bisouette life

For a brief moment he opened his eyes and stared at the carbon copy of himself. It wasn’t a true copy, not really. The new one was taller, his eyes were clearer, and the nerve laced silicone of his skin had none of the scars and pits that were present on his own. He supposed the new one would run faster, do more things, be more in tune with the needs of his owner than he ever could dream. Their eyes met, and he suspected that the other might look down on him in disdain, hatred, derision, but all he could read through those rose coloured lenses was a warm understanding.

Here they stood, the same being backed up and restored into two bodies. And quietly, he knew that he would disappear soon. There was only need for one of him around.

“Take care of her.” He could feel the program starting up, disassembling and deleting the data. The other reached out and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry. We will.”

The 4S didn’t smile. The corner of his lip ticked upwards, caught halfway in motion as the light drifted from his eyes. The 5S let go, knowing everything that the other knew. This would be him too, one day, when it was time for a newer model to replace him.

I just got a new iPhone! Retiring the old one. Both of them are named Alfred but I’m going to rename the new one so it doesn’t keep reminding me of the old Alfred u w u…