bis of color


If they “don’t think people are really bi/ace,” or if they think they can’t trust you because you’re bi/ace, you deserve better. Invalidating your identity or using your identity against you is not okay, and having a partner who does that might feel like it comes with the territory of being bi/ace, but I promise you it doesn’t.

i… really love girls. like wow. every girl is so pretty and soft and i adore girls??? whoever’s idea it was to make girls like that A++

just every girl is amazing.

trans girls? terrific
sapphic girls? simply outstanding
lesbian girls? lovely
bi/pan girls? beautiful and perfect
nonbinary girls? no one compares
girls of color? girls of wonder
ace/aro girls? amazing

the only exceptions are terfs and swerfs. they’re trash and super bad.

So I was visiting my folks in Reno and drove by the Atlantis Casino, and I don’t know why this never occurred to me before (especially since I lived there for like 7 years) but the Atlantis basically has a giant bi pride flag on its side.

like look at this: 


even the spa is bi colors: 

and the fish tanks: 

and the bi-est thing of all is their official logo: 

all I’m saying is, if we ever decide to have a bi convention, we should definitely have it at the Atlantis