To all the young people or anyone questioning if their bi:

I’ve been bisexual since I was 9 years old, when I hit puberty and my attraction to other people became relevant. I didn’t understand it until years later, but that basically means I’ve been bisexual my whole life.

Being bisexual is not an Adult Thing, just like being gay is not and being straight is not. The only reasons we think it is is because 1) bi and gay relationships are way overly treated as taboo, 2) bi-erasure is so real I didn’t realize it was even an option until I was an adult, and 3) ‘bisexual’ is treated like a curse word. It’s not.

So what I’m trying to say is no matter your age, your attraction is legitimate and wonderful and pure. It’s fine to be bi. Personally, I love it.

Someone asked “Fred Weasley is bisexual and aroflux /H”

(Showed up in activity feed, but not our inbox.)

One of Fred’s personal projects when he and George open their shop is to finally create his line of bi joke products. It includes a powder inspired by Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder that, when thrown, creates a pink, purple, and blue cloud of smoke that allows the user to escape from biphobic people and situations. (It becomes so popular that he creates powders in as many pride colors as he can.) He also has sweets that will become near impossible to chew if the person eating them starts to say something queerphobic. And he makes ridiculous pink, blue, and purple hats that spout bi puns and proclaim their wearer’s pride at anyone they pass. These become popular at parades, and a few get confiscated by the Ministry because they were worn to muggle pride events. Muggles grew suspicious when the funny hats started giving intelligent answers to questions asked of the wearer.

He starts getting requests from his friends in the a-spec community, so he starts a line just for them. Aros love the mini “bow and aro” sets that shoot (harmless) arrows that trail green, white, grey, and black smoke. Aces love the decks of cards (nothing but aces of course) where each card can be thrown into the air and it will fold itself into an origami dragon that glides back down. During the next year’s Ace Awareness Week a student walks to the middle of the Great Hall during breakfast, yells ACES WILD, and throws the entire deck.

Fred’s favorite thing is when customers come in and tell him what shenanigans they got into with his products.

- Ravenclaw Mod