Sakamaki Ayato x Reader [Smut]

[ Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that this one is so short. I ran out of ideas and I don’t have the muse now. I hope it’s good enough though. ]

“Ayato-kun,I want you.”

You almost burst out laughing at his expression when he saw you.

You were kneeling on the bed with your back facing him,glancing back at him seductively with pleading eyes. Your arm is wrapped across the part below your naked breasts,letting them jut out more. And you were basically wearing only a red lacy translucent panties with a slit.

Ayato was surprised at first,of course. You were rarely the one to initiate things. Usually it would be him suddenly attacking you out of nowhere. But on the other hand,he was definitely turned on from you asking to be taken by him and from your lewd appearance as well.

The vampire locked the door behind him,his eyes immediately full with lust.“Come and beg for me.”

His tone made you shiver with excitement. You got off the bed and knelt infront of him,rubbing your cheek against the bulge that had began to form on Ayato’s pants. You pressed your nose against it,catching the scent of his arousal. It was already enough to get you slightly wet.

“Ayato-kun…"you called out his name in a soft moan.

You unzipped his pants and jolted when Ayato’s erection sprung out. Immediately,you leaned in and gave his cock a lick,earning a stifled groan. Putting his cock into your mouth,you swirled your tongue around him as you bobbed your head up and down. Not being able to take it anymore,you reached down to rub yourself before thrusting two fingers inside.

When you decided to tentatively lick his balls while pumping his cock vigorously,Ayato’s legs started to tremble slightly as he released loud moans. You knew he was reaching his climax. Immediately when his cock stiffened,you released it with a loud pop. You looked up at him and roughly traced a finger along his cock from root to tip,causing bit of cum to spurt out from the tip.

"I want your cock,Ayato-kun…"you pleaded. "I want you to come inside me.”

Ayato smirked. “Yours Truly will gladly give you the cock you want so much.”

Suddenly,he roughly pulled you up and pushed you to the bed with your back facing the ceiling. Ayato loomed over you,rubbing the tip of his cock against your clit. You whimpered at the torture,moving your hips in an attempt to make his cock slide into you.

Ayato let out an amused chuckle before thrusting roughly into you,immediately going deep inside. You moaned at his entrance,tensing up. Ayato then moved one of his hands to one of your breasts,cupping it while flicking on your nipple. At the same time,he started pouding into you at a vigorous pace.

The earlier treatment you had given to him and to yourself made both of you reach orgasm quicker. It did not take long for your muscles to clench around his hard cock as you reached your peak.

Ayato gasped at the sudden immense pleasure. He continued thrusting into you,trying to go as deep as he could.


As Ayato let out a moan,you felt his cock twitch inside of you before hot liquid started to fill up your insides. Ayato stilled in his movements,trembling as he kept releasing inside you.

Soon,Ayato slipped out of you and both of you lay on your backs,looking at each other while panting

“That was good,"you remarked. Ayato grinned before leaning in. You knew what was coming,so you merely exposed your neck to him,giving him easier access. It only took a second before you felt him biting into you,sucking on your blood.

"You’re good. That’s why only Yours Truly can have you.”

Sebastian Michaelis

What I expected:

  • tall, dark and handsome
  • prob some brooding Edward Cullen bishounen butler guy who gets off on serving a 10 year old and is gay for him what a pedo

What I got:

  • ACTUAL DORK who is the confirmation that CAT LOVERS ARE FROM HELL
  • somehow even more bishounen than envisioned please teach me the secrets of your silky hair
  • literally an asshole 
  • like seriously he loves messing with Ciel and there’s some real power games going on here
  • i bet he’s cackling for the day when it’s all revealed and everyone will just flashback to EVERY TIME HE SAID HE’S A HELL OF A BUTLER 
  • is enjoying playing the butler game far too much, how boring was your life in hell before this??
  • conclusion: who the hell let this piece of trash parent Ciel
vixx as anime

hakyeon: reverse harem anime

leo: sports anime

ken: some ridiculous comedy anime

ravi: weird arty niche market anime

hongbin: some kind of bishounen/shoujo anime duh

hyuk: anything with ninjas

Annnnnddddd so I’m (somewhat) late, but here, Happy Binanshi. (Are your Binanshi’s always going to be related to Ryuu or something? My answer is most likely, yes, because Ryuu is love - Ryuu is life! No justice can come from loveless power!   //hit)
Yeah, so I made this thing. Which took me a lot longer than it was supposed to…now I must draw something for Yufuin’s birthday orz Time is money.
Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the bouei bu references now

I’m sorry, I can’t draw naked guys ( ゚▽゚)


Remember when Tamura wrote Ogafuru fanfic and called it the epilogue?

  • Kunieda has short hair which symbolizes moving on from past love
  • Oga and Furuichi were ruling Ishiyama together
  • Furuichi is a total bishounen who, despite his canon personality, doesn’t have a single perverse moment the entire chapter
  • He doesn’t have a single fangirl and all his fans are male
  • The fanboys gush about how even though Furuichi is their leader, he’s still holding the torch for Oga to return
  • Hilda gets like 3 panels of screentime
  • Furuichi’s speech about Oga almost reads like a love confession
  • Oga talked about Furuichi so much it becomes Baby Beels second word ever and has a shit-eating grin to prove it

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-Vridged Episode 9:  Spoiler Alert


Episode 9 comes in SWOOPING LIKE FREEDOM! On this July 4th XD! Maybe the new ‘Murica birb is a Falcon thanks to Shun XD? Anyhow SPOILER ALERT: We have Mieru Hochun! A girl who claims to know the future. As well as bishounen Yuya! In Plot B, Yuzu finds purple manslave Yuto and there is a Triple Threat duel between Shun and the LDS Gang. Who will win? SPOILER ALERT! Cameo from Duel Academy!~*°^`·°^`Tune in and find out!~



***  azzyfox   - (Scripting,Director, and Editor)

Yuya Sakaki


*** manadarkmagiciangirl / manabingu- (Co-Scripting )

Yuzu Hiragi

Masumi Kotsu (Fusion Girl)

Sora Shiunin

Odd-Eyes/Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon

*** tyrestgwa 

Reiji Akaba (understudy)

*** wraith10 

Mieru Hochun

Circus Hitler (understudy)

*** ZoidsBN


Evil Yaiba Todou

*** SaviorDragonFTW

Shun Kurosaki

*** xJerry64x (from ZealtheDeal,DarkSideIncorporated and Elite3!)

Yuki Judai


Mieru’s Ghetto Card


This episode took a little bit longer! BUT we had fun nonetheless. Due to unfortunate microphone trouble, Cipher/TJHerriot (Reiji Akaba /Circus Hitler and Civil Yaiba) couldn’t join us this episode, henceforth the understudies for this particular episode. but Wraith and Tyrest stepped up for the team! Thanks so much! And as usual the MOST hella thanks goes to Azzy for puttin it all together :D! Thanks everyone! Enjoy the ep!

man i miss cain’s big nose and blunter features (abel is here for comparison)

in eclipse it’s like he got hit with a bishounen bat

LIKE I DONT HATE IT cain always looks gorgeous no matter what I JUST MISS IT

I reallllly love this #krita program. This is part of my upcoming pattern featuring various yokai. This one is ‘katsura otoko.’ The beautiful man in the moon, whom if you stare at too long will start to call you toward him. With each wave of his hand, your lifespan grows shorter and shorter until you finally die. I wanted him to have an exceptionally cheesy shoujo manga bishounen look, lol. #sketch #yokai #kawaiimachine