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Sumerian heartland inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

July 18, 2016

During its 40th session held in Istanbul on July 17th, 2016, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee inscribed the Mesopotamian Marshes on the World Heritage List as both a cultural and natural site. According to a UNESCO press release, the Mesopotamian Marshes, or the Ahwar, are “made up of seven sites: three archaeological sites and four wetland marsh areas in southern Iraq.” The three archaeological sites are: Eridu (the world’s first city according to the Sumerians), Ur (home of the royal Sumerian tombs), and Uruk (home of the epic of Gilgamesh). The press release states that the three sites were “Sumerian cities and settlements that developed in southern Mesopotamia between the 4th and the 3rd millennium BCE in the marshy delta of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.”

The UNESCO also highlighted the uniqueness of the Ahwar “as one of the world’s largest inland delta systems, in an extremely hot and arid environment.” The Sumerian heartland is widely considered the birthplace of human civilization, where complex urban communities were originally developed. Although this decision reflects major progress in preserving and protecting Mesopotamian antiquities, the Cultural and Achaeological City of Babylon, however, is still on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List and has not been added to the World Heritage List.

Mark Twain, American author: “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great-grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.”


━━ FULL NAME: Kuvira
━━ GENDER & SEXUALITY: Female, Bisexual
━━ ETHNICITY & SPECIES:  Chinese, Human
━━ BIRTHPLACE & BIRTHDATE: Unknown village outside of Omashu, Earth Kingdom - January 15 149 AG

━ GUILTY PLEASURES: Tending to her bonsai trees in her office, cheating on her diet every once in a while

━ PHOBIAS: Athagoraphobia (fear of abandonment), Monophobia (fear of being alone)

━ WHAT THEY WOULD BE FAMOUS / INFAMOUS FOR: She would be famous and infamous for being the Great Uniter. 

━ WHAT HAVE THEY / WOULD THEY HAVE GOTTEN ARRESTED FOR: Willingly gave herself up after her failed attempt in annexing Republic City to her Empire. 

━ A CHARACTER YOU SHIP THEM WITH: Mainly, my favorite ships for Kuvira is with Baatar and Korra.

━ CHARACTER MOST LIKELY TO MURDER THEM: Raiko, like not in a literal term because I can’t picture him straight up murdering Kuvira (she would sucker punch him in the face before he gets too close). Probably might give her the death sentence. 

━ FAVORITE BOOK GENRE: Mystery, adventure, non-fiction. 

━ LEAST FAVORITE BOOK CLICHE: A forced romance that has no point being in the story.

━ TALENTS AND / OR POWERS: Kuvira is a skilled earth and metalbender, along with seismic sense ability. She also knows martial arts, and is a very talented dancer. 

━ WHY SOMEONE MIGHT LOVE THEM: Her integrity, the confidence she has, and the power she extrudes. She got things done and left her old life behind to bring order and stability back to the EK where no one else had the guts to take on that responsibility. And she cares very much for her people, wanting the best for them.   

━ WHY SOMEONE MIGHT HATE THEM: Power got far into her head and her punishment to those her disobey her are taken to an extreme measure. And she can be a real dicktator

━ HOW THEY CHANGE: Kuvira was a well-respected and beloved guard captain in Suyin’s city security force back at Zaofu. Though she left her old life behind when trouble was bubbling up in the Earth Kingdom, the chaos and her former mentor’s inability to take on the task to restore order caused her to go against Su’s words. During those times as the Great Uniter, it made her colder and more reserved; power got into her head, and believing everything she go in her way. But after the events of Book 4, the bravado mask Kuvira always has on is melted away, and she’s nothing more than a shell of her former-self. 

━ WHY YOU LOVE THEM: She’s a hero of her own story, but to others, she’s nothing more than a bad guy. I would even consider her as a tragic hero, how her intentions have been and always will be good because she genuinely cares for her people and wants the best for them, but the way she handled things later on during the Unification campaign became corrupted and wrong; she took things too far. Seeing how Kuvira changed just shows you anyone can be corrupted. She’s one of the few antagonists who realized the way she handled things were really bad, and she accepts whatever punishment that will be given to her. And I just really, really love her so damn much.

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Sir Aléssandro Mares

Full name: Aléssandro Maress

Pronouns: He/Him
Gender & sexuality: Male / Heterosexual
Ethnicity & species: Human
Birthplace & birthdate: Stormwind / February 28

//Guilty pleasures: Chocolate, hot chocolate, steak, going to concerts

//Fears/phobias: The canals in Stormwind, demons (particularly succubi), losing his family

//What they would be infamous for: Helping others, kindness

//What have they / would they have gotten arrested for: Standing up for what he truly believes in, even if it goes against the King.

//Character you ship them with: I kinda ship him with @elena-blackfyre​ because of their current chats, but there have been others, such as @lay-sister-rose​ and he had a bit of a crush on @aleanissa​ and @mira-mikaelson​.

