The Controversy Around ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’: A Case Study in Bi Erasure and Public Hysteria

Blue Is the Warmest Colour is an unfortunate title for a great film… The story is deceptively simple: Adèle a high-school student, meets Emma an advanced Fine Art student with blue hair at a lesbian bar, they fall in love, have incredibly hot sex, live together, and eventually break up … In the deafening cacophony of OMG, there are naked women having sex here are some absurd and reactionary comments —

Almost every review and headline has characterized this film as a “lesbian love story”. Emma may be lesbian. We learn that she has had relationships only with women. But the film deliberately avoids labeling Adèle’s identity.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz, sexologist and Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington, made this emphatic claim in an article for CNN: “The chilling part of this film is that it’s basically the story of an adult woman poaching on a high-schooler". Like countless critics, Dr. Schwartz reduces the film to porn that she would not recommend to teenagers … Dr. Schwartz seems unconcerned by the fact that Adèle chain-smokes but warns that Adèle’s lovemaking with a woman who is her partner is too damaging for us to watch …

Then there are those saying the sex is unreal, too clinical, filmed through a male gaze, blah, blah, blah. Why aren’t we celebrating the fact that these scenes even exist? There are three explicit sex scenes adding up to nearly 10 full minutes of nude, girl-on-girl action in an award winning film …

And finally, the ugly truth that no one wants to admit. The film beautifully explores how the sexual barometer can grow cold and change the nature of a relationship. For those who have not seen the film, minor spoiler alert for what follows. In a harrowing scene, Emma breaks up with Adèle for reasons that would be devastating to any relationship but pose a particular challenge to same-sex relationships: class difference and biphobia

Few films have accurately captured the quotidian life of the French middle class … The more successful and profitable that Emma becomes as an artist the more she shuts down emotionally. She also begins to feel shame about Adèle’s modest ambition to become a schoolteacher … Is Emma furious that Adèle cheated on her? Or that Adèle had sex with a man? Or is Emma simply jealous that Adèle hasn’t reached emotional frigidity like she has?

The film offers no easy answers. It simply documents the devastation on Adèle and, in the end, only hints at a brighter future for her.

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Anil Vora is a principal partner at Indian Tiger Films, a film production company spotlighting films about LGBTQ people of color. A self-confessed geek, VORAcious in his consumption of books and films, Anil is also an actor and playwright, and teaches private classes on the history, symbolism, and appreciation of Bollywood films.


Gay Mean Girls is a coming of queer dramedy about how relationships shift as we redefine ourselves. Lucy Kim, president of the prom committee seeks to establish Gay Prom Royalty to pursue a crush on her best friend, an out lesbian beauty vlogger. This is a story about rising above your haters and looking flawless, cause girl you woke up like this.



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Bisexual Documentary Film: "Beautiful Jim"

Beautiful Jim is an intimate documentary portrait of bisexual singer-songwriter and raconteur Jimbeau Hinson

Best known for his work with The Oak Ridge Boys, the self-described “first openly bisexual man in the county music industry” faced numerous challenges in life and career. Hinson was diagnosed with HIV in 1985. Since then, he’s survived two, near-fatal bouts of full-blown AIDS but has lived to continue writing, recording and performing his music.

Rex Jones is a filmmaker on staff with The Southern Documentary Project. The project is affiliated with the Meek School of Journalism and New Media at Ole Miss. SouthDocs is also a division of The Center for the Study of Southern Culture

“As a documentary filmmaker, it’s my job to make films about Mississippi and the South,” Jones says. “With such wonderfully fertile ground for telling stories, I have a lot of rich material to work with.”

Beautiful Jim is Jones’ 12th production under the auspices of SouthDocs and his first feature-length film … “I was fascinated by his story,” Jones says. “He’s overcome so much adversity in his life and has done so many wonderful things. I was drawn to his story and to him. Being from the same neck of the woods as myself, I knew I had to reach out.”

