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after a long time procrastinating up until the last minute, i’ve finished my contribution to the @touhoushipcollab!! 

with the seasons theme in mind, i thought of a headcanon i have where wakasagihime often can’t surface in winter since the lake freezes over, which leads to kagerou feeling sad and lonely for the whole season. i wanted to make this happy and sweet though, so i gave it a nice ending where waka’s able to stay above the water! 

i also wanted to take this opportunity to test out more of clip studio paint’s brushes, which i think was a fun experiment! it may have turned out a little messy, but i think it gives it a bit of a storybook fairy tale kind of feel. 

please go check out all the other submissions! they’re all absolutely fantastic and i’m so happy to have been part of this collab!

omfg y’all. It seriously just now occurred to me… that the running joke in Daesung’s Dome Tour earlier this year was “Show me something!” So now he’s gone and done it and named his next tour the D Show. The D Show.

What’s he gonna show us? His D? We gonna see One Night D-LITE come out to play?

Why. Why is he like thisssss

Bookmas Series: 23rd December 2016
A review my my lovely cousin Anna Reid all the way from Australia!

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

Rating: 10/10

I know what you’re thinking, 10/10 surely thats a bit of an over statement. But I promise you if you’re a fan of fiction and you’ve got a bit of an imagination (and a love for the circus), you will absolutely love this book.

I was introduced to this book by one of my best friends, who explained the book as a written artwork. Erin Morgenstern is an artist as well as an author which definitely comes through her writing - I think the main reason I loved the book so much was because you can get completely lost in the world she creates. The colours, smells and characters become almost tangible and I often found myself reading for several hours at a time because I was completely transported.

The book is a bit of a fantasy/fairy tale, set in Victorian London centred around a circus - Le Cirque des Rêves (the Circus of Dreams). In the novel, the circus “appears without warning and leaves without notice”, only operating between sundown and sunrise. It centres around a few of the lives of both patrons and circus members, but in particular two young magicians, Celia Bowen and Marco Alistair, who discover that their performances matter just as much outside of circus hours as they do inside of them, questioning the future of the circus’s operation.



Old art (specially second pic) that I didn’t feel like posting for a long time. I have that problem where I feel like people don’t care so what the point in showing what I make? So in the end I don’t even post half of my drawings.

But anyway! Here the princess, and the fairy of an italian fairy tale I wanted to illustrate for years! I’m not really working on it yet, just have the character designs. But also i’m very unsatisfied with the princess. I want her to be a “bland” kind of pretty, if that makes sense? Cute, but not a beauty either. A very simple design. So that she may look a bit boring when compared to the rest of the (often magical) characters. But when I do that she’s just like all of the characters I usually draw cause I LOVE simple design way too much.

So I might need to make her stand out in the end.

once, Dorothy met a cyclone while buying a pair of knee socks.

She is fifteen, adores her dog, and loves the color yellow. Dorothy thinks it’s a sign, and Aunt Em says so, but not the kind that comes from a crack in the pavement, or a falling star. Aunt Em doesn’t speak of mistrusting the boy with sandy hair and a desert smile, or how his laugh reminds her of a jackal’s eyes by firelight. so she hands the girl her silver boots, for safe keeping, she says.

it’s 11:11 when Dorothy stops believing in magic.

once, Aunt Em believed the girl with the golden locks would keep Dorothy happy. happy because she’s planting poppies again, happy because she won’t stop singing Aerosmith, happy is what she says she is. Aunt Em believes all women supposed to be soft.

because girls, with their soft physique and pronounced hearts, girls with god honest eyes, and their table manners. girls who know to kiss the sky without going on their toes. girls with a face that sounds like chandeliers dancing. girls with velvet fingers and blueberries in their hair.

but girls like that cut. a thousand papercuts. girls who drop hearts like pennies in to wells because a dare is a dare. And falling is worth the momentary flight, right?

once, dorothy painted the ballroom red with the liquid in her heart.

“this is the last…” she swears. red belongs beneath her naked feet,  red on stars of unfulfilled wishes. red on golden skin. but never, ever within.

Aunt Em polishes her shotgun and waits for the howling to begin. stitching a heart back to the soul grows crueler by each shade of night. Aunt Em learns to shoot at storm clouds. to slay the sand before the storm. and some nights, that is enough. some nights it keeps the moon from rising.

but Dorothy has grown tired. Her third cyclone is a boy with steeled notions, and feather lips. “He is only a boy with a lock pick…”

“He puts his hands in me thinking there is something to break. But people like him don’t care. And if they can’t break your heart, they will always find something else.”

