her. Finding out that you like her enough to date her was a definite plus, but finding out that you want to add another partner to your relationship makes her really nervous. What if they don’t like her? What if she doesn’t like them? What if you like them more than her? There’s a lot that she’s worried about.

- She’d offer to try to find a suitable partner for you both, but her way of “meeting” someone would probably be by putting up a profile on one of the UnderNet’s dating sites. It uh…doesn’t go well, to put it lightly. Think of a romcom montage where you go through a series of bad dates. Finally, she just gives up & leaves it all to you.

- Having more than one partner is actually really nice for her confidence. She adores having group anime nights with you both, having long, thought out talks about your interests & hopes for the future, going out on group dates–it all makes her feel like she really is worth having something good in her life, especially if you both like her as much as she likes you.


- It certainly is a new prospect for her. She’s very old-fashioned, but loves exploring new ideas & options, so she’s not opposed to it in the slightest. Besides, there are many new people that you could meet, surely there’s someone out there that you’d both like!

- Of course she’d love to try to introduce you to someone, but sometimes she accidentally jumps the gun & doesn’t think all of her options through. Plus, she can be really stubborn, so if you don’t like the person, or you two just don’t click, you’ll have to keep reminding her to get it through her thick skull. She keeps trying, though, which is the thing that counts the most.

- After you’ve found a partner suitable for the both of you, she does whatever she can to include you both in your day-to-day activities. Cooking, bug hunting, exploring, reading together, whatever you can imagine, she’ll find a way to get you both into it.


- Oh! He’s…unsure of how to handle it. He’s even more old-fashioned than Toriel, so having more than one partner is definitely an exciting experience for him. He’d need a lot of teaching & explanation on how to handle the relationship before you actually bring in a new partner, it’s just all so new to him.

- Even with his inexperience, he’s willing to give it a try. He’ll try to find you both a partner at least once or twice, though it’s not a very subtle tactic, as he’ll just point at someone fairly attractive & say “How about them?” Real smooth, Asgore. After a while, he just gives up & leaves it all to you.

- Dating you both is actually very nice for him. Having company is good for his lonely SOUL, so he tends to stick around at least one of you for most of the time. Sometimes he can get a little bit overworked nerve-wise though, as he’s spent so much time alone previously, so that’s when he needs some solitude. But other than those brief moments, he’ll keep you both as close as possible.


- It’s absolutely no problem for him. He’s got hoards of fans, darling, you really think having more than one partner would be a challenge for him? Nonsense, he’s all for it! He uh…kind of sees having more than one partner like having “groupies” hang around him while keeping one primary partner, so that’s something you’ll definitely have to explain.

- After he finally actually gets it, he’s very excited to try to find you both a partner or two to bring into the mix. He’d love to find someone you’d like too, so he actually sends out a call to all his fans to interview them. It’s…it’s a really bad, humiliating experience, & it’s not until you finally have to confront him & explain that what he’s doing is wrong & manipulative that he finally gives in & leaves it all to you. He just gets in over his head sometimes.

- Actually meeting & talking with the partner you introduce to him finally helps him understand what a poly relationship really is. He settles into it nicely, drowning you both in gifts & constant praise to show his appreciation for you both. Showing both of you off as his partners is his pride & joy, & it’s overall a very happy, loving relationship, despite the rocky start.

Also, another thought - I’m really torn on redemption arcs because:

- I think that people deserve second chances, but

- They need to be done not at the expense of the characters who were harmed

- They need to be believable (see Papa Archeron for an example of one that fell flat to me)

- The character shows genuine growth and recognition (self-awareness) of what they have done and how they need to do better

- They have to be done delicately so that they balance all of these things

- We still need to be able to draw a line and say that a person/character is too far gone? I’m a bit iffy on this one, but it’s more about other people, rather than the character who needs/wants to be redeemed. This is for the comfort of others. Going back to it not costing the people harmed, the redemption needs to allow others to say they don’t accept it. I think… that’s really important. I think Nesta and her father are a really good example of this. Feyre accepted Tamlin’s change and they were able to move on, or at least begin to. I don’t think Nesta will accept her father’s. And that needs to be ok.

