Workout: Biceps & Triceps — This is what happens when I flex 😬

Biceps::: Super Sets = a + b (no rest in between) 👉

1. (a) 15x Barbell Curls, 55lbs > (b) 15x Incline Barbell Curls, 30lbs - slow motion on the eccentric movement, for a count of 5.

2. (a) 20x Cable Curls (rope), 40lbs > (b) 20x Concentration Curls, 10each arm, 20lbs 💃

Triceps::: Supersets 👉

1. (a) 15x Lying Barbell Extensions, 40lbs - be sure to keep those elbows fixed in a stable position, bend only at the elbow. > (b) 15x Elbows-Out Extensions on incline bench, 15lbs - (YouTube if need be for a demonstration, one of my favs).

2. (a) 20x each arm Cable Rope Single Arm Pushdowns, 12lbs > (b) 20x 25lbs Plate Extensions behind your head. 💃


❗Please Note: Adjust the weight suited for your own strength. No workout is a real workout if the weight is not challenging you. My rule of thumb is; if I’m not fighting to finish my set by 70% completion then my weight is too light. Don’t play yourself, the best progress is achieved through the hardest of pains. Work! 💪💪💪

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