Fosamax Not Cause of Woman’s Bone Fractures According to Merck

Currently a Manhattan Woman, Mrs. Graves is embroiled in a civil trial against Merck, the maker of Fosamax.  Mrs. Graves has gone through five major operations, including a lengthy surgery to replace her broken jaw with bone from her left arm, all of which has been caused by the use of Fosamax, according to Timothy M. O’Brien her lawyer.

Merck is claiming that Fosamax is not the root cause of Mrs. Graves’ problems.   Merck claims that Mrs. Graves was on other prescriptions besides Fosamax, like steroids to treat rheumatoid arthritis that weakened her immune system, leading to her jaw infection and healing problems, said Paul F. Strain, the lawyer for Merck.

 The lawsuit of Mrs. Graves is one the many bellwether cases filed against Merck which represents about 1,400 people all across the United States who claim they have developed bone fracture ailments after taking Fosamax. Merck had won the court’s decision in an earlier case; but in another, a judge proposed to reduce a plaintiff’s jury award to $1.5 million from $8 million dollars, both sides plan to appeal the ruling.

 In Mrs. Graves’s case, the trial is providing a palpable backdrop for a broadening debate among many doctors and researchers who are rethinking Fosamax and similar bone medications known as oral bisphosphonates, particularly as a treatment for women who have not yet developed osteoporosis.

 Food and Drug Administration, which first approved Fosamax in the 1990s to treat and prevent osteoporosis, along with reports in medical journals linking bisphosphonates with some rare medical problems including unusual thigh fractures, has heightened criticism of the long-term use of these medications with an advisory issued just last month.  This advisory states that Bisphosphonate products producers must places warning labels on any of their products that warn their consumers about the dangers and potential side effects of the their product.   These warnings according to many like Mrs. Graves, say that it’s already too late as they have suffered atypical bone fractures.

If you have been injured from the use of Fosamax then you should know your rights.  Many Femur Fracture Lawyer will give a free consultation on your potential case, so please consult one before taking any legal action.

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