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(A/N): i love major height differences within relationships

Request:  hi, can i have some nat stuff? like the reader is really short (5'0) and Tony makes jokes about it and she get self-conscious then Nat help her (Nat is her gf)

Warnings: none

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   You had always been a little self conscious of your height, after all you were only five foot and all the other avengers towered over you. Including Natasha Romanoff who came in at 5'7. The woman actually had to look down to talk to you and whenever you hugged you only came up to about her boobs, not that you minded that part in the slightest. 

   Nat was always respectful of how short you were, always making sure that you were secure in your height and that you didn’t feel intimidated by her or anyone else at all. Unfortunately Nat didn’t give the memo to anyone else because Tony was constantly making fun of your small height. Not only that but he would deliberately do things to make you feel self conscience; putting food and laundry detergent on the highest shelves, constantly stretching your clothes to make you feel even smaller and then he’d come right around and taunt you for it, Just like he was doing now. 

    “Whatcha doin’ pipsqueak?” Tony asks as you desperately struggle to reach the food on highest shelf. He no doubt had a stupid smug smile on his face as he watched you squirm helplessly. Not only that but you had to have been wearing one of your overly large sweaters and you were nearly drowning in it because Tony stretched it out the last time he washed it. 

   You got on your very tiptoes and stretched your arm the best you could and yet you still couldn’t even graze the bottom of the shelf. You can hear Tony chuckle behind you and that only makes you feel more self conscience. 

   "You need some help?“ Tony asks through snickers and you’ve suddenly lost interest in eating, In fact you feel like going and locking yourself in your room for a bit and hiding. 

    "No thanks,” you whisper quietly as you trudge out of the kitchen, your spirits significantly lower than when you had entered. You can feel Tony’s eyes on you but you don’t care, not when you were suddenly feeling this bad about yourself right now.

    You slowly make your way down the hall to your bedroom only stopping when the familiar voice of Nat floats through the air. She seemed to be having a very animated conversation with Steve and at the moment you don’t have the energy to join such a lively, bubbly conversation. You continue to make your way down the hall, stopping before your bedroom door. You’re just about to open the damn thing when Nat and Steve round the corner, both giving you warm smiles. 

    “Hey cutie,” Nat comes up and gently pokes at your sides, an action that usually has you squealing and laughing but today you’re not in the mood. 

   "Hey,“ you whisper, your voice sadder than you intended. Nat’s face immediately etches with concern and she drops her hand from your side. 

   "What’s wrong?” She asks in a soft tone as she tilts her head, giving her an almost innocent like appearance. You sigh softly as you realize it was pointless to lie to Nat, she knew you just as well as you knew yourself if not more than that. If you didn’t tell her she’d figure it out somehow and either way you were getting a stern talking about loving yourself.

    “I’m just…” You trail off as you take up to picking a string on your very large sweater. “I’m just feeling a bit insecure is all,” you murmurs quietly hoping Nat didn’t hear you. Unfortunately that woman had the ears of a dog and immediately heard what you said. Her eyes immediately cloud with sympathy and then you’re being pulled into her warm embrace. Her arms wrap around your head and she can rest her chin on top of your head, not making your insecurities any better. 

    “Who do I have to beat up?” She asks softly before adjusting her head so she could rest her cheek on your head instead. You chuckle softly, though it sounds a bit faker than intended. 

    “Nobody, it’s just one of those days is all,” you shrug your shoulders and hope Nat drops the subject but she continues on. 

    “Well, I think your height is adorable and perfect. You’re the absolute perfect size to hug, you’re all small and fun sized and when you steal my clothes they look really cute and baggy on you,” A small smile rises to your lips at Nat’s words and you do start to feel slightly better. Nat was always there to raise you up, make you feel good about yourself even on your worst days. 

   You sigh softly as you can practically feel your previous negative thoughts leave your body, leaving you feeling pleasant and content. Nat gives you a little squeeze and her lips are glued to the top of your head and you can’t help but hum and snuggle a little closer. Nat’s soft chest is what you snuggle against and you can’t help but grin mischievously. 

   Maybe Nat did have a point, maybe being boob height wasn’t so bad after all.


Magolor Voice Acting - VillainsVoice

I decided to voice act the dialogue that Magolor says to Kirby once he’s gained all 120 energy spheres, it just seemed appropriate for starting out on him fresh again. I wanted to make him sound sort of nerdy while at the same time “lighthearted” with a hint of oddness, since he’s a bit of a faker.