hello HIjackers!!!!

how are ya? :D

I’m sorry for i didn’t post my hijack arts so long because I was tires and lost in other world XD ( it’s no like i lost hijacker)

i know u guys think”where is she? when will she sumbit her hijacers art?” well, i can say i lost in other world than hijack worlds, but i still love hijacker :P

and… 892 followers!!!!???!!! what just happen when i was gone?! Mamma mia! tell me, what happen here!!

don’t worry i will sumbit more hijacker art no worries :P

stay awesome hijackers!


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Gravity Falls AU Part 2 by Vampireasterisk

An Assortment of Scales (3) by Firecrotchette

Teacher’s Anonymous by Aliceeyes33

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I finish school work hurrrayyyyyy!!!! *hugs bed*

My brain want to sleep  from backchair. Also I don’t know why I color mess and darker. ask brain.

And I create A steampunk clock locker since I don’t find any beauty desgine those steampunk clock.

Need go to bed tomorrow I will draw hijack fluffy? maybe.

Night Night!!

I begin enjoy Avatar!Au ROTBTD. I love Avatar but only the first one co’ze is more happening than secone one.

Here is my seconde draw for it. I know my style change (a bit?) just want try new. I’m not steal someone style ( I can, but I don’t want to).

Also I want have Hijack in Avatar co’ze I couldn’t stop draw them -3- I will post it later.

And I want to say thanks for follwers. I hade 140 or 150 before and now I have 161 followers. 161 followers!? it’s so crazy but I’m happy sametime. I don’t know why u follow me so quicker. I was suprise like u throw heart attack on me ( ok u did gave me heart attack/ kick myself)

I hope u guys had good new year and christmas. Annnddd stay awesome! Love u.

Happy Halloween, everyone HIjackers!!!!

I’m sorry, i didn’t post anything here, life is kind busy DX.

Here in sweden never celebrate halloween, but we do halloween because for kids fun XD man i haven’t draw hijack so long XD

i hope u guys have a awesome halloween and thanks for 884 followes! i don’t know what happen here when I was gone XD stay awesome hijackers!!