bisexual steve rogers

I want canonly bisexual Steve Rogers

I want the all American hero to love all of America.

I want the boy from Brooklyn to have a taste for the stars AND stripes.

I want that super solider taking in everything the future has to offer.

I want him to have so much love that monosexism is just a little too stifling. 

Steve Rogers, who likes the chorus girls AND the boys in uniform, and marvelous people who don’t identify as either.  

Bisexual Steve Rogers.

~*~Bisexual Steve Rogers~*~

Bisexual. Steve. Rogers. 

Bisexual Steve Rogers

When the fandom insisted that Coulson was alive, the MCU changed canon to make it true. So why can’t we do the same thing for bisexual Steve Rogers? Obviously, the MCU writers listen to what the fans say, or Coulson would still be dead. But why does bisexual Steve Rogers matter?

Well, let’s start with what “bisexual” means. As a Real Life Bisexual, I define the word as such: “the ability to be attracted to those of my own and of other genders, not necessarily in the same way, not necessarily at the same time, and not necessarily to the same degree.” This is the most inclusive definition for bisexual that I have found, and most other bi people seem to agree with it.

So what would that mean for Steve, within the MCU? Well, firstly, he could be canonically attracted to anyone. Bucky, Sam, Tony are current favorites right now, but bisexuality would mean that these pairings could be canon without ignoring Peggy. Of course, openly admitting bisexuality would put Steve in the spotlight, explaining what that meant, how it affected the team, etc, which would bring a lot of understanding about bisexuality to the fans of MCU.

Outside of MCU, it would give bisexual fans, and bisexual people, a GREAT character who is not defined by his sexuality. Yeah, he’s bisexual, but he’s also patriotic and kind and a leader. He’s not only defined by his sexuality, the way far too many queer characters are. It’s a great way to educate, as well as open people’s minds.

Cap’s birthday, July 4th, is coming up. I know we’ve done things here on tumblr like Femslash February, so here is what I propose:

From now until July 4th, we create as much bisexual Steve Rogers stuff as we can. On July 4th, everybody posts their fanfiction, headcanons, art, anything. You can obviously post stuff before that date, but we try to get as much Bisexual Steve Rogers visibility on July 4th.

It would mean so much to me and so many other bisexual folk to have such great representation. Please. Let’s do this.

EDIT: There’s a Twitter campaign now, found here.