Kierarktina: An analysis

Because this keeps bothering me somehow, I decided to make a post about it, specifically about my 3 theories on how this love triangle could possibly turn out in the 3rd book. Spoilers for Lord of Shadows.

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Quick 2 hour-ish painting of Ermes because 1) I want her to carry me in her arms, 2) I finished Stone Ocean hours ago and it destroyed me

park jimin as your boyfriend

here is my fourth bts as your boyfriend for our lovely park jimin! i really hope you guys like this one, i was a bit iffy about it. but please enjoy and feel free to request for the groups i write for! 

Yoongi / Taehyung / Hoseok / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- honestly jimin is a huge cuddler like sometimes you’ll wake up as the big spoon or lying on top of him literally. you just never know when it comes to him

- surprisingly, you both get up around the same time everyday so whoever wakes up first usually just stays in bed and waits for the other because ya’ll are adorable like that

- like jimin hogs the bathroom because he takes way too long showers and literally uses all the hot water and you get so mad but he’ll just smile real big and squish your cheeks to make your anger practically dissolve. (or ya know, he always suggests you can shower with him, which you rarely agree to. other times you just whack him with a towel and tell him to quit being greasy)

- sometimes though he asks if he can do something random like try to paint your nails or braid your hair in the morning and you’re kinda just like ‘uh i guess?’ and tbh he doesnt do a terrible job like the nail polish stays on the nail and braid is even kinda nice, high five jimin

- you are always forcing chim to eat his breakfast because he tries to skip it all the time so you are nearly force feeding him a banana or toasts every morning and he acts like he’s annoyed by it but secretly when he’s in the middle of practice, he’s so thankful for the extra energy 

- and he does the same to you because you never even remember to eat breakfast for yourself so he’ll prepare something like a bagel and have you eat it on the way to work

- he always walks you to your job first like a proper gentleman and you always give him a kiss on  the cheek and a big hug before going to work and he blushes like a little boy, its super cute

- jimin will be so good to you omg like i really think he’ll do cute things like “anonymously” sending you chocolates to work or giving you piggy back rides when your feet hurt from wearing heels like ughh how cute

- dates with jimin are really different because he really likes doing the whole being fancy and dressing up deal (he even buys you new clothes to wear out like..) but other times he likes to order like three pizzas and sit on the couch in minimal clothing while watching cartoons and it’s really lazy but then there are times when he wants to be really active like 'omg lets go take a random salsa dance class!’ or he signs you up for couple’s yoga lol

- he also likes going to the trampoline park with you. he has the time of his life literally  flipping off the walls and when you say you wanna try doing one he is like 'no way, sorry babe’ and you pout and use your puppy eyes until he gives in and helps you do a front flip but i mean you’re on a trampoline so you could really do it by yourself if you actually tried but jimin is a protective little shit

- speaking of being a protective little sit, when he took you to get your ears pierced, he was a anxious mess because sometimes you couldnt handle pain like that well and omg you were doing it voluntarily!! so he literally held your hand so tight and kept rubbing your back when in reality all you did was wince and cringe up a bit when they actually pierced your ear lol 

- he’s just really protective in general though. like that dude was checking out your butt? oh hell no, sometimes has to be said. 

- okay but hear me out- his giggle

- you sometimes tease him by calling him chimchim and tickle him under the chin or something and he’ll do that beloved giggle and its so adorable. you even recorded it once and listen to it when you miss him

- CUDDLE BUG STRIKES AGAIN like anytime he can, he cuddles up with you. it could be anywhere- the couch, in bed, while making dinner, in the car. he loves holding you in his arms and knowing you’re safe and warm. (when you guys cuddle, you almost always fall asleep on each other and the other members have like 100 embarrassing pictures of you like drooling and jimin with his mouth wide open from snoring)

- you like to wear his boxers sometimes when you cant find pants and he gets SO embarrassed but he also thinks its super hot and bites his lip

