bishops pass


If you’re in Bishop and you’re looking to go to The Buttermilks, the road is CLOSED. Do NOT try and drive up Buttermilk Rd. The USFS & Inyo County have closed the road. I’ve seen photos on social media of people climbing in the milks. Some walk, but there are others who have been driving up. This irks me. Why? because the climbing community needs to adhere to the rules. No matter who you are, a pro, a weekend warrior, or international traveler. Driving up the road is going to make it even worse, and it’s going to take longer to fix. PLEASE reblog this and spread the word. I LOVE the Buttermilks and would like to keep climbing there for the rest of my life. The tablelands hosts more than enough rock to occupy yourself. Do not threaten our access to the Buttermilks!!!

Photo taken from Giovanni Traversi’s instagram: gtraversi

I…don’t know what this is. I was pissed about something not POI related and needed to get my mind off it and this just…happened.

In another life, when Root saw a man asking Hanna to go into his car, she ran out and pulled Hanna back. The man, not wanting to attract any wanted attention, sped off. They told the cops about it and while the man couldn’t be arrested as no crime was committed, the whole town became wary of him and chased him out. A few years later, they saw in the news that the man was caught in an attempt to kidnap a young girl.

In this life, Root had no reason to leave Bishop. Her mom still passed away, but Hanna and her family, who were thankful for Root’s intervention, took her in as their own. Root grew up normal. Sort of. She’s still curious as hell and sneaked into various high security servers just to prove that she can. One day when the FBI knocked on the Freys’ door and told them that their adopted daughter has been playing with things she’s not supposed to, the Freys fought hard to keep her out of a juvenile detention center that would have caused her more harm than good. They loved her and she can’t justify her hypothesis that humans are just bad code.

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