It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s SUPER DOTTY!

Did you know the small town of Biscotti has a superhero? Dotty decided to put on the superman shirt quite a while ago and has been in it since. I’ve been meaning to do quite a while ago ehehe. It’s been quite some time since my last acnl art. What is animation. Enjoy :D

I’m trading him for Mira yay <3

Punchy is leaving Biscotti

I decided it was time to let Punchy go. He’s been very sweet but it’s time to get my two remaining dreamies.

Looking for: either Whitney the snooty wolf or Mira the uchi rabbit. If I’m unable to get them in the end I’m also open to other offers. bells etc.

Moving date: 7th January 2014. It’s currently the 2nd of Jan for me (I’m behind atm -_-) However I do TT so I can hold him for quite a while.

His house is not in the original state but he still mostly has blue furniture. His catchphrase is meow and he wears a sailor shirt because Bluebear decided they should both wear it. (dw it’s cute XD)