birthplace of modern art


Aries: Kilauea, Hawaii is an ideal traveling spot for any Aries. For the more adventurous Aries, visiting the active volcanoes of the island would be an excellent idea. For the thrill-seekers and show-offs, the beach is a great place to master those surf skills.

Taurus: Florence, Italy is nothing short of home for a Taurus. The medieval city is filled with priceless artworks and stunning architecture, and is home to David and ancient cathedrals; and Taureans are famous for being fans of art! As a final selling point, anywhere in Italy can appeal to their taste buds; pizza, pasta, red wine…

Gemini: Athens, Greece is heaven on earth for Gemini, the scholars of the zodiac. What better place to travel to than the birthplace of modern society, art, politics, and science? However, Athens is not all serious for Geminis, who are notorious for finding fun everywhere! Exploring the ruins and acropolis of Athens is an adventure in itself, even if they do get a wee bit lost.

Cancer: To their homeland. Cancers feel a deep and internal need to discover their roots, to find out who they are, and where they came from. Connecting to their motherland will satisfy a deep need in Cancer’s life.

Leo: Los Angeles, California would make a Leo want to stay, forever! L.A. has everything a Leo could ever want - the glitz and glamor, the beach, warm climate, and action is never far away! Leo’s need sunshine and attention to thrive, and L.A. has nothing short of those things.

Virgo: Isle Royale, Michigan would be a unique vacation spot for Virgos. With their eye for detail and beauty, they’d appreciate the wildlife and solitude of the park. It’s the only island national park in the U.S., so analytical Virgo would have fun finding species that don’t live on the mainland!

Libra: Paris, France; the city of love, the city of lights. There is no other place more perfect for Libra. Whether they’re checking out the magnificent artwork at the museum, shopping in the boutiques, or visiting the Eiffel Tower with a lover, there is no better stop for this sign!

Scorpio: Yukon, Alaska seems like an odd and random place to travel to. However, what Scorpios won’t tell you is that they’ve been dying to see the northern lights since they were in elementary school. Alaska is one of the few places where you can see the Aurora Borealis during winter, and they’ll be utterly enthralled by the light display in the dead of night with the wind blowing around them.

Sagittarius: Amazon Rainforest, Brazil couldn’t be a more perfect environment Sagittarius. The most adventurous and diverse place on Earth, Sagittarius would fall in love. With miles of uncharted territory and the freedom to wander, the explorer of the zodiac sign would be very happy here.

Capricorn: New York City, New York is the place where anything can happen. For the work-stressed Capricorn, NYC is a place of wonder and magic where they can feel reborn and revitalized. Inspiration is just around the corner.

Aquarius: Nepal would be the place to go. Nepal recently suffered from a massive earthquake, and volunteers from all over the world are flying in to aid survivors. As humanitarians of the zodiac, most Aquarians would feel a deep longing to assist those currently in need.

Pisces: Lhasa, Tibet is a must-see site for those seeking religion and their place in the world. Pisces are deeply spiritual people, but can often benefit from learning about new religions and experiencing them first-hand.