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actually dearestalec here had a great interpretation about the flashback's being Magnus' memories alecblushed(.)tumblr(.)com/post/163689120142/doddario-i-like-how-they-kinda-threw-continuity

ah yes i saw that! it was lovely, and im so on board with that interpretation - i love it in general when the visuals in a memory scene in any kind of tv or film are slightly altered to depict the fact that it is a memory (and honestly, people don’t do it enough and i think they should) - while i don’t think that that’s necessarily what SH was intending there, i love the interpretation of it like that regardless. thanks for sharing! <3 

 (and ps honestly such a good example of how fandom/fan interpretation can take something from the canon and just enhance it and make it better just by talking about it and being enthusiastic about it and not to get sappy but it’s what i love and have always loved about fandom im just feeling good rn tbh)

i recently hit 1,5k followers and this is crazy! it’s been almost a year since i did my first follow forever and during this time i met even more amazing people and found even more favourite blogs i’d like to mention today. thank you all for making my dash awesome, for your support and kind words, ily all so much <3 

and my second follow forever - let’s go!

 /sorry if i missed someone, all the love x /

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guys, i’m still sitting and screaming because of this milestone??? i just wanted to take a moment to say that i love each and every single one of you so much and this means the world to me ❤❤❤ tumblr is truly one of my favorite places and you all make it that special place for me!!! so here’s to all of my faves and mutuals for sticking around and making this place feel like home! 

really quickly, before i do the whole ff, here are a few shoutouts: 

@goodformcaptainjones: thank you for being my friend since the fifth grade even though i fucking obliterated your trampoline the first day we met. you’ve been there for me through most of my life and i love you so, so much. you mean the absolute world to me.

@rentthewoods: giiiiirl you’ve been here for a longass time too!!! thank you for being the loveliest human being on the fuckin planet and all of the memes when i’m feeling down (still not thankful for that sin you sent me of dallon humping a guitar tho,,,,)

@madstheadventurer: thanks for being the funniest person that i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and for being one of my best friends!! your sense of humor and creativity has really influenced my own!! i miss and love you very much!! i can’t wait to see your films in theaters some day!!!!!!

@oika-cos: thanks for being my partner in crime and for many, many years of being best friends. i honestly wouldn’t know who i am without having you in my life and having had you in my life for so long!! you’re my writing partner and weeb buddy and those are two big parts of my life that i wouldn’t have without you!!! thanks for being my inspiration and also for introducing me to haikyuu!! and voltron and bts!!!!!! 

@kyvber: thank you for always making my day better with your lovely asks and equally lovely personality!!! you’re honestly one of the sweetest people on this website and in the entire goddamn world and i’m so thrilled that i get to be blessed by your sweetness so often!!!! you deserve the entire world and more❤❤❤❤

and last but not least, @ahsoaka: we’ve seen some shit this year, my dude. from moving into a dorm room together to having late-night star wars marathons/conspiracy theory/quiz nights to making a good friend and then losing him and to a giant fucking rollercoaster of sexuality crises, you’ve been there with me through it all. i love you with my entire fucking heart and soul and i know that we’re gonna be like obi-wan and anakin (pre-ros lmao) for the rest of our lives. thank you for being my other half. 

anyways, now that i’m crying, on to the actual ff!! 

(i felt that i should only include mutuals in this, because of my mutuals being my fam, but i’ll have faves italicized! faves are people that i talk to sometimes and really like or just some mutuals who make me smile whenever i see their content on my dash :) ) 


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fav blogs?

ugh anon this is so hard i really love my mutuals and they are my fave blogs

well here’s a little list the basics

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soooo sorry if i forgot some one sorry