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headcanons about the twins finding out their partner is bi?

okay i’m really sorry, i’m straight so i’m so sorry if this is somehow ends up being offensive :-( feedback is appreciated! xox

sam and harry finding out their partner is bi

sam/harry’s dialogue / your dialogue


  • sam was your first boyfriend and you’d known each other since you were in preschool
  • you guys had only been dating for a few months
  • he found out you were bi in a game of 20 questions, believe it or not
  • you guys were lying on his bed after a long day out (harry had shown his latest short film at a festival in london and you’d gone along to support him but it ended up turning into a day trip)
  • sam’s back was against the wall and you were both on your sides facing eachother, legs tangled together
  • one of his hands was in yours and the other was tracing the outline of your face gently
  • “wanna play 20 questions?” “okay, okay you go first”
  • you’d acknowledged your bisexuality three years ago but you never had any issues with it and you’d had a crush on sam for so long that it had never come up and you’d never thought to tell him
  • you go back and forth with random questions for a while
  • sam comes up with silly ones to make you smile
  • “who’s the better cuddle buddy, me or tessa?” “tessa, without a doubt” “oi take it back!”
  • you ask him what his first kiss was like and he bounces the question back at you
  • you realise it’s never come up and that sam doesn’t know you’re bi so you’re kinda nervous and biting your lip, and he notices
  • “what’s wrong, love? it wasn’t with harry was it?” and he gets this tense look on his face because he’s secretly worried that you were in love with his twin first
  • “no, sam – i’m… i’m bisexual. my first kiss was with a girl.”
  • you’re not ashamed of your bisexuality but you’re unsure what his reaction will be
  • you never expected him to raise his eyebrow, stare back at you and say “love, i already knew that”
  • “what? you did??” “i’ve been in love with you since preschool y/n – in 10th grade, you were always staring at that girl who sat in front of you in class and i’ve known since then”
  • he smiled and pressed your hand to his mouth, dropping a little kiss on your knuckles
  • “i actually thought you were batting for the other team for a while and cried myself to sleep for a week, but i’ve known for a while now” “sam! you did not!“honest, i did!”
  • you both start laughing and he pulls you closer and tugs you around so you’re spooning with his head resting on your shoulder
  • “i love you y/n, no matter who you decide to be” “i love you too sam”


  • it was a friday night and you were out clubbing with your friends in london’s cbd
  • you were on the dance floor, dancing with this really hot girl who kinda looked like zendaya
  • she had her hands on your hips and your arms were slung over her shoulders
  • at one point, you both had your heads together, forehead to forehead in the heat of it all
  • after the next song ended, you pulled away and excused yourself, heading to the bar to get a drink
  • harry had been leaning up against the wall the whole time, watching you
  • tom was back in london and he’d been dragged out clubbing with harrison, sam and some old school mates of his brothers
  • he had a script at home that he really wanted to be working on instead and didn’t fancy spending all night in the flashing lights but he’d noticed you from the moment he walked in and hadn’t thought about anything else since
  • he thought you were stunning but he was kinda disappointed because you’d been grinding on another girl all night
  • he watched you overlook all the glances thrown your way from the guys in the place and make your way to the bar next to him
  • you asked for a cup of ice cold water and harry couldn’t help staring as you drank it all in one go, head thrown back and eyes shut
  • he was still staring when you turned to him and said “take a picture, it’ll last longer”
  • “i would, but i don’t have my camera on me right now” “is that so?”
  • you were sobering up and you could tell he was super cute – his eyes were shining under the disco lights and he was dressed nicely, not like the other douchebags in the club
  • “hi, i’m y/n” “harry” he nodded and shook your hand, not taking his eyes off yours
  • a group of girls out for a bachelorette night crowded over to the bar behind you and one of them knocked you forward
  • harry caught you before you could slam into him, hands firm on your arms, looking down to check that you were ok
  • “thanks” “no problem. uhh, your girlfriend’s giving me eyes”
  • you looked over your shoulder, still in harry’s arms, and saw the zendaya look-a-like shooting daggers at harry
  • “she’s not my girlfriend” “is that so?” he copied you from earlier and you giggled
  • “she’s cute and all but i like you better”
  • there was never any need to say it out loud because harry understood from that moment that you were bi and he didn’t have a single problem with it
  • he slid his hands down to grab your hands instead and leant down
  • “wanna get out of here and grab a coffee instead? my head’s kinda ringing”
  • you nodded and let him lead you out of the club, smiling to yourself
  • sometimes, knights didn’t come in shining armour

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Help I think I'm bi? But nobody believes it because I've "always liked boys" and it doesn't help that I'm a pretty girl

That’s some bull

You can go your whole life without ever kissing a girl but if you say you’re bi and you feel that is you then you’re bi

Same way a straight boy can never get a girl to date him but he still knows he’s straight you feel?

Robbie Thompson
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  • Mostly women cast
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  • Basically a love letter to the fans
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  • BABY !!!!
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  • The Bobby + Rufus / Sam + Dean parallels
  • Bobby and Dean seeing each other
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  • “Don’t Call Me Shurley” 
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  • He is one of us. The end.