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Tarot Mucha: The Art Behind the Cards

Weirdly enough, it was the Tarot Mucha that led me to Mucha himself, and not the other way around. I wanted my first deck to stick to Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism, but in a style that pulled at my historian heart-strings. I found and bought this deck, and before I knew it, I had Mucha posters on my wall and even wrote my third year final paper on his influence on Belle Epoque advertising. So of course I was absolutely overjoyed to discover how well his works were used in these cards! Below you will find a list of which paintings inspired which cards, completed to the best of my abilities. There may be mistakes and there definitely are absences. I basically just went through his works one at a time, looking for familiar figures, so hopefully you can forgive me. PLEASE feel free to let me know if you know something I don’t and can fill in some of the blanks! In the meantime, I hope this is something to help you appreciate both Mucha and the deck’s really fantastic designers even more.


The Fool- Autumn from The Four Seasons (1895)

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