bishoujo girl


the inner senshi are finally finished!!! its a good start to black history month, a credit to all the magical black women in the world 💖

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We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?

In your HEAD, in your HEAD ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE, Sailor Moon ZOMBIE!

Character - Sailor Moon Zombie

Cosplayer - Moonychka (me)

Photographer - Rin

- Here’s to the series that touched so many people regardless of gender, age, color, race, sexuality , time or location.

- Here’s to the series governed by women, written for girls, yet loved by all.

- Here’s to the series that has broken barriers, rewritten concepts, thrown out traditional gender roles and empowered.

- Here’s to the series that has woven a timeless story, entwined loyalty, friendship, duty and love.

- Here’s to the series that has reached out and touched something in us all only to continue to do so time and time again.

- Here’s to the series that created something so magical, so cosmic, so imaginative and brilliant that we’re still here all these years later taking it in.

- Here’s to the series we’ve laughed to and cried with; wondered about, dreamed over and journeyed alongside.

- Here’s to the series that has stood the test of time in every possible way and has taken its rightful place among the classics in every way, shape and form.

- Here’s to continuing this great journey again with the girl who started off so afraid and unwilling of her duty - only to accept her destiny and become a legend.

- Here’s to all those years of fighting evil by moonlight and winning fans by daylight. 

- Here’s to you, Sailor Moon. Long may you reign.


The wonderful, sweet, and amazing moms of magical girls/magical boys who are also kinda dead or like in spirit form IDK how this magical life/death stuff works in cartoon/anime