bison head

Urus, not Eurus?

“Every choice you’ve ever made, every path you’ve ever take - the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.”

Could it be Urus and not Eurus? I mean, with all the latin in TST… where it wasn’t ammo but amo?

Urus and Eurus would sound quite similar, wouldn’t it?

Urus means aurochs or wild ox. It’s extinct.


And remember this tweet from Douglas Mackinnon, the director of TAB:

Is Urus a place? A farmhouse in Scotland, where Sherlock and Mycroft were send to as children, being isolated, protected, seperated from other children? Like Skyfall? Sherlock also knows a lot about children’s homes in Nroth England. And the reason they were send there is what has haunted Sherlock ever since?

Arwel twittered a yellow cow  during setlock on 15.6.16 before they were filming at Riverside House (apparently the TD12 scene):

pic from @miadifferent

Or could the flag on this remote island fort show an ox head?

Is Urus the emblem of an organisation, perhaps something to do with rehabiliation ® and security (S)? Another acronym - like H.O.U.N.D., who had a dog as their emblem as well? Perhaps something like Underage Rehabilitaion Unit Security (like safe houses for children), and Sherrinford is such a place run by this organisation?

Because, I’m pretty sure Eurus is not a sister. And TPTB hinting heavily on the east wind meaning of Eurus - Arwel even pointing the wall paper out in a tweet - could mean they want us not to look elsewhere for the meaning of this word/name.

If the human skull on the mantle is a friend of Sherlock, why should the bison head not be a token of rememberance as well, that subconsciously reminds Sherlock of what made him? U.R.U.S. - it has been there all the time, hiding in plain side?

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White bison-head made by Beetlecat Originals (tumblr blog) in 2015

From the video description:

An artistic liberty head project.

The horns are cast from real bison horns and attached with screws. There is hair extensions wefted into the long pile fur on the head. The nose is hand-sculpted and hand-painted and then glossed for durability and shine. The eyes are hand-painted.