bit a larry too

Larry moments.

Interviewer: Are you really engaged with Eleanor?

Louis: No no no.

[Harry tries to hide the smile]


Louis [to Niall]: I think Harry is fucking with me.

[But the microphone was linked and all around the stadium heard]


Liam: […] like two brothers to speak […]

[pointing to Louis and Harry]

Louis: Brothers?


Nick Grimshaw: What’s the best about your birthday that you get to unwrap?


Harry: I don’t know if I can say that on Radio.


Harry is Beautiful - Louis Tomlinson.


Interviewer: If you could wish for anything money can’t buy, what would be?

Harry: Freedom.


Fan: What’s the one thing you like the most about Harry?

Louis: His curls or his smell.


Liam: Why doesn’t Harry kiss Lou?

Harry: Kiss me [mouthing to Louis]


Interviewer: If you could snog any artist in the word who would it be?

Harry: Adele.

Harry: [to Louis] Sorry.


Louis: Who would you like to be your valentine if you could have anyone in the world?

Harry: You.


Louis: That’s just sex appeal at its finest.

Harry: Yeah, it is.


You should know “His” is a better word.

[Apparently Louis Tomlinson said this in ‘Little Things’ and Harry agreed]


Fan: Louis! Louis! [ignored]

Fan: Larry! Larry! [turn faster that lightning]


Interviewer: [show a picture of Regina Case] Would you face or run?

Liam: I think she looks like Harry.

Zayn: Yeah, she looks like Harry.

[Louis agree she look like Harry]

[Liam and Zayn would face]

Louis: Marriage.

Interviewer: No kissing, just marriage.

Louis: Marriage, sex, kissing, the lot.


Interviewer: Harry who’s most likely to get married first out of all of you boys?

Harry: I’m say, Louis is a sly dog.


Harry: I’ve always wanted to call my daughter “Darcy”

Fans: Aww.

Louis: Darcy.. I sure i know.

[Liam says something i didn’t understand]

Louis: No, no really dude.

Niall: A bit too early.

Harry: Oops!


“Well, we’ve known each other for a while now and there’s something I ought to show you…”

Larry cocked an eyebrow at his friend, noticing the almost verbatim mirroring to his own words a few days prior as he showed Sal his hide away.

Sally nervously undid the straps of his prosthetic, his hands a bit shakey. He wanted to show Larry his face- was it really his face though he thought, it wasn’t the same face in the family photos in his own house- but he was scared of losing the first person who welcomed him here, who thought he ‘mask’ was neat, who accepted him and all his quirks.

With a sigh Sal unclasped the straps and let the mask fall away from his face. A worried look graced his features as he felt Larry’s eyes roam his face, taking in each gouging scar and the tears near his mouth. Sal closed his eyes, in fear what the impending rejection that he had grown accustomed too.

But nothing came.

Cautiously the blue haired male opened his eyes, the worried look still upon his face and a nervous tone in his voice.

“Well?” He questioned.

“Well what?”

“Aren’t you going to say anything?”

Larry thought for a moment before speaking, a soft, accepting smile on his face. He was torn between apologizing to Sally for the pain he must have gone through- both emotional and physical- and complimenting the male.

He opted for the latter, deciding the last thibg Sal would want was pity.

“It suits ya, Sal- its different like you.”

Sal breathed out a sigh of relief and reached for his prosthetic only to be stopped by Larry’s hand.

“I’d like it if you kept it off, its nice to see my best friend’s face but I do understand if you want it on.”

Sally smiled and set it down, instead reaching for the companion controller to the one on his first true friend’s hand.


sorry for the lil writing thing but I wanted to draw Sally without his mask (shout out to @sallywiththeface for helping me making it look like this) and ended up making it where he’s showing Larry his face for the first time. Sal was the main drawing amd Larry was just a quick warm up doodle I cleaned up and colored in (gonna do a better art of him soon I swear)

  • Behind Blue Eyes by The Who reminds me of Louis.
  • This is pointless but yeah.

No one knows what it’s like,

To be the bad man,

To be the sad man,

Behind blue eyes,

No one knows what it’s like,

To be hated,

To be fated,

To telling only lies,

But my dreams,

They aren’t as empty,

As my conscience seems to be,

I have hours, only lonely,

My love is vengeance,

That’s never free,

No one knows what it’s like,

To feel these feelings,

Like I do,

I blame you,

No one bites back as hard,

On their anger,

None of my pain and woe,

Can show through,

But my dreams,

They aren’t as empty,

As my conscience seems to be,

I have hours, only lonely,

My love is vengeance,

That’s never free,

When my fist clenches, crack it open,

Before I use it and lose my cool,

When I smile, tell me some bad news,

Before I laugh and act like a fool,

If I swallow anything evil,

Put your finger down my throat,

If I shiver, please give me a blanket,

Keep me warm, let me wear your coat,

No one knows what it’s like,

To be the bad man,

To be the sad man,

Behind blue eyes.