Blood paints the silver of her boots, and splinters melt like chocolate in her mouth.

Nobody screams timber.

once, Aunt Em warned her away from the girl with crystal eyes.

the road home is vicious enough. blood dipped and feral.

But Dorothy sees. her. her eyes – astronomers could find a galaxy, light years away, inhabited before they understand this girl.

this girl with a racer’s smile. and candied poison beneath her petticoat. this girl who slips profanity between the pages of her prayer book. this girl who touches like sheet lightning. this girl with danger in her eyelashes, and a mischievous twinkle. this girl eats Dorothy up with a blink.

And Dorothy is choking on a miscast hex called love. then she is swallowing, this meaty concoction that once left her eyes black. Dorothy watches her black-hearted bird dance with carefree aggression.

the first time they kiss Dorothy coaxes the dark magic from her sweet lips. their bodies yawn with turbulence, and finality.

“I loved her the moment I stepped out of my crimson shoes to show her the crimson of my heart. I knew I wanted no other eyes to rest in but hers.“ Dorothy finally confesses.

"I love her like I am temptation in a sinner’s hand. I know her like my eulogy has always begun with her name. I love her heavy, my feet washed in the sound of her name. I love her heavy like witchcraft settling over these soft bones.”

these girls with their crystals and shrines, the kind of girls who would have been burned at the stake.

a hundred years ago or a hundred years from now, they would still choose each other. damned or not, they would choose to love every pore of her accursed skin.

these girls. not girls, queens. not queens, sorcerers.  not sorcerers, but girls.

there is something about a prison and all its bad stories. something about a villain and drowning. something about letting go and yellow brick roads.

for the first time the windows do not scream, and Aunt Em sleeps easy.




When she turned sixteen, the princess wished for a needle. “I want to sew a bit,” she wrote on a note and put it into the basket that went down her tower for food and books. “Just so I have something to do.”

When she received it, tucked under berries and cheese, the princess took the needle between two fingers. She went down the tower and to the door where the dragon lay.

“Beast,” the princess said.

The dragon said nothing. The chain around its neck was golden and terrible. Its wings were folded. It lay still and looked at the princess.

She lifted her hand. The needle gleamed silver in the dragon fire under the beast’s belly. “I can unleash you.”

For a while, the dragon only looked. It looked and looked, and then it opened its jaws. “And what do you want in return?”

The princess smiled. She went over to the dragon and pushed the needle into the lock sealing its neck.

“What do you want?” the dragon asked again. But the princess said nothing.

While she worked, the beast slowly shifted to its feet, and the princess did not flinch when hot breath flooded over the scars on her naked shoulder blades. She did not tremble when the dragon nudged her where her wings used to be, neither when it sniffed where horns used to adore her bald head, nor when it nosed at the burns that torches had left on her four arms.

The chain fell. A shudder went through the dragon’s body. It took a deep breath, its throat bulged, and magic erupted from its freed lungs. The door on the bottom of the tower burnt to ashes.

The princess smiled.

“Well,” the dragon said when they stood outside and looked at the sky. “Now you must tell me.”

And still, the princess smiled, a slow and horrifying little smile that stuck to her tiny mouth. The dragon stumbled away from her, terror shooting through his veins. He was up in the sky within seconds, but the princess only looked at him.

When she spoke, it echoed across the clearing deep in the forest, and the dragon in the sky shuddered from her soft voice that sang gently:

“I want to ask them why they did not lock me up a bit better.”

A thousand, million years

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You’ve always been a touch magic but you’ve gone your whole life thinking you’re the only one. Then you meet Finn. A.n. This fic has magic, demon!Finn, reincarnation, a little bit of fairy tale and a tiny bit of celtic mythology. There could be a another part depending on what you guys think.

Part 2 can be found here

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Everyone knows that demons and magic don’t exist. They are fantasy, they are things that only exist in fairy tales. They’re things that are only alive in dreams. At least that’s what people think. You can’t say that you’re the authority on all things mystical but you’re certainly somewhat magical. 

