biscuit and gravie

A question for Americans;

What are biscuits and gravy? Because they’re very clearly not what people in the UK call biscuits. They look kind of like dumplings, but you get them out of a can, apparently? And the gravy looks really creamy. Like, what are they? 

Sheith family/thanksgiving headcanons

shiros has Keith over at his family’s house for thanksgiving and every year his family has a slideshow of older photos and they have a cd for Shiro and his siblings so Keith gets the treat of seeing middle school and baby Shiro. Legend states there is a pic of him in the bathtub as a baby but the video never stays on long enough to get to that photo.

Keith is super awkward at the party since he doesn’t know anyone but Shiro. So shiros mother ends up talking to Keith and falling in love with Keith and how good he is for Shiro.

Keith called Shiro by his nickname and it the whole family responded. Keith got really overwhelmed and had to step outside. Since then he always calls Shiro by his first name.

Shiros father is ½ Japanese while the other half is southern so thanksgiving meal is absolutely insane with foods ranging from oriental to pure southern biscuits and gravy. Keith favors the more light food than the heavier stuff. While Shiro is the complete opposite and destroys all the heavy food with his siblings.

Shiro is ¾ Japanese and carries more of his mothers traits since she is 100% Japanese.

Shiro has over 10 cousins ranging in all ages and the house is like a zoo during the holidays. Keith clings to Shiro the whole time. By the tenth time being in the home he still gets super shy.

Shiro mother showed Keith all his high school year books and baby pictures and Shiro lost his damn mind while Keith took pictures and sent to the other Paladins in the group chat. Even as a baby Shiro was known for having a bubble butt. According to his mother that it.

Shiros father was very accepting of him dating Keith but asked way too many questions to the point where shiros mother has to cut him off by shoving food in his mouth. Why are the dads always problematic? Idk.

Shiros nerd achievements according to sister are plastered all over the walls in the home making Shiro blush when Keith calls him the spelling bee champion.

Shiros grandmother is always there to bring up embarrassing memories of Shiro as baby like the one time he ate soap and burped up bubbles for two days.

Shiros youngest cousin walked in on Shiro and Keith make out session and ran out of the room yelling about how Shiro was eating Keith’s face.

Anon Request: Favourite food / Comfort food of your choice of heroes?

I loved this prompt, especially since it gave me the chance to look up food from other cultures. If anything is inaccurate or want to ask me something, message me. I hope you like this!

Warning for food mention.


• Being a Southern boy, McCree loves comfort food. It reminds him of home, and he loves anything homemade. However, his favorite would have to be flaky biscuits smothered in honey. Though he loves biscuits and gravy, the flaky texture of these biscuits mixed with honey beat them out by a mile. They’re a mess to eat, but he can’t imagine a day without them.


• Widowmaker’s favorite food is ratatouille. Not the kind you see in the actual movie, but the rustic kind her family used to make. It’s more heartfelt and has more love mixed into it. She tried the more elegant version in the restaurant, but she found that it didn’t have the same nostalgia it once did. Though she hasn’t has it in a while, it still brings her joy to think about it.

Soldier 76:

• I see Soldier 76 being a burger and fries guy. He loves the classic and doesn’t like to deviate from that (though McCree managed to convince him to try a ranch burger with cheese in the middle). He likes homemade burgers with home cut fries just made. Soldier 76 tends to drown his fries with ketchup, but he doesn’t want too much on his burger. He’s a simple guy with simple tastes.


• Having a huge sweet tooth, Tracer’s favorite food is something sweet. They’re called Sherbet Fountains, and she used to eat them a lot has a kid. She remembered begging her parents for them and how wonderful it was to have them. However, they don’t really have them in America. What America has is called Fun Dip, but it isn’t nearly as good as the treat from her home.


• There is one treat that Hanzo loves actually doesn’t come from Japan. During a simple trip to the city with a few teammates, he was convinced to eat some cheesecake from one of the shops. He loved the taste of it and found the texture wonderful. After that, he would eat it at random intervals, sometimes trying to sneak it in when no one else was around.  He likes it simple, but he isn’t afraid to venture into something more flavorful.


• A favorite treat of Genji’s would be Onigiri. He had it when he was young and would devour them in a short period of time. They remind him of childhood, even now. Even though it isn’t as easy to find these treats in America, he does discover little shops that do sell them. He even attempted to make it one time, but that didn’t work very well…especially since he let Junkrat, Lúcio, and D.Va help. It turned into a mess of rice and other foods.


• When he was still Gabriel Reyes, he loved Tacos de Carnitas. It was a popular street food that he had a lot growing up, and he was in love with them from the first time he had them. After he became Reaper, he will occasionally venture toward the food trucks that happen to fill the city, and he finds the food from his childhood. Despite not filling him the way it used to, he still loves them and will indulge them sometimes.

If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything. But I would pause. I would thank you more. Tell you that I think you’re some sort of mythological majesty stepped out of a storybook. I would ask you to stay more often, and longer. I would laugh when I wanted to. Or cry. Or smile. Without inhibition (on account of my yellow, crooked teeth because who cares? a smile never killed, and I needed medicine in the past, still do). I would…run more. And sing. And dance. Eat biscuits and gravy without counting calories or waistlines. Spend money on travel and books and art because my worth will never be defined by the dollars I have in my wallet.

If I had the power to change my path, I wouldn’t.

I want all of the destinations, the side trips, the bunny trails. But I want to be able to recognize them. To appreciate. To enjoy.

—  if time were circular and the future foreseeable; e.d.

I made biscuits and gravy with some fresh, crispy bacon this morning, and I nailed it all except for the gravy lol! I have never made more perfect bacon in my life, and the biscuits came from a can, so, easy, but the gravy…well, my boyfriend described it as “it tastes like it was made with spit…” and he’s not wrong. Oops! I’ll try again another time 😅


Lunchtime sweaty workout pic from today! I was sweating like a monster! It was a better run than the fast few days but I still feel I am working out the sickness!

Tonight I am thinking it may be a breakfast for dinner kind of evening! Eggs, biscuits and gravy maybe? I love making homemade gravy!

Hope y'all are having a great evening!