Trying to find a respect Harry post to reblog that doesn’t feel steeped in hypocrisy, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  

anonymous asked:

nothing pisses me off more than antis saying larries dont belong in the safe spaces harry makes. do they forget a lot of us are gay???? and it kills me when poc antis say this, because i know a lot of poc gay larries and they sure af deserve the safe spaces harry is making for us.

I think most antis see all Larries as the WORST of us: the straight Larries who fetishize them and get off on the tragedy porn of their situation, the Twitter Larries and IG Larries who comments “LARRY!!!” on everything anyone related to them ever posts, the invasive Larries who stalk them and call restaurants and harass the staff to get info in their date nights. 

They see us as a hivemind represented by (what I hope) is a minority, and erase the fact MOST of us are LGBTQ people who came to terms with and discovered out sexualities through the fandom and found a safe space in Harry and Louis. LGBTQ fans who stay in their lane and respect H and L’s privacy, who view their relationship as far more than a hot ship, but as a means to imagine our own future. I think they forget we have so little representation as LGBTQ people…imagining a happy, healthy, domestic and long term relationship which has survived years of external pressure is healing for us. We ABSOLUTELY deserve this safe space. 

I’m a Larry shipper, right? Why am i disappointed at the fandom, after coming back to it... +What even is Larry? + How can we save the ship

I was going through tumblr and came across some posts by anti’s 

First of all I want to clarify that I DONT hate Eleanor, I actually used to stan her a bit. I had these blogs about her and made a page saying We ship happiness or something with Elounor as avatar. I follow her on all my social media. Even if people say she’s untalented. She graduated Uni plus has a good sense of fashion so eh let’s forget that “beard” stuff. Let me live!

So why do we ship Larry. You have multiple types:

The O.G’s: They have been here since the first 2 years, anywhere between x factor days and 2012. They saw how close H+L were and started shipping them, probably from videos like this:

Be it platonically or romantically, they just thought they were cute together and loved seeing them interact and mess around. Right now they have either moved on from it all or are still here, using past moments as ‘proof’ or just still love their relationship, be it platonically or romantically. A lot use old blog posts and videos as a way to convince the newer generation that Larry was and is something, they promote their friendship mainly . Again, not all of them make up theories and see every moment as proof. 

It is also quite obvious that since a lot of em are a bit older, that they ship Larry without being too annoying. That doesn’t count for everyone however…

New Gen. 2013-2015: These shippers either found out about 1D a bit later or just found out about Larry. They have watched countless proof videos and are convinced that H+L are together. By doing so much research they’ve learned a lot about Larry. They probably use the dug up moments and posts from the OG’s as a way to convince others that Larry is real or at least tell them about the ship.

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whyidontknow1 Author Spotlight
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Here is this week’s Author Spotlight! As always, I post the author’s top three stories!

1. So Much We Didn’t Say 

    Words: 53k

Harry’s near fatal accident exposed the cracks in his and Louis’ eleven year marriage. A serious error in judgement by Louis shattered it completely.

2. Taken Over By The Feeling

    Words: 53k

After almost a year of increasingly troubling behavior, Louis agrees to let his sister live with him. It’s a last resort before more drastic measures are taken by their mom.

Harry Styles runs Given A Chance, a program for troubled and disadvantaged teens out of the bakery he owns. He offers the kids in his program what he believes they need to start on a different and better path for their lives.

Louis learns all too quickly that Harry’s goodwill does not extend to him. Only because he happens to remind Harry of an ex he’d rather forget. It’s not the smoothest of beginnings, but in the end Louis’ own issues might be the real problem.

3. The Forest For The Trees 

   Words: 28k

Louis and Harry had the ultimate roommates and best friends with benefits relationship until Harry suddenly ends the benefits part, shocking and hurting Louis in the process. He’s fallen in love with Harry, but is too scared to tell him the truth because he just does not do first moves. In the spirit of unrequited love and with a little help from Harry’s mother Louis decides to set Harry up with a series of horrible blind dates hoping his roommate will see dating is too much trouble and come back to him. In the end things don’t go as planned and Louis ends up sabotaging the one date he shouldn’t have, and it turns out Harry’s a bit of a sneak too.

anonymous asked:

So i sent the audio of Harry "denying" the song being about Louis to my bestfriend. I've told her a little bit about Larry but she doesnt know too much. I said listen to this and say what you think, is this how you react to rumours of you and your 'friend' and she was immedietly like. Haha, no, hes so in love. :) just wanted to share

Nice 👌 

anonymous asked:

Hey there, can you recommend some stories where either Harry or Louis is the "bad guy" (like - punk or dropout or some slightly criminal shit) and the other one is the "good guy" (good grades, nice family, happy sunshine life etc)? And thanks for your awesome work, thanks to you I´ve found a couple of really good stories - keep it up!