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Could I maybe have a Namimori Flame Guardians AU? Reborn comes under orders of the Ninth expecting a civilian boy and gets sucked into the crazyness. Mostly i just want to see Reborn flailing trying to corral one very magnetic Sky and two/three sets of guardians. (If you could add some Tsuna/Reborn on the side I'd be eternally grateful)

Hmm… actually that’s conflicts with the set up of the AU. Vongola has no idea that Tsuna exist. Iemitsu never married Nana and Nana is the one who descents from Giotto (and Vongola lost track of that family line years ago). But well let’s see.

Namimori Flame Guardian Part 3

Check Namimori Flame Guardian AU tag for more of this universe 

Reborn had hear only rumors about Namimori. A town that was supposedly filled with plenty of Flame Users who had no attachment to the mafia and got into fights every single day with lots of glorious destruction.  

Honestly it sounded a bit like fairy tale, which was why most people scoffed at the idea. No one had been able to find it either. But it definitely sounded like Reborn’s kind of town. All that chaos. 

So naturally, Reborn being Reborn, he found it. 

And was greeted by the some of the most vicious and strongest Flame Users. Still no match for the World’s Strongest Hitman though. Reborn made quick work of the wide mix, there were at least three families in there from adults to young children attacking them. 

“Ara~ Not many people can defeat a Hibari. Much less three.” 

Reborn looked up to see a woman with brown hair and serene smile walking towards him. She wore an apron, looking every part of a common housewife. Trailing after her was a young boy, matching her features. 

“May I ask why you’re here?” the woman asked. 

“Just passing through,” Reborn remarked. 

“Are you here to cause trouble?” the woman asked. 

“No.” Not really at least. He was mostly here out of curiosity. 

“He isn’t lying, Kaasan,” the boy said. 

Reborn frowned. The boy was capable of telling lies from true. 

“I know, Tsu-kun.” 

The mother too? 

The woman just smiled. “Well, welcome to Namimori. Don’t cause trouble and we won’t have any problems.” 

She waved her hand and Reborn became distinctly aware how cold the temperature had dropped as it returned to normal. Interesting. Just who were these two? 

Tom Holland Dating a Pisces

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Zodiac Series 



  • Your relationship with Tom is a bit like a fairy-tale, you a romantic and he more like a realist 
  • Like once y’all would find yourselves channel surfing and end up watching Enchanted cos nothing else was on
  • Then the part where Amy Adams character starts singing with the guys in the park + Patrick Dempsey was all ??? wtf
  • ‘Hey Tom’ you’d say swatting his belly
  • ‘What
  • ‘That’s so you’
  • ‘Who’
  • ‘The dude, McDreamy’s charater, that’s so you’
  • ‘Noo, really? How?
  • ‘Yeah totally. The way he says ‘People are looking’ is the same way you do when I’m too enthusiastic in public’
  • ‘Okay maybe’
  • Then you’d turn back around satisfied cos you know you’re right and he knows you’re right.
  • When you guys go out together, you really have the time of your lives doing even little simple things. 
  • Like once you guys went to an arcade and got a little too competitive over a game of air hockey which you lost to.
  • ‘You cheated’
  • ‘How did I cheat’ he’d laugh walking behind you and wrapping his arms around you
  • ‘Don’t know how, but you did’ 
  • Then it led to the two of you having some playful competitions over skee ball, basketball and a hunting game. But the score got settled when you won a cute stuffed spider-man for Tom in a claw-machine since he couldn’t get it.
  • A couple of times after downing a few drinks, you and Tom start singing like a couple of canaries, since you both have a secret love for singing, making great duets and even greater drunk videos.
  • You’re both very positive people
  • You two also do really well with making each other laugh
  • You guys find creativity in the other 
  • For instance the two of you would be walking down the street together at around sun down and the lightening would be just right for you to be inspired to give have a little impromptu photo shoot with Tom
  • Tom would also use memories with you to create some sort of background with his character or just really connect with them
  • You’re the one who comes up with ideas with what to do while Tom is the one who would actually get you to do them
  • In other words, you have wishes to go out a little out of your comfort zone and really be out there in the world, while Tom is the ‘doer’ taking you out to experience it
  • ‘Babe, I wanna go to Kenya or Greenland someday. We should go to the beaches of Mombasa or see the Northern lights’ you would say while stalking some travel account on Instagram
  • ‘Let’s go sometime this year’
  • ‘Don’t fuck with me Tom, this is not something to joke about’
  • ‘No I’m serious. I have time off in August and we could go for like three weeks. Where would you want to go?’
  • ‘Tom I can’t, I have school’
  • We’ll go before it starts. Trust me it’ll be worth it’
  • You’d give him a little doubtful look, but he’s right. Soon after you two would be looking over tickets to Kenya cos you really can’t see the Northern lights in the summer. Once the trip comes and you guys had the time of your life, on the plane ride home Tom would send a little ‘I told you so’ you’re way because ofc it was worth it.
  • Then sure in your relationship there’ll be some fear of commitment on both sides, but you two will both realize that the other is worth getting over the little fear. After all you guys are living a real life fairy tale and fairy tales do get their happy ending

