bishops love

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last movie I watched: i think spider-man: homecoming <3

last song I listened to: fooled around and fell in love - elvin bishop (from the gotg soundtrack)

last book I read: The Complete Plays of Aristophanes

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: new york

where would you time travel to: ancient greece

fictional character you’d want to hang out with for a day: soooo many! peter quill and tony stark are some of them! <3

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what your fave les mis character says about you

Valjean: you’re a genuinely kind and loving person who believes in the good in people or a tenor who really wants to play starring role

Javert: you’re VERY sad & gay or really edgy

Fantine: either you’ve gone through a lot of shit in your life or I Dreamed a Dream is YOUR solo song and you kill it EVERY time

Young Cosette: your childhood SUCKED, i’m so sorry

Grown-up Cosette: you’re very, very boring, sorry it’s true

Marius: you’re a hopeless romantic & probable soft boy, Empty Chairs never fails to make you sob, also you’re kind of extra

Eponine: you’re very very bitter about your unrequited crush

Enjolras: you’re a social justice warrior, also very gay

Grantaire: you’re very, very, VERY gay, maybe an alcoholic

Any of the other Amis: you read the BOOK holy shit i’m proud of you, also you’re extremely gay

The Thenadiers: you’re a chaotic neutral

Gavroche: you love suffering