bisouette fandom

Read both of the Captive Prince books available while I was in Japan and really wanted to design everything in the world but mostly Laurent’s clothes.

8 )) Wanted to go for something very bulky and restrictive for him because that feels like the Veretian way. The small version would be for something closer to proper dress for something court and the bigger one more for everyday running about and scheming.


Really in love with these two OCs rubs face. Oz and Clyde, Jaeger pilots w/karina!!

We placed the two of them in the Golden Age of the Jaegers because it’s kind of fun imagining the sort of life that the pilots might have lead during that time. It’s not crunch time or moments before everything goes FUBAR, so the atmosphere is more relaxed and fun interspersed with heavy doses of Jaeger on kaiju violence.

There’d be a lot of product placement going on, lots of stickers on Jaegers in countries where endorsement deals were allowed by the government. Companies would send pilots products to try out and the pilots–celebrities and heroes in their own rights–would accept and advertise it for a fee. A percentage of the money would go to the PPDC to fund further research and Jaeger modifications, but the pilots would live very cushy lives aside from the training and the fighting.

And of course some of the more PR heavy teams would have official twitters, instagrams, tumblrs, facebook pages, and of course there’d be fans and shippers. And occasionally those ships go from speculative to canon, like Oxide…