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Spending time with this Man 

Much of my time has been spent with this man, here. @otisbishop not that I am complaining though. He makes me want to say, “to hell with my life back in North Carolina” but I teach there… 

We’re getting some time in together before @queenangieb and Omar whisk away on their honeymoon and we have the little twins to take care of (I’m excited for auntie duties). 


Superhero Aesthetics // Young Avengers

We’ve got a super-soldier, a giant girl, a robot from the 30th century, a Skrull/Kree super-soldier, Billy (who, yeah, is kind of lame, but can cast spells), an Olympic class archer and martial artist, and… me.


The Young Avengers as Different Types of Drunks
  • Billy: The emotional-because-he-loves-his-friends-and-his-fiance drunk
  • Teddy: The v loud and v happy drunk
  • America: The "hold my beer" drunk
  • Kate: The cute drunk
  • Tommy: The horny drunk
  • David: The cuddly drunk
  • Noh-Varr: The sleepy drunk
  • Loki: The giggly drunk
  • Jonas: The you-can't-even-tell-he's-drunk drunk
  • Nate: The bad-decisions drunk
  • Cassie: The dramatic drunk
  • Eli: The angry drunk
Young Avengers: 15 Reasons The Gillen and McKelvie Run Was Great
Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers run is a unique reading experience. Here are 15 reasons why.

For fans of Marvel’s comic book and inematic Universes, “The Avengers” is a team whose name brings to mind different members. Some may think of Captain America, The Hulk and Ant-Man while others think of Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. As amazing as these teams are, there is something special about the teen lineup of the “Young Avengers”, especially the team put together by regular creative collaborators Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

While the Young Avengers’ original lineup had members that were connected to The Avengers, this relaunched roster had each member attempting to distance themselves from the past. With a backdrop of gorgeous art, creative comic panels and a youthful spirit, the Young Avengers could strike out on their own and save the world. Here are 15 reasons why this run is the best.

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I keep having to pause and tear up every time I think about bish. He never got to play a game with stammer this year. He won’t be able to hug his giant bud heddy anymore. He can’t have Vasy squish his head in delight when they win. He can’t pick up tyjo in his cellies. Besides all the sadness of the boys losing him, I keep getting sad over the tbl fandom in Tampa. Outside of tumblr bish was a HUGE part of the bolts. He’s plastered on every inch of the malls and hospitals and downtown buildings. Trades happen so fast like I know we were expecting it but actually seeing him in a lak jersey is gonna be painful. I hope they treat him well. He’s the purest softest boy I know. I’m gonna miss seeing his smile after practice. Wish you the best bish, all the love 💙