bishops sleeves

those kinds of sleeves that are like.. cuffed at the wrist but poofy above that? bishop sleeves? cuffed sleeves? w/e the fuck it is? those r good

hey everyone, i’m back with another trend guide, this time for rompers!

rompers are a piece that stumps a lot of people, not only because of their shape and how hard it is to find one that fits–especially if you’re plus sized or exceptionally shorter/taller. however, i think a lot of the intimidation stems from the fact that they’re just a weird piece rather than them being hard to coordinate. rompers are weird one pieces and a HORRIBLE BATHROOM TRAP, but i think that’s their only downside. once you start treating them similar to how you would coordinate a dress or any matching two piece, they become fairly simple.

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Hysteria dress

This cute, summery skater dress is made from scuba jersey with a sweetheart neckline and mesh bodice overlay. It also has mesh bishop sleeves which are gathered into satin elastic cuffs and are ideal for keeping you cool in the hot Summer days!

To buy or for more information, visit our Etsy shop:

anonymous asked:

What's the puffiest sleeve? (I need to make a costume for school but I cant find any sleeves puffier than the bishop sleeves) Or do I have to cut/ sew the bishop sleeve to make it puffier? ((I need to make a SUPER PUFFY sleeve)) Thank you for your time!

As far as I know, bishop sleeves are the puffiest sleeve if you want the puff to be before the wrist. If you’re looking for puff on your upper arm/off the shoulder, then it would definitely be the “leg of mutton” sleeve. If you need it puffier then yes, you would alter the sleeve to include more fabric where the puff should be.

This is a nice short tutorial that explains how to make puffy sleeves, either bishop or leg of mutton: Puffed Sleeve Tutorial  by yukishirocosplay.  When you space out the pieces, you would be more dramatic with the flare. You may want to do a test with cheap fabric to make sure that it still looks right when gathered. 

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The Day and Night AU reference compilation

To be updated as I find fabrics and with my outfit breakdowns, etc. 

Debut: Otakon 2017 or Winter 2017 (tentative)

So I fell in love with @beanpots Viktuuri Au where they’re Day and Night and I asked if I could take their art and make it. I just checked and saw that a few days ago? they gave me permission (and posted outfit designs for Otabek, Yuri, and Pichit!) I’m really excited for this, like it’s ridiculous how excited I am. But this will be my run of references, notes and thoughts as I start planning the outfit. So feel free to skip, I’ll be posting WIPs as soon as I start making the outfits.


Gold/bronze braid -  appears military grade. study dad’s old uniform, see where it can be purchased, find design and braid self? Think more on this.

Cape - learn how to ombre dye fabric, pale blue to royal blue/pale yellow to orange. Soft fabric, fleece or fur?

Crown - seven (7) points, same gold/bronze as braiding/metal detailing. further detailing to be decided

Man dress - either find a matrix pattern or cut at knee length and pair with boots and pants? lined in white. turned up cuffs? Cuff edged in gold braid, white lining visible. Buttons for ease. 

Detailing -  cape chain is darker metal, standing collar. Peacoat type closure? Shoulder boards need some thought. Is a nod to the British royal family military uniforms. Braid does NOT go behind shoulder


Cape - lined in pale gray. high collar, should be freestanding. Slight ombre from top to bottom. Hand paint stars, constellations and galaxies?

Bottom - empire/high waisted, tied with cord. Navy/midnight colored fabric under mesh with stars. Hand paint stars for ombre, add crystals for extra glam. Decorative tie in back?

Top - Leotard base, covers back of hand, middle finger loops to keep this length in place. Wide neck overlayer. Long kimono sleeves.

Crown - constellations or random stars. wire and light string (more thought needed)

Detailing - choker out of velvet with interchangeable moon focal pieces (references somewhere on hard drive)


Cape - ombre, mix of Viktor’s colors to Yuuri’s lighter blue. Attached at shoulderboards (more thought needed for this). Lined int pale pink to orange ombre. 

Dress - Simple floor length design, bishop sleeves with simple cuff (buttoned on side for ease). fitted through torso. simple round neck or collared v neck? Where skirt starts at waist slight ombre from orange color of inner cape to pale pink. Midweight cotton?

Vest/waist coat - Same color as the bottom of his outer cape, simple closure along front. v neck. cape part of vest? collar attached for structural support?

Detailing - shoulder boards are done in the same color as Viktor’s metal detailing. Pin appears polished and brighter, gold braided rope. through shoulder board fixment. Navy/midnight blue of  Yuuri’s top as sash.

** Keep undergarments light as possible to avoid overheating with the layers.

** Capes should be midweight

** Look into fabric detailing and keep it natural, vines/leaves for Viktor and Yuri. Dark on dark detailing on Yuuri but still natural motifs. 

Oscar de la Renta | c. 1978

This evening ensemble is exemplary of Oscar de la Renta’s romantic design aesthetic. Known for his luxurious, dramatic, and feminine sensibility, de la Renta pairs a peasant blouse with bishop sleeves and a full skirt, thereby injecting historical references into the popular “gypsy” look of the late seventies. In its use of elements from the 1860s, this piece is characteristic of the historicizing trend in fashion during the 1970s.

Regina, Queen of Nothing

This dress is unusual in Regina’s wardrobe for a couple reasons: it’s white, and it has a slim silhouette.

As with many costumes on the show, the fabric has a large-scale pattern, this time a stylized floral. The dramatic bishop sleeves are sheer, with deep cuffs featuring seven small buttons each.

Its silhouette is what intrigues me most—this is an extremely rare look in the Enchanted Forest. The skirt has little volume. The empire waist is accentuated with beading. Its contrast with her Evil Queen looks is stark. This is a woman who is insignificant and overlooked by those closest to her.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Sorry to bother you, I have a question. I don't really know the difference between 1840 and 1850 dresses (Europe) You seem to know a lot about fashion, would you be able to tell me any other differences? Thank you!

Of course! The 1840s through even the 1860s can often get very muddly. I’m going to provide lots of links so this doesn’t become image heavy.

The first thing to look at is the skirt volume. It’s somewhat hard to tell in the early years of the 1850s, but compare these dresses: c.1841   c.1849   c.1850-1852   c.1855   c.1859. The skirts slowly gain more volume and change shape until most of the fullness is in the back and sides instead of all around full.

The other main thing to look for is the ‘pointy-ness’ of the bodice. While dresses from the 1840s and 1860s still do have a ‘pointy’ bodice, the 1850s truly takes the cake. This c.1840 evening dress has a much duller point compared to this c.1845 evening dress, which in turn has nothing on this c.1850-1855 evening dress and this c.1854 ball gown

Another place to look would be the sleeves. The 1850s starts the pagoda and bishop sleeve craze that would continue on to the 1860s. Here’s the c.1855 dress again for bishop sleeves. The pagoda sleeve has tons of variations, but here’s a c.1855 day dress and a c.1858-1860 dress.

I hope this helps!