What I will definitely be watching in order of how hypped I am.

1- Saiyuki Reload Blast. - I’ve been a fan of this series since FOREVER.  I got the first two series in manga from when Tokyopop published them in english, I adore the mangaka, and her work.  I adore all the characters and all the Seiyuus, especially Akira Ashida. The Trailer looks beautiful.  I’m very hypped.

2- Vatican Kiseki Chōsakan - it’s a period piece with catholic priests with a supernatural theme.  I’d watch anything with catholic priests ANYTHING, like it’s a thing I have okay, don’t judge.  Add supernatural, add bishonen - and you have me hook line and sinker.

3 - Shokoku no Altair - Historical, it’s freaking historical based on the Ottoman Empire.  It’s got court intrigue and I’ve started reading the manga and I’m all over this.

4 - Chronos Ruler -  It has a white haired bishie.  That’s all I really need.  But aside from that it has a bit of a Ao no Exorcist feel to me, and so I’ll give it a go.

5 - Welcome to the Ballroom - Got to confess, am only going to watch this because everyone else and their dog will probably watch it.  I read the first chapter of the manga a while back.  It has a decent premise.  I might drop it though, if it doesn’t live up to hype.  I have a higher bar for sports anime.

6 - Dive - Pretty much for the same reason as above.  I hope this is more sports than Free!  Because Free didn’t do much for me.  Basically if this is a decent sports anime that is nothing like Free…I’ll probably like it.

There are other series I’ll try, at least give it the one episode go.  Or I’ll pick up something if i see some hype around.

“When you’re ten, they call you a prodigy. When you’re fifteen, they call you a genius. Once you hit twenty, you’re just an ordinary person.”

- Haruka Nanase, Free!