bishops gate

veganvenom  asked:

Do you see/headcanon any similarities between Les Mis and Black Sails characters?

Hmm let me think…

So, at first I was thinking about paralles between Les Amis and the pirates, but while that may seem like it makes sense at a first glance, I think there’s another parallel that is far more powerful: That between Flint and Valjean. They both have storylines that are aimed at showcasing the cruelty of a society that wronged them but they still find love. It’s actually really interesting to think about how their storylines are complete oposites though- just compare the bishop to Gates and their different imprisonments at very very different points in their stories (I’m trying not to spoiler here XD). Actually, this is something I should probably think some more about because right now I still have a lot of half-formed ideas and I’m not sure they make any sense XD

I wish there were someone like Anne in Les Mis… But the closest I can get is Combeferre having two guns and she has two knives XD that’s not that much of a similarity XD

hhmm other than that… Thenadier in the book reminds me a a tiny bit of Rogers, since they are both horribly evil people, but they don’t have that many similarities beyond that…

But thinking about Les Amis again, Enjolras could be a little like John Silver, potentially. Mainly because Silver is very much a “charming young man capable of being terrible“. i think there’s a fundamental difference between them because Enjolras is ready and willing to die for his cause and to let people he cares about die as well and Silver is- not. At all. But it might be interesting to see characterisations of Enjolras that show him as a masterful manipulator like Silver is.

Okay those are all the thoughts I can think of right now, I hope they make sense… Thank you for asking Vee!!