bisque firing



noun | kiln | kiln

An oven or furnace capable of holding hot fires and maintaining the heat necessary to drive nearly all moisture out of something heated in its interior.

In art, kilns are used to fire clay and porcelain pieces to their hardened final states in what is known as the bisque firing. Next, a glaze firing is used to affix decorative glazes. Due to the extremely high temperatures needed to successfully fire either of these processes, they would not be possible without a kiln.

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Welp, here are six of the 20 some plates I made this weekend. These ones have Alchemy circles carved into them. (May when I fire them they’ll actually work) There is still a little clean up to do before they’re bisque fired. I plan on glazing them so the lines look like they’re glowing. If they turn out good then they get displayed, if not then I eat off of them.