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“To understand your feelings, you must see them clearly without running from them.”

Steven has been through so much and having an episode like this was so powerful and smart. His thoughts of not being enough, hurting people when he wanted to help, and damaging another person for the better have all had their closure in this episode. And it’s what a lot of other people needed as well. The Crewneverse knows very well how their fans also have problems and troubles and to give us this episode was just so amazing of them. This episode will help me and so many other people.

Thank you Rebecca.

Mindful education
  • Connie:oh man I feel horrible
  • Steven:what'd you do?
  • Connie:I beat up a boy at school for no reason
  • Steven:Aww Connie I'm sorry, honestly sometimes I feel the same way too
  • Connie:what for?
  • Steven:oh, you know, stabbing a war veteran in the gut, stranding someone out into space, being helpless when jasper was being corrupted, and overall feeling responsible for the absence of my mother that everyone always thinks I am all the time. Nbd I just ignore it
Can we take a moment just to address...

The look Rose gives Stevonnie? She looks disgusted, disappointed even. i think that this stems from Stevens own dislike for himself. as seen in “Steven Vs Amethyst”  when he says “I’m not Rose Quartz…” I think that he feels his mother would be diasppointed in him, but…why? 

Also @pyromorphite-ur12 brought up another good theory that, that may have actually been Rose’s conciousness and not just a guilty hallucination formed by Stevonnie’s exisence. Let me knw what you guys think!