//Character most likely to murder them: Oh, i don’t know…a demon? A Hordie who doesn’t like humans at all?

//Talents & / or powers: He plays the guitar. His ability to wield the light is limited.

//Why someone might love them: He’s a nice guy. He’s kind and warm. He cares about family and his loved ones. 

//Why someone might hate them: He’s loyal to the Royal Family. He’s also loyal to the tent cities in Westfall and others come before him. 

//How they change: He would change positively if he were to focus on a loved one, his priorities changing. Negatively, if he lost his faith in the Light.

//Why you love them: He’s a sweetheart. He’s kind, respectful, and a beautiful soul.

World building June - Day 1

Most of my followers have gotten plenty of space things, but let’s see if I can actually stick to this for a while and keep on world building (because that’s what I need more of)

BUT for the sake of the lovely folks on the Discord and anyone else who’s interested, let’s have something of an introduction (under the cut because we know who I am as a person)

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Full Name: Alfred Maurice Zeke Rufio Michel Beers Cortez the 3rd
Gender and Sexuality: Male and bi
Pronouns: He/him
Ethnicity/Species: Human
Birthplace and Birthdate: Mexico and July 23rd ( I changed it so it could fit into my summer plans when I’m free )
Guilty Pleasures: He likes to listen to Kidz Bop admittedly but he has to keep his tough criminal act up
Phobias: Athazagoraphobia and Proditiophobia
What They Would Be Famous For: Being a criminal mastermind
What They Would Get Arrested For: Being a criminal mastermind
OC You Ship Them With: Jen ( @alittlebluetoaster )
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Cat Back
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: He adores science fiction and action movies
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: He doesn’t like the regular “ooohhh nooo alien monster from space” and every action movie ending happily(He would rather have more sad endings mostly because its not used much) but will deal with it if the story is good
Talents and/or Powers: He’s an avid liar and criminal
Why Someone Might Love Them: Despite him looking really tough and mean, he’s a really nice guy who’ll love you for you
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Sometimes he can be distant or vague, and obviously because he IS a criminal, that isn’t very attractive for most.
How They Change: He changes by how people treat him and what people do to him. A betrayal would basically break him.
Why You Love Them: I love him because I love the “villain but good guy” personality, and he’s just goofy in general.


━━ FULL NAME: Gwyn Bleidd
━━ GENDER & SEXUALITY: Male, Bisexual
━━ ETHNICITY & SPECIES:  Caucasian , Human
━━ BIRTHPLACE & BIRTHDATE: Unknown part of Atlas, Kingdom of Atlas - November 28

━ GUILTY PLEASURES: Not many people know this but he’s an avid fan of the Super Sentai series and he watches them while in class if bored enough. He knows the opening songs of his favourite seasons as well as the roll calls and morphing sequences by heart. He’s doesn’t like the series enough to actually own the morphers/henshin devices but he would like to own a few. 

━ PHOBIAS: Athagoraphobia (fear of abandonment), Monophobia (fear of being alone) , Trypanophobia (fear of needles)

━ WHAT THEY WOULD BE FAMOUS / INFAMOUS FOR: Well… As of yet there’s not a single thing I can think of that would make him famous/infamous

━ WHAT HAVE THEY / WOULD THEY HAVE GOTTEN ARRESTED FOR: He’s not been arrested as of yet but he’d be definitely arrested for property damage. And I mean B I G property damage, like, collapsing a bridge kinda deal. 

━ A CHARACTER YOU SHIP THEM WITH: To be honest, I see ship potential everywhere when it comes to Gwyn. But, if I have to be honest, I’d say that the ship I like the most for him is with Pyrrha. This whole thing started back when I was in facebook, it’s a long story so I won’t bore y’all with the details… Unless you wanna know em.

━ CHARACTER MOST LIKELY TO MURDER THEM: Cinder and basically every one of the antagonists.  

━ FAVORITE BOOK GENRE: Mystery, adventure, fiction.

━ LEAST FAVORITE BOOK CLICHE: A forced romance that has no point being in the story or a romance that had zero build up.

━ TALENTS AND / OR POWERS: Gwyn is a skilled huntsman considering he’s still technically in training. His Semblance also helps with this, considering it’s teleportation he can zip around the battlefield… Within reason of course. 

━ WHY SOMEONE MIGHT LOVE THEM: His courage, his guts (this goes for why someone might hate him too) he’s honest about 90% of the time so there’s that

━ WHY SOMEONE MIGHT HATE THEM: His attitude mostly. He’s an ass when you first meet him and can come off as rude and overconfident, his guts (he’s not one to stand idle while someone needs help even though he’s gonna grumble about it) also his lying, he lies a lot when needed or when he just doesn’t want people to know the truth. 

