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This is by far my favorite song from Frozen, Love Is an Open Door! This youtube vid looks super hacked/sketch and will probably be taken down eventually, but it has all the makings of greatness…

  1. Kristen Bell

That’s it, Kristen Bell, that’s all that matters.

demiurgicfeline asked:

two questions! 1. if we give our character a cell phone and know full well it won't work, can they have it to just fuss with? and 2. Can one of the likes/interests be a show that airs irl in Japan? (basically I wanna know if it's alright for my character to like Kamen Riders, have a phone charm of show, etc)

1: They can have a cellphone. It’ll run out of charge pretty quickly, depending on how they mess with it, and then it’s just a fancy brick. Up until that point, they will have no signal to speak of anyway.

2: Tradition remains that actual shows and companies be referenced to as a Bland Name Product. So, your character might really like Kamen Runners, or Power Saviours, be really excited about a trip to Bisney Land, or gulp down a delicious Dr Cinnamon. It’s kinda fun to get creative with thinly veiling the names of things!