bis of color


The LGBT+ Pride Project, No. 23

Nadia Ramírez Fernández | 17 | Bisexual

Why did you decide to come to the photoshoot?

I liked the idea of participating in this type of project and I think it’s important to give visibility to the LGBT+ community. We’re just like everyone else and we would like to be heard and seen.  

Do you feel included by the flag? Why?

I really don’t know the meaning of each color, but for me it represents unity and acceptance, which is why I feel included. (Although some people tend to not actually “believe” in bisexuality)  

What do you think about the fact that there is an LGBT+ community?

I think it’s a very positive thing because that way we can support each other. Sometimes we’re not accepted and having people that have had similar experiences can be very helpful.


If they “don’t think people are really bi/ace,” or if they think they can’t trust you because you’re bi/ace, you deserve better. Invalidating your identity or using your identity against you is not okay, and having a partner who does that might feel like it comes with the territory of being bi/ace, but I promise you it doesn’t.

i… really love girls. like wow. every girl is so pretty and soft and i adore girls??? whoever’s idea it was to make girls like that A++

just every girl is amazing.

trans girls? terrific
sapphic girls? simply outstanding
lesbian girls? lovely
bi/pan girls? beautiful and perfect
nonbinary girls? no one compares
girls of color? girls of wonder
ace/aro girls? amazing

the only exceptions are terfs and swerfs. they’re trash and super bad.

So did anyone notice...

Joker is the only character to be positioned in front of rainbows in the end credits song…

which I thought didn’t mean anything, but then…

Batman’s got an interesting color scheme there. 

It’s almost like…

it means something