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blanket reminder that i think bi dennis headcanons are great and fully valid in the context of both the show and the showrunners’ external commentary, and if i ever write about dennis being gay and not being attracted to women, that’s just my own opinion and i’m not trying to take anything away from you, you do you, live your life, run free

write characters bi

write characters who call themselves bi

write bi characters who have bi friends

write bi characters who date bi people

write bi characters who know they’re bi

write characters who discover they’re bi

write bi characters who aren’t plot devices for love triangles

write bi characters who aren’t confused

write bi characters who are

just write bi characters

harry potter is so sick of the tabloid headlines: “harry potter, GAY? is the boy who lived in a literal closet finally out of the proverbial one?” “potter back with (ginny) weasley: relationship with muggle just gay experiment?” “potter at pride: high-profile ally helps lgbtqia wixen”

mrs. weasley has the brilliant idea to knit him a sweater that says BISEXUAL in huge letters across the front. he wears it to interviews when he knows they’re going to ask about his love life, and he wears it when he knows the paparazzi are going to try to catch him out on a date. it helps quell the tabloids’ bi erasure and helps him feel more pride in his identity.

every bi headcanon: loud obnoxious boy with tan-mid tone skin super flirty and extra slutty dumb and ready to fight

every gay headcanon: pretty boy pale skin quiet n meek also dumb blushes and is femme af

every straight headcanon: whatever black boy there is

every ace headcanon: whatever black girl there is and any geeky girl or suffers from ptsd or any trauma or someone coded as autistic

every pan headcanon: too pure sunshine boy who is dumb and loves the world

Character: *isn’t interested in anyone*

Tumblr: “He’s gay!”

Character: *is into men and women*

Tumblr: “He’s gay!”

Character: *only likes the “opposite” binary gender*

Tumblr: “I mean…he could still be bi…”

Here’s a thought; Aspec people exist and bi people aren’t your last resort! 

Get over it! 

Things Ravenclaws Say #28
  • Ravenclaw: It's BI day!
  • Ravenclaw: Which means.......
  • *All the houses sigh*
  • First year: What's wrong
  • Slytherin: Look, we love bi people, but we're very sick of this song.
  • First Year: What song?
  • Gryffindor: You'll hear it. And don't worry, they play it all day long, EVERY year.
  • Ravenclaw: *Starts playing Girls/Girls/Boys*
  • First Year: This is a great song, what's wrong?
  • 3 hours later
  • First Year: It wont stop. MAKE IT STOP.
i have a Headcanon

college au hamilton:

peggy: never have I ever… had sex with alexander hamilton
*everyone in the room takes a shot*

Coming from an actual bi person, headcanoning female characters who have previously been attracted to men is not bi erasure or biphobia. Compulsory heterosexuality is a very real thing and it happens to many lesbians. There’s nothing wrong with thinking reyna and piper (etc) are bi/pan and there’s nothing wrong with thinking they’re lesbians. Lesbians in the fandom see themselves in these characters and recognize their experiences. Let 👏 People 👏 Have 👏 Lesbian 👏 Headcanons 👏

karamatsu being bi - a masterpost

(karamatsu’s delivery conte)

(karamatsu ending in ososan video game)

(drama CD volume 4) (the poem starts at 10:02)

in this one, he’s reciting a love poem about a woman at a cash register. then it takes this turn. also worth noting, later in the video he recites another poem about finding the person he’s gonna be with forever and uses gender neutral language the whole time


if you find other stuff add on please

(disclaimer - not intended to be proof of any sort, just a post of stuff people who headcanon him as bi can appreciate)

Weasley Parents + Coming Out

The first conversation of this type at this table had been Charlie, at seventeen, so serious and so scared. He’d looked down at his hands, not meeting Molly’s eyes, or even Arthur’s. The word asexual was whispered like something shameful, and the Weasley parents stumbled over each other to explain that it wasn’t. Shameful. That they loved him anyway. 

They walked away from the conversation feeling close to Charlie, glad for the opportunity to be trusted like this, and for the chance to reassure him of their unconditional love. They hadn’t expected the conversation to be the first of many. 

Fred’s turn was next, a few years later. He was sixteen, and Molly assumed when he asked for his parents attention at the kitchen table that he was about to confess to the mysterious burn mark on the outside of the house, just under Ron’s attic window. When he instead said that he was bisexual, Molly found herself almost relieved. It was Arthur who did the reassuring that time, though they both hugged him before he left the kitchen. 

Ginny’s coming out had been almost casual. She, too, had been sixteen, and had addressed her concerns mainly to her mother, sure that her father wouldn’t fly off the handle. As it turned out, Molly nodded and said that she had known all along, and Arthur laughed and started counting on his fingers.

Harry felt the same conversation necessary, after his breakup with Ginny. He looked, while pronouncing the words, as if he had put something very sharp in his mouth and was getting up the courage to swallow it. “You’ve taken me in and I broke up with your daughter, and I might start dating boys and I’m – I, I’m sorry.” 

Molly’s heart broke, like it always does when Harry’s lack of parental affection throughout his life shines through, and she reached for him, reassuring him that of course it was alright, they loved him like one of their sons, he doesn’t need to hide this about himself. Arthur laughed. “You saved three of our lives, Harry, and then the entire world. It would take a lot more than bisexuality to put us off of you.” It shocked Harry that he hadn’t been the one to use the word, but they had known anyway. He felt so much lighter, so much freer having told someone other than Ginny how he felt. The entire world felt within his grasp, now, with such a strong base of love to draw from. 

The last conversation - of their children, at least, their grandchildren were going to have their own sets of comings-out - didn’t happen at the kitchen table, but rather, at the front door on Christmas Eve, when Oliver Wood, dressed to the nines and bearing a beautiful poinsettia and a bottle of elf-wine, trailed happily behind Percy. “Mother, you remember Oliver from our school days. I’ve brought him tonight as my partner,” Percy said, in a voice that left no room for disapproval or argument. “I would have brought him before, but we didn’t want to steal Ginny’s thunder from the wedding.” 

Molly smiled, kissed Percy and thanked Oliver for the poinsettia, seemingly nonplussed, and just happy to everyone she loved, and everyone her children loved all under one roof. 

  • Harry: So let me get this straight
  • Harry: *turns to Oliver and Marcus* You two are gay and together
  • Harry: *turns to Katie and Alicia* You two are lesbians and together
  • Harry: Is there anyone else who's gay and didnt tell me
  • Dean: *raises hand* i'm not gay
  • Harry: Oka-
  • Dean: I'm bi and me and Seamus are together