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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | cutie tbh!! | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
best quality: he’s really relatable personality-wise, i do love odo’s misantropic attitude, and i love what at least 80% of times we see odo doing his security business, reading stuff from his padd, he’s actually reading bad romance novels. this is what really happening
worst quality: aside from the whole kira/odo thing on which i’ll talk a bit more in the next question, and i’d really need to shut myself up here for a bit unless the rant will commence, i don’t like beige color. that’s it. i won’t say anything on moral side of things happening on the show but heck. beige is such a bad color ….
ship them with: (ok, the rant. this is a completely different matter of how much i despise trek writers’ need to engage non-human characters in romantic/sexual relationships in order to give them, let’s call it, ‘more compelling storylines’, because imo - unnecessary?? - aside from the fact what human concept of romantic love/emotional envolvment is so often percieved as a defining characteristic of what it means to be a person, i’m not saying it doesn’t seem plausible for me to see a person with different biological constitution and cultural realities feeling the desire to participate in romantic relationships like we, humans, or let’s say more on point, bajorans, do (which is .. essentially looks like the same thing but eh. typically human-centric view), but i wouldn’t feel a bit bad about not getting any romantic storyline at all. again, this is just my onion but ye. as far as my warped bad bad not good perception of canon goes, odo is a hardcore ace) but. if we’re talking fanon, or platonic relationships, of au scenarios or whatnot - i do love dynamics he has w/ quark OF COURSE, lwaxana and weyoun (which is to say - with fair ammount of one-sideness and akwardness, but that’s just how it goes)
brotp them with: kira!! also worf and garak!!
needs to stay away from: his wanky relatives from G-quadrant lmao
misc. thoughts: if i were to make the shapeshifters’ designs in the show i’d express the shifting effect in general & odo’s inability to do a decent human face in similar vein to the face lift vid (tw: kinda disturbing) and it’s a good thing i had and never will have any say in this. Anyways i’ve rambled quite a lot here, so to wrap it up *worf’s voice* Good legs. Nice office.

The A-Z Tag (That has issues)

I was tagged by the gorgeous @sandy-sims @ohnikkinikki @ciruelabob @dank-owski😗💗 thank youuu~ 

a / age: …19 Please don’t ever ask this again because soon I will say I’m..20 eughh
b / biggest fear: SPIDERS!!…and also failure, and not being able to live the life you want, and people hating me, and animal print. 😅
c / current time: 11:44 am (Eating breakfast🍳) 
d / drink you had last: Sunny D!!!🍊
e / everyday starts with: If it’s a weekend I get up smiling. If it’s a weekday I would normally cry before going off to school. :^)
f / favourite song: I have a lot v.v So I can’t decide. But anything by Sampha, Tom Misch, SBTRKT, Little Dragon, Petit Bisquit, etc.♫♪
g / ghosts are real?: IbelieveIbelieveIbelieveIbelieve I swear I saw one when I was like 9 👻
h / hometown: The sorrowful California…but I prefer my Mum’s womb because I like it better 😎
i / in love with: 😍😍😍Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Drew Barrymore, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Toby Maguire, Daniel Radcliffe, Chocolate, traveling, shall i go on?
j / jealous of: Peeps who have their life planned and set. I am stuck in my own indesisiveness! And who are confident!
k / killed someone: XD I love how this is just casually a question like sure who hasn’t 💀
l / last time you cried: This morning. I stumbed my toe…it was a wittle tear😧
n / number of siblings: I am the only child!!!👌👌
o / one wish: To be happy all the time because whatever happens, at least I’m happy. Amiright.
p / person you last called/texted: Mah best frands 👫👭
q / questions you’re always asked: “Why are you always so happy/bubbly?” “I bet your spoiled if you’re the only child.” And that is so not true!!!…sometimes
s / song last sang: Lol this doesn’t count! I was singing the alphabet a while ago because of this tag.
u / underwear colour: <. whose asking>

v / vacation destination: ENGLAND AND PARIS AND NEW YORK🛫🛬

w / worst habit: Over thinking like a maniac and being my worst enemy

x / xrays you have had: Quite a few. Mostly because of doctors and dentists appointments. But a major one I had was fracturing my leg due to getting hit by a car!👯🚗😄
y / your favourite food:  Pasta, Rice, Orange Chicken, Noodles, Brocolli, Did I say Pasta??!!!!
z / zodiac sign: Libra baby *In Austin powers voice*

I will tag in alpabetical order: @keeksim @lemonlimesims @pxelmango @wyattssims  

nakikiusap ako

“Itigil mo na. Itigil na natin to”
Ang pakiusap mo na para bang ako lang ang gumusto nito
Na para bang ako yung unang sumuyo sayo
Na para bang ako yung tumawag sa pangalan mo upang marinig mo ang kusang tinig sa loob ko

Nakikiusap ka na para bang ako yung masama
Na para bang hindi mo ko minahal
Na para bang hindi ikaw yung unang nagmahal sa atin

Nakikiusap ka na para bang wala na akong magagawa pa
Na para bang “hoy gumising ka nga”
Na para bang iritableng iritable ka na sakin

Nakikiusap ka na para bang hindi mo ginamit ang paraan na iyan upang hindi ako lumayo sayo
Na para bang hindi mo ginamit ang mga katagang iyan upang bigyan kita ng kahit maliit na tiyansa
Na para bang hindi ka sa akin nakiusap na mahalin din kita

“Tama na, sinasaktan mo lang ang sarili mo”
Ang pakiusap mo na para bang kasalan ko pa
Na para bang may pake ka sa nararamdaman ko
Na para bang wala kang mali at ako itong hindi ka binibitawan

Kaya makikiusap din ako sayo na para bang ako talaga yung may sala
Na para bang natanto ko na naging makasarili ako upang di ka palayain pa
Na para bang naaawa na rin ako sa sarili ko

“Itigil mo na. Itigil na natin to”
Ang pakiusap ko na para bang hindi na ako nasasaktan
Na para bang pinatatawad na kita
At para bang pinalalaya na kita

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🍭- Favorite candy?

~ Here in Norway, we have this chocolate, that’s basically…uh, some kind of salty bisquit coated with a layer of milk chocolate. It’s just.. so fucking good! The ad for it states that it is impossible to eat just one, and frankly it is the only ad that is actually correct in its statement! Lmao. The chocolate is called Smash! and it’s formed like small triangles, kinda? Or.. pointy hats if you will.. Anyway, it’s super-delicious!