- well since lips was mentioned- just imagine his lips against yours, so soft and slow, making you feel like really lucky because he’s so passionate and loving. plus he’s probably into neck kissing like he loves kissing your neck, sometimes leaving hickies, sometimes not. when he’s mad, he kisses you like he’s going to lose you. his kisses then are hard and frequent and slightly rushed but still holding that affect that makes you need to fan your face

- on another note, you get nightmares sometimes, which of course makes you wake up scared and shaking and it literally breaks jimin’s heart so he’ll draw you in and begin singing really softly in your ear and rub your back in hypnotic circles until you go to sleep completely calm and content

- when you cry is another time that jimin will sing to you. he absolutely hates seeing you cry so he’ll sing in a silly but still melodic voice and hold your hands and sometimes he’ll spin you around and slow dance with you or he’ll just hold you close and rock you back and forth

- honestly you can always hear his voice from somewhere. he likes to sing in the shower, in the kitchen, along to jingles on the commercials, and especially to the radio in the car. you two like to go on drives at night and just look at the night and sing to slow songs in the car

- another one of jimin’s talents is dancing. he likes to try and teach you to dance. even if you’re rubbish, he praises you and you cant tell if he genuinely thinks you’re doing okay or if he just doesnt want you to give up. but you always continue to learn the choreography to his songs and having really bad dance battles with him and the other members and honestly you’re on the level below even seokjin and namjoon but they all still cheer for you when you go against jimin or hoseok and its a lot of fun 

- jimin always takes the time to praise your talent too, even if its something silly like your ability to apply chapstick he’s like 'yasss, just look at you being fantastic’ and tbh its very uplifting

- you two are always uplifting each other actually. he’s quite insecure a lot of the time to you give him compliments all the time. you sometimes write him little post-it notes that say things like “how are you so handsome?” and slip them into his coat pockets for later or you leave him little videos on his phone reminding him to eat and smile. he personally likes to send you inspiring quotes that sometimes come with a picture of him blowing you a kiss or something silly. you both never let the other feel like they arent loved

- the first time you guys said i love you was because jimin couldnt find his shoes he had to wear that day for some promotion and he was searching everywhere for them and so were you and eventually you found them like under the couch and you gave them to him and he was like 'omg you found them, i love you!’ and you legit freeze and drop the shoes and he covers his mouth and his eyes are wide and his cheeks are a bright red and he’s scared but then you start tearing up because he finally said it and then you two hug and you whisper in his ear how much you love him and he hugs you tighter and keeps kissing the side of your head

- your relationship with jimin is overall playful and comfortable and neither of you would want to spend your life with anybody else

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Okay so, I was wondering...(for future reference ofc!) If Josuke was a Pokemon trainer, what kind of Pokemon(s) will he have? :0

Sorry for the really late reply, but I did get your asks, and I was both busy working on this piece as well as working on a couple of other requests, too.  >w>;; but, here it is! Following the Stardust Crusaders Pokemon pic, here’s the Main 4 for DiU.  :D 

In my idea for a JoJo x Pokemon game, Josuke would be the player character I’ve seen people mention how Josuke would have a Blissey due to Crazy Diamond’s healing, but in all honesty, I can’t imagine Crazy Diamond being a Blissey.  Crazy Diamond has a Gladiator and even knightly appearance, so Gallade felt like a better fit to me.  A Gallade with the Hidden Ability, Justified, along with Heal Pulse and Close Combat sounds like a good fit.  Plus, Gallde just fits with Josuke’s kind yet heroic and justified nature.

