Je trouve que ça fait vachement longtemps que je ne suis pas venue raconter ma vie palpitante ou pour vous stalker. Du coup je vous mets un gif de cutie Seb. Voilà c’est gratuit

toothpaste : kisses

What else to do?

Let me jump straight right to the last part that defines the Toothpaste Kisses Single versus the Colour It In inclusion. The 1:53 mark seem to be different from both versions but they both have the thought. Toothpaste Kisses is such a short song with pretty easy-going lyrics mostly trying to mimic the way you talk to someone you adore. Oh sorry, did I go deep right there?

And while you take note how well the single version differs from the LP, check out the video — which might be one of those best videos to go along a song. As good as the song is, the video gets you right into the feels by kissing random people only to end up with a different person.

I know, you were hoping they end up together, but it never will happen. Even in real life. sadly

See the band right there?


I was hoping they join the group. LOL!

snugs and smooches right there.

J'ai du chercher mes bulletins de première et terminale et je les ai regardés du coup et ça m'a fait rire, surtout mon 3e semestre de terminale, dans les appréciations je me fais défoncer par la plupart des profs (parfois clairement justifié parfois non) et en dernier c'est sciences politiques, avec ma prof principale : « excellent! J'ai confiance en Julia pour la suite! » et j'ai trop l'impression que c'est une appréciation de pitié genre elle a voulu être gentille avec moi parce que les autres ont été méchants. Ça m'a beaucoup fait rire.


誕生日おめでとう, Sorella

Have a drunk, poor, cheesy, lipstick-wearing Rivershire for your birthday! /o/

(Because very sincerely my situation is similar to his right now! lol)

Because Rivershire is the kind of person that no matter how many debts he might had, of problems, he keep partying hard and spending loads!lol

Which makes a good constrast with Heylenne’s Character Raine (a.k.a The Firebird), who is a delicate (?), reserved young lady (who I suppose does not wear extravagant make-up) just the kind of people Rivershire loves to be tease. 


Anyway, have a wonderful day, Sorella! 

Heeeey !!

So, i’m starting a new blog, but it’s going to be about music only, ‘cause i really like to share musics and it’s just that :’)

It’s here –> @asoulthatlovesmusic

Bisous <3


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