Magical Boy AU

Still love this idea. Still wanna draw more Armin with tats. And still amused how in my head, “yay magical powers Armin is fun!" quickly spiraled into necromancy and sad feels all over the place. Cause what would be more conflicting than bringing Marco back from the dead as a "nice gesture” for Jean. Cause, you know, Armin loves him and wants him to have all the best things. T_T Genius types… I’m sure it made perfect sense on paper when he thought of it at 4 in the morning after being up for three days straight. SIGH.

Not the best idea, Armin. …. OR IS IT. @__@

For more magical boy drawings look for my AOT fanzine at Y-con!


bisoux - a (mostly) Jean/Armin fanzine

now with Pick Your Own Cover feature!

It is a great conundrum of my life - I love scrapbooking materials but I hate the actual activity of archiving memories. So instead I put those supplies to good use and made a variety of different covers for my fanzine. There’s no more than 2 of each pattern, and I got different colors of eyelets as well. They turned out sooo pretty!

Stop by table 22 next weekend and pick out the one you like! :D

Merci tumblr pour cette semaine de vacances-inspiration

Les vraies vacances, c'est de prendre le temps de découvrir, et de suivre au fur à mesure les jolies choses qui tombent dans le dashboard.

((Malheureusement, les deux semaines qui vont suivre sont annoncées comme les plus dures de l'année (comme ça c'est fait me direz vous). ))