That’s awesome, dear! :D I’m glad that I can help!

And let me tell you, there are tons of those fics, literal tons, which is great! :)

Punk Harry

Baby Heaven’s in your Eyes

Can I Make It Any More Obvious?

leave this house and i’ll burn it down along with myself

Just a One Night Stand (PWP)

In Faith and In Purity (PWP, religion kink)

Punk Louis

Give Me Truths

i’d burn this city down to show you the light

The Moments When My Good Times Start to Fade

Welcome to the Jungle

Othes with innocent Harry

Violets and Paper Aeroplanes

The Sweet Escape (underage, PWP)

Another one with innocent Louis

And This Is How It Starts (underage, PWP)

Bonus: Punk Peter Pan Louis

faith, trust and pixie dust (and a little bit of something else too)

That was an amazing ask, thanks! :D

I’m back ! My dry spell is done and I finally started to read fics again, so YAY !

- Unraveling , by @iwillscreamuntilearsbleed (don’t let me tag you sorry) : Harry sat there with his head in his hands trying to figure out why he knew these types of things. He thought over the past few weeks, how he’d just known at certain times what Louis had been thinking or feeling, needing or wanting and it didn’t make sense to him. Until he had the wild thought, “Can I read Louis’s mind?”

Larry BFF to Lovers / roomates / magic  AU (10k) : funny, full of pining, and so so hot. Holy shit wall sex !! (bottom Louis)

- Rated R , by @cherrystreet​​ : Louis gifts Harry with a surprise sex tape, and it accidentally makes its way into Harry’s family Christmas party. Ridiculousness ensues.

Larry  Christmas AU (7.6k) : so established relationship, very cute and funny. also hot Louis in sex tape, I mean, YAY !!

- Just Let Me Know by SoftlyandSwiftly : Zayn wakes up in a hospital, eyes blurry and head pounding, only for a doctor to tell him he’s lost two years of his life. And if that’s not awful enough, something’s different with Liam, off like something has changed, and Zayn doesn’t understand. Until he does. And then it’s somehow worse.

Ziam canon Memory loss fic (74k) : long time I haven’t read some ziam, and this on is good ! angsty (like , A LOT), and smutty. Side Larry angsty too ;)

- If I Should Stay , by @gloriaandrews​​ : Louis is a television actor who suddenly needs a bodyguard.  Harry is the bodyguard he ends up hiring.  A fic loosely based on the classic 1992 movie The Bodyguard.

Larry famous-not famous AU (31k) : well you probably already watched the movie, so you have a good idea ;) (bottom Louis for the *amazing* smut)

- So Put Your Hands In (The Holes of My Sweater) , by Kat_rawr: Are you gonna kiss me then?” He asks so quiet he isn’t even sure Louis heard him.  “I think it’s bad luck if I don’t.“ Louis’ breath is hot on Harry’s skin in the cold air. They stand in the dark; Louis’ face only lit up by the yellow-ish light from the street light a few metres away. The light over the door of their building hasn’t worked in years.  “Okay,” Harry says, and of course his cheeks heat up. There are definitely butterflies in stomach and his mouth is definitely dry. or,Harry and Louis go on a lot of not-dates.

Larry BFF to lovers (21k). Holy shit the smut is hooooooooooooot (bottom Louis) .

- set alight my veins  by whiskeyinthejar : If Liam really thinks it’s funny to send him on a surprise date with a tattooed, leather wearing punk then Harry’s going to have words with him later. When he’s managed to stop staring at the guy across from him.-Harry’s quiet and shy and does all his homework. Louis drives motorbikes and never turns up to school. Their respective friends think they’d be a cute couple.

Larry punk!Louis AU (11k) : When nerd!Harry meets Punk!Louis in a blind date … funny and smutty (Virgin Harry)

- free to be a father , by imaginarybarista: Louis and Harry, 2020, and a baby.

Larry future fic / Father Day AU(3k) : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww my heaaaaaaaarrrrrtttt. (and bottom Harry)

- as deep as the sky , by swallowsmateforlife: A passed-out omega on the bathroom floor isn’t exactly what Harry had in mind when he thought about taking a cute boy home. The idea of leaving Louis there, vulnerable and unresponsive, weighs guiltily at Harry’s conscience. Turns out it’s the best decision he’ll ever make.

Larry a/b/o (12k) : great smut (bottom Louis) and fun ! Sassy Louis at his best ;)

Like always, you can find all my fic recs in my Masterspost!