Beautiful Jim is one of three LGBT films included the 2014 Crossroads Film Festival. Though Jones did not set out to make a film in that category, he hopes the documentary will be relatable to a broad range of people. “If I can reach the LGBT community and the HIV AIDS community, the songwriting community or small town MS and people from the south, then that’s the reason for the movie,” Jones says.

“We all embody people who have struggled. If they’re an underdog, then it’s even better.”

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Bi Magazine Presents Our 2013 Fantasy Oscar Picks for This Year’s Best LGBT Films

In which Bi Magazine’s intrepid International Movie Maven Anil Vora tells us all who should have Really won the 86th Academy Awards!

Dallas Buyers Club is a well-made film, but the main character was controversially reimagined as a homophobe who used queer people as a niche market … As for its critique of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the medical establishment, watch the far superior documentary How to Survive a Plague (2012) by David France.

Philomena is a much better film with an exquisite performance by Dame Judi Dench … Kill Your Darlings by openly gay director John Krokidas did not get any love this awards season … Blue is the Warmest Color has already generated enough debate to leave everyone in an exhausted heap … If we had an Academy Award for LGBT films, the following would easily qualify for a Best Picture nomination:

More than anything, 2013 was filled with some of the most intriguing, provocative, and entertaining documentaries on LGBT themes like Al Nisa: Black Muslim Women in Atlanta’s Gay Mecca about a group of Atlanta-based women on being black, female, Muslim, and lesbian; Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton (bisexual content) about artist, activist, and filmmaker Broughton; Born This Way about the challenges faced by LGBT people in Cameroon; I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole (bisexual content) about accomplished Broadway dancer and choreographer Poole pushing boundaries of art, sexuality, and musical comedy; Lesbiana: A Parallel Movement about the feminist movement of the 1970s of writers, philosophers, and activists who chose community with only other women; Mr. Angel about an extremely controversial transgender advocate, educator, and porn pioneer Buck Angel; and The New Black about how some people felt the same-sex marriage debate divided African-Americans during Maryland’s ballot initiative campaign in 2012.

My pick for Best Documentary and Best Costume Design is One Zero One: The Story of Cybersissy & BayBJane. A bizarre, fascinating, and gorgeous exploration of friendship between two drag queens totally opposite in character and desire

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Anil Vora is a principal partner at Indian Tiger Films, a film production company spotlighting films about LGBTQ people of color. A self-confessed geek, VORAcious in his consumption of books and films, Anil is also an actor and playwright, and teaches private classes on the history, symbolism, and appreciation of Bollywood films.

#AppropriateBehavior is a new film coming out this weekend about a bisexual Iranian woman who is living in Brooklyn and going through the ups and downs of dating. And yep, at least according to the trailer, they got her dating both sexes. Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting ever closer to having LGBT characters everywhere and on everything. Check out the trailer below. The movie looks really good.

Well… here it is. The film that means so much to me. Enjoy.

Gotta say, I’m pretty disappointed with Takei expressing his disapproval of Sulu being rewritten “straight” to “closeted [gay]” just because the character has a husband in Star Trek Beyond, not only because revisionism for major established characters is a powerful form of media representation, but mostly because I’m sitting here, banging my head against several brick walls, screaming out, “SULU CAN BE BI!!!!! SULU CAN BE BI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(I’m also annoyed at the lack of representation on the creative team as a whole [figures, given this reboot series’ track record] and John Cho’s “we’re not politicizing a sexual orientation that, by its very nature, is inherently political”… but those are other matters entirely.)

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6 Transgender Films to Watch

6 Transgender Films to Watch

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Last February, What’s A Geek gave a list of four LGBT films to watch for Valentine’s Day. We kicked off more recommendations with lists for lesbian films, gay films, and bisexual films. In our final entry, we have six transgender films for everyone!

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Release: 2001
Running Time: 92 minutes
Language: English


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