Battle Theme
Final Battle Theme
Okuyasu would be one of the rivals but he starts out antagonistic like stealing the package you’re supposed to deliver or something like that.  He and his big bro, Keichou, would be part of the evil organization (still need to work on that more) before Keichou gets out of commission (he doesn’t die in this idea along with Iggy, Kakyoin and Avdol).  He’d be a friendly rival after the antagonism’s over though he’ll share frustrations when he keeps losing.  For a while, I had people tell me that Lucario would be a good match for Jotaro, but I already planned for Okuyasu to have Lucario first and Machamp suited Star Platinum better.  Lucario’s colour scheme and more serious looking face fit The Hand’s scheme and inexpressive appearance.  Lucario is also a really powerful Pokemon, and The Hand is a powerful Stand.  However, both are under a knucklehead - a lovable and adorable knucklehead, but still a knucklehead.  And if anyone’s wondering, yes - Okuyasu’s wearing a beanie.  For some reason, I can see him wearing one.  >w>;; 

(Shares themes with Okuyasu)
Koichi’s character was more apparent since he strikes me as being a lot like Wally - especially Wally from OR/AS.  That transition from a meek and timid boy who grows stronger and gets more assertive, and determined, and becomes a man.  Koichi’s would also provide as your first travelling partner.  When it came to Pokemon, Koichi was the hardest to do because I had a set condition for the final evolution - to know the move Gravity to fit with Act 3′s attack.  However, the problem was trying to make the pre-evolutions fit Act 1 and Act 2.  Potentials included Claydol, Alakazam and Dusknoir: eliminated Claydol because it only had one pre-evolution and no Mega Evolution, and Dusknoir probably suited someone else (Vanilla Ice) better.  So it was between Alakazam and Metagross - it was close, especially how Kadabra’s Dex entry denotes it as a Pokemon that only determined and strong-willed people can train to lampshade Koichi’s character development, but Metagross’ line is a tough line in general to show Koichi’s persistence and said character development as well.  In the end, Metagross won just because shiny Metagross has a similar colour scheme to Act 3, and it can float and fly around more easily than Alakazam who walks along with having the Hidden Ability, Light Metal, which has the Pokemon’s weight halved.

Encounter Theme
Battle Theme
Rohan is probably your most oppressing rival out of the three as he makes it clear how there’s no way in hell you’re going to beat the Elite 4 and become Champion.  You? A scrubby newbie with a ridiculous fashion sense who lives in a hole? Ha! He doesn’t travel with you, but just “coincidentally” crosses paths.  Though he tends to use that as an opportunity to steal Koichi away.  Rohan’s signature was the easiest with Smeargle having the Sketch move and the ability, Technician (which is what most competitive Smeargles have).  Despite how Smeargle is considered a non-serious and even jokish Pokemon, Rohan’s Smeargle is a competitive player, so don’t bother underestimating it.  The normal theme is Silver’s to highlight Rohan’s more oppressive stance as your rival.  His battle theme is Gladion’s theme because though Gladion’s edgy (and I called him Mini Dio and Giorno too many times while playing Su/Mo), his battle theme is also appropriately dramatic, which suits Rohan quite well.

I know some are hit and miss or just plain strange choices, but this is just one interpretation, and I’m still a bit iffy with Koichi’s.  Anyway, I need to get some sleep.  >w>;;

I just want a 1x1 here Muse A just got out of a very shitty relationship where they wre cheated on and lied to and Muse A just wants to get away from everything so they take the first plane to leave the airport and thats gow they end up in Paris in the evening, freezing cold, dragging around a suitcase with no place to stay. That’s when they walk into Muse B who is looking scruffy and tired and has a cigarette hanging out of the corner of their mouth but sees Muse A’s situation and offers them a place to stay anyway. Muse A is a bit iffy about it all, especially when they walk into Muse B’s messy, one bedroom apartment with a twin sized matress laying underneath the window and clothes surrounding it, but after staying up all night listening to Muse B’s life story and bad jokes in broken English they’re kind of sold on it all. And then Muse B shows Muse A around Paris, showing them all their favourite places that no one knows about and Muse B is so gone for Muse A and Muse A is just so scared and so in love but just pretends the only thing they’re in love with is Paris. And then they get drunk and make love and Muse B keeps saying all these things in French and Muse A gets so turned on by it and after that it keeps happening and they keep pretending like nothing happened and Muse A is in too deep and all Muse B wants to do is make them happy and there’s so much angst.