President Theodore Roosevelt established the National Bison Range on May 23, 1908, when he signed legislation authorizing funds to purchase suitable land for the conservation of bison – making it the first time that Congress appropriated tax dollars to buy land specifically to conserve wildlife. Since then, the National Bison Range in Montana has played an important role in the successful recovery of these magnificent animals. Today, 350-500 bison call this refuge home. Photo courtesy of Bob Wick.

You may think that this is some tragic scene where Keith unexpectedly dies on a mission went terribly wrong, and Keith’s last moment is shared with Lance holding him in his arms, bridal style.

However, fear not; this is just Lance, being the protective and caring boy that he is, carrying Keith back to his bedroom bridal style, because he found the smaller boy curled up n’ fast asleep on the couch in the common room.

He noticed the pained expression on Keith’s sleeping face, assuming the couch isn’t actually as comfortable as it looks. Which is why he feels bad for Keith. Besides, the bedroom’s are warmer. It’s finee.

Lance is standing still for a whole fucking minute though, just arguing with himself how he’s going to do this without waking the poor guy. He eventually push the useless thoughts away as he come to the conclusion that Keith is probably a heavy sleeper. Lance then pick him up, get to his room and put keith down onto his bed, nervously leaving the room as soon as he sees Keith getting comfortable.

Bonus: Lance took at least 5 minutes to stare lovingly at Keith, taking in his adorable sleeping face

Bonus #2: Keith woke up 3 hours later all confusion about how the fuck he ended up in his room when he only planned on taking a tiny nap in the common room.

Mother Of All Bison: North America's Oldest Bison Fossil Discovered

An ancient foot bone found eroding out of a riverbank in the Yukon is the oldest bison fossil ever discovered in North America. Genetic tests were, of course, done, comparing the new find to 45 other bison fossils – and scientists were amazed with what the tests found.

There has long been controversy (apparently) on how long bison have been in the Americas, with some theories arguing they have been there for millions of years, others much more recently. The mitochondrial DNA from the new find showed that all of the continent’s bison, living and extinct, descended from a single female ancestor that crossed into the Americas less than 200,000 years ago.

It’s easy to see why America’s public lands are called national treasures, with stunning views like this shot at Yellowstone National Park! While we can’t promise you’ll find a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, you might find a bison 😀. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Photo courtesy of Christina Adele Warburg. 

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The baby bison at the National Bison Range Refuge Complex in Montana – often called “red dogs” because of their size and color – are growing quickly. Still not drifting too far from their mothers, they’re eating lots of spring greens and starting to form their distinctive shoulder humps. The refuge’s bison herd numbers over 300 and draws visitors year round to see these majestic animals and the beautiful landscape. Photo by Bureau of Land Management.