Sorry to those who requested it and it took ages but I did it!

Requested by @abbymounce01 @wolfiechanus @onceratheart4life @narellie66 @manux8 and hella anons hope y’all like it

So my day of tiny viral stardom resulted in 84 new tumblr followers *waves to folks* really this is a Once Upon a Time blog I hope you don’t mind a bit of fairy tales with your LGBT fandom identity politics.

List Your WIPs Tag Game

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

Ho boy! Thanks @the960writers for tagging me in this. (PS. I’m super excited to read those on your list when you’re finished because I read your bit in the Tumblr fairy tale retelling book and LOVED IT!)

I’m only going to talk about my top 3 WIPs because they’re the only ones I care about today. (might change tomorrow though, who knows)

1. Demon Psychology 101 (working title): College sophomore Kate is desperate to pass her demon psych class. Taught by a professor she loathes with less than two weeks until finals, Kate goes to the extreme of summoning a real demon to interview. Unfortunately, not all spells can be trusted and not all demons are the same. While Kate battles with her (not so inner) demon, she’ll have to juggle her time between a new crush on a girl she’s got nothing in common with and a new enemy with a dark vendetta.

2. Chosen Silence: Melody De Valdi was supposed to be the chosen one. Born of the two most powerful welders of vocal magic in centuries, Mel was fated to be the Talea, the one who’s voice could create from nothing and cause the obliteration of the universe. There’s only one problem. Mel can’t sing. Mute for as long as she can remember, she’ll have to bear the brunt of her families disappointment for the rest of her life. When Mel decides she’s no longer content with being constantly passed over, she seeks solace with a visit to a psychologist who may just challenges everything Mel has ever known.

3. Practicing Prudence: Recent high school grad Prudence has been given the job of her dreams, a job no one else in her tiny Texas town wants; head librarian of the recently built and highly unnecessary town library. Prue fills her days with reading, hanging out with her best and only friend Sophia, and taking medical classes online to keep her parents happy. She spends her nights obsessively researching the eccentric billionaire who built the oddly placed library and tracks his other buildings with borderline mania. When the apocalypse hits hard, Prue must decide whether to spend her days holed up in her bunker or tracking down the one person she thinks is responsible for the disease that wiped out most of humanity, the billionaire.

I super hate writing descriptions for my stories so please ignore how horrible they are. If you’d like to know more, pretty please feel free to ask or send me a message! I’m not sure who’s done this yet, so I’m not tagging anyone, but if you haven’t done this yet, please do! I adore hearing about what everyone is working on. :)

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Our synastry chart is heavy in neptune and saturn. Theres most aspects with his neptune

with neptune aspecting the personal planets, especially hard aspect. the personal planet person can be in a way fooled by neptune, it sees septune for somebody who they’re not and can fall for an image (especially venus sometimes moon). harmonious aspects can bring a bit of fairy tale into it but it still needs a lot of truth and other aspects to bring it down to earth a bit and i think saturn does that well. it can ground the relationship a bit more and show the couple that there is a reality and hardships are within that 

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Having played your past VNs, I'm very interested in Tell a Demon. But I really really like romance in my VNs, so I would like to know: how much romance can we expect in Tell a Demon? Even if there's little romance to be expected, I still intend to get the game c: When is it going to launch on Steam, though? Thanks for answering!

The answer is “a little” or “a lot” depending on how you play and which characters are together. There is some through each playthrough, even if it’s only glimpsed in flashbacks.

When I mention that it’s not a romance, it’s because Tell a Demon doesn’t have a route structure that leads directly to romantic options. Instead, choices lead to different kinds of plot. With Tell’s point of view, for instance, one of her plots is a bit more like a fairy tale in structure while the other has more gothic or horror elements.

It should be on Steam next week. :)