So I fell in love with padalickingood’s Hybrid AU and I made a bunch of sketches. I started coloring them but I’m taking forever (big surprise there) so I thought I might as well post this now.

P.S. I know rabbits aren’t classified as rodents but it just sounded like something Ray would say.

Summary: The new intern is very, very pleased to see Michael. [Inspired by padalickingood’s hybrid AU because that shit is cute.]

Pairing: Juggey


With that final expletive, Michael “fuzzy ears” Jones slammed his controller down on his desk and threw his chair backward. The only other person in the room, Jack, perked up his ears and turned slowly from his own desk. “Finally done filming? Can I work in peace?”

“Fuck you.” The cat hybrid hissed back, the hair along his neck still raised against his desperate attempts to calm down. It was never simple to quiet down after filming Rage Quit. It got his blood boiling. “I’m getting something to drink.”

 Jack chuckled and turned back to his monitor. “Sounds like a good idea.”

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So this is actually a little late because I’m past 3k followers, but this still needs to be done as there are sooooo many of you that are just incredibly awesome! I love every single one of you and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you to the lovely drunkroosters for the amazing banner!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your AU. I was wondering if maybe you post a master post of the all the employes so people can write/draw them? Thanks

Big thanks to Pumpkinpiearsonist for letting me use their adorable pixels! ;v;

Achievement hunter:

Jack- Lion

Ray- Rabbit

Geoff- Ram

Ryan- Longhorn

Gavin- Bird (Lark)

Michael- Cat

Lindsay- Red Husky

Caleb- Border Collie

Kdin- Red squirrel

Kerry- mouse

Matt Bragg- Badger

Jeremy Dooley- Chinchilla 

Trevor - Anteater (Northern Tamandua)


Burnie- Bison

Gus- Beaver

Matt- Rooster

Miles- Malamute/Lab mix

Josh- Alligator


Arryn- Raven

Kara- Caracal 

Barbara- Caribou

Ashley- Turkish Angora

Griffon- a White Hawk for hybrid AU, but a bearded vulture for catboy!michael AU

Millie- Piebald deer

Meg- Scarlet macaw

Caiti- Quoll 

Cesar- Bird (motmot)


Brandon- Skunk

Adam Ellis- Bear

Monty- Red panda

Joel- Ferret

JJ- Silver cross fox

Chris- River otter

Patrick- Racoon

Blaine- Horse

(Tiger in catboy!Michael AU


rtaa Jordan- Giraffe

Kyle- Wolverine

Dan- Wolf

Mica - Wolf


Tina - Civet

Markiplier - Mutt (Spitz, collie mix)

Jacksepticeye - Stoat

Rhett- Elk 

Link - Silver Fox

Game grumps and friends

Arin - Striped Hyena

Danny - Alpaca

Ross- Squirrel Monkey

Barry - Asian Black Bear

Suzy - King Cheetah

Holly - Eurasian collard Dove

Kevin - Cat (snowshoe)

Jon - Kakapo

bison-burnie  asked:

Hey Mica! I saw that you commented on the post about sending gifts to Adam, and I was wondering what would be some good suggestions to send. I'm gonna draw some stuff for him, but I kinda wanted to make a little more custom, like if there's something he's really fond of maybe?

*cracks knuckles* I was born for this moment. Dude loves halo. He also loves Fallout, anything to do with PC, Overwatch, (he’s minorly a closet weeb), HE LOVES STAR WARS, diet red bull, dogs, SUBTLE nerd shirts (he doesn’t like them to scream the franchise, he only wants other fans to get it if he wears them)

Also, I know anything and everything you send to him will make his day. Y'all are incredible, thank you.