Imagine the ways the story of the Crystal Gem Rebellion must have morphed as it spread across the Empire

The Renegade Pearl - Some tellings have her as the sole mastermind of the whole thing. Sometimes, she’s a fifty foot tall fusion of nine individual Pearls who shattered Pink Diamond with her bare hands. Other times, she was a mindless servant, tragically following the orders of her rebel master, despite knowing, deep down, that she should find a way to remain loyal to homeworld.

The Fusion - The gems she was made of are nearly always misremembered. Was it a Ruby and Sapphire? Topaz and Emerald? Chrysocolla and Lapis Lazuli? Why did they fuse? Perverted love? Were the two just too weak to fight? Did Rose Quartz force them, tragically, to fuse together into a war machine and give up their individuality? Some tellings even conflate her with Rainbow Quartz. Surely there were just the two rebels, and the fusion was the two of them.

Rose Quartz - They say her shield could create a terrible resonance that corrupted any gem who heard it. Some say she rode a corrupted gem that took the form of a lion. Some say she fused with it into a terrible beast with a wild pink mane.

Bismuth - The mad smith. She created the weapons of the rebellion. They say she was twelve feet tall and could take on any form she imagined. She destroyed her foes without mercy, and showed no 

The Rebel Army - Nearly every retelling includes various local myths and heroes among her army/menagerie of hideous beasts.


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