Every time I listen to ‘City Escape’ from Sonic Adventure 2 and hear the line 'gotta follow my rainbow‘ I think of an image akin to these above. Sonic stands form what’s right, freedom, being true to yourself and so I made some of the flags of the LGBT community. These are all transparent as well.

I know I didn’t include every flag, and if anyone wishes me to, send me a picture of a flag you’d like to be included that is a part of the LGBT/LGBTQ community and I will gladly make a version of it and add it to this post as well. If requested enough I will make each one their own post with links to others so you can post just the one that fits you.


Hey Ya’ll! Are you a cool gay looking for cool gay appeal?

Well look no further then Threadytogo because we got you covered! Each bracelet comes in two sizes, smaller and larger and can be make to fit any and all wrist sizes!

So far we have: gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, nonbinary, genderqueer, asexual, aromantic, demisexual, genderfluid and those not listed can be custom ordered for the same price!

Plus the costs are low, shipping is inexpensive and can go everywhere, and with your purchase you’re supporting a nonbinary young adult! So everyone wins!

There are also deals on bulk orders (3 for 9$), beaded bracelets that include more pride flags AND pronoun bracelets!

There is so much in-store, please check it out, tell a friend and/or reblog this post, it would be totally rad if you could!



tagged by @nintendogamegirl and @iont for the six selfies of 2016 challenge!! I make the same facial expression a lot I guess I’ll embrace my #OtherAngles in 2017

[she/he/they pronouns]

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me at home alone on a friday night…the stages of wishing i was out with friends but then remembering its cold out and id rather be here on the couch watching the help, so its all good. taken with the oh so high definition webcam of my mac.