━ HOW THEY CHANGE: It’s a difficult thing to explain tbh. He went from being a pretty solitary guy to being a team player. If I had to compare him to someone, I’d use Eric Myers from Power Rangers Time Force since he was a reluctant ally to the regular Rangers, remaining separate and occasionally aiding them at certain times. Unlike his Sentai counterpart (Naoto Takizawa who was an asshat who died a heroic death) Eric was a good guy deep down but he was bitter, wanting to top Wes because of their different backgrounds and the same can be said for Gwyn. He was angry and bitter during his early years but he later becomes much more easy going while still retaining a bit of snark and bitterness while being much more willing to work with others. 

━ WHY YOU LOVE THEM: I mean, aside from the fact that I made him? Jk, I love him because he has elements of some of my favorite characters (such as Percy Jackson, Nero from Devil May Cry and maybe some Shiba Takeru from Shinkenger) but he’s just one of those characters I love. Maybe I made him that way without noticing) but I just love the way I made him. His attitude and backstory are just the stuff I like.

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━━ FULL NAME: Unknown legal name. Colloquially known as “Zero” throughout the slums of Nohr, although that was nothing more than a monicker. He chose the epithet “Niles” when taken under Lord Leon’s wing.
━━ GENDER & SEXUALITY: Trans Male | Greyromantic / Leaning on the asexual spectrum.
━━ ETHNICITY & SPECIES: Nohrian | Human
━━ BIRTHPLACE & BIRTHDATE: Slums of Nohr | April 22nd

━ GUILTY PLEASURES: I don’t even know what sorts of hobbies Niles would have let alone ones he’d be ashamed of. It’s remarkably hard to get him to feel guilt over any of his interests, so…idk. Later in life ( ie., after marriage and having kids and all that jazz ) he probably really really likes certain kid’s books.
━ PHOBIAS: Abandonment. Attachment. Uselessness. Falling back into depravity. To a much lesser extent, death. Loss of loved ones; having loved ones to lose.
━ WHAT THEY WOULD BE FAMOUS / INFAMOUS FOR: Infamous throughout the slums for running with a band of ruthless thieves as a child. Known across Nohr as a wanted man; it’s a title he hardly bears with pride.
━ WHAT HAVE THEY / WOULD THEY HAVE GOTTEN ARRESTED FOR: Murder. Theft. Torture. Breaking and entering. Bribery. Assault. Prostitution. Procurement of illegal weapons, substances, etc.  
━ CHARACTER MOST LIKELY TO MURDER THEM: Everyone should murder Niles at least once. Charlotte is probably first on that list, though.
━ FAVORITE BOOK GENRE: Crime. Tragedy. 
━ LEAST FAVORITE BOOK CLICHE: Robin Hood. He doesn’t believe in honourably thievery; the criminals he knew were all cut from the same cloth.

━ TALENTS AND / OR POWERS: Keen observational skills; very intelligent; skilled with a bow despite only having one eye; a good interrogator; loyal; shrewd; resourceful. 
━ WHY SOMEONE MIGHT LOVE THEM: Niles is brutally honest and would never sacrifice integrity for the sake of someone’s feelings. Although he tends to embellish the truth about himself and his past, he will always offer up an unbiased opinion for those who ask or require his judgement. He is also ferociously loyal to the select few whom he cares for. Towards his lover, he is compassionate and considerate, and always defaults to their best interest and safety above all else. He’s also a shrewd and fair man, when given the chance; he apologises for misjudging others, or for assuming their characters too quickly. Once one gets past the harsh facade and acerbic tongue, he can be very protective and sweet.
━ WHY SOMEONE MIGHT HATE THEM: Why Wouldn’t someone hate Niles. He’s quick to jump the gun, he presumes that most other people haven’t had a hard life; he actively pushes people away because he doesn’t understand how to formulate connections with human beings. He lashes out, he’s cruel, he’s rarely compassionate or empathetic; he doesn’t understand loss, so he can’t sympathize with those who desire it or need it. He’s short tempered, proud in certain regards, unkind, callous, and if you can’t pick up on the fact that he makes innuendos and speaks so cruelly so to defend himself, it’s doubtful that you’ll get along. His emotional walls seldom fall for anyone, and he doesn’t care whose feelings he hurts. Niles also vies to make everyone around him uncomfortable, and feel just as rotten and filthy as he himself feels. He is designed to push boundaries and make people question why they’d ever offer such a terrible person kindness or consideration. Not to mention how envious he is of other people; he’s bitter and cynical and all around nasty and unpleasant. There are very few people who could actually overlook all that to see the hurting man behind it all.
━ HOW THEY CHANGE: Niles maintains unhealthy coping mechanisms. He represses most of his trauma and often snaps at people for questioning too much into his past. In all honesty, he hasn’t and probably won’t truly change entirely. However, he is softer around people like Leon, his spouse, his children, Odin, and Beruka. He can be taught healthy ways to open up and express himself. 
━ WHY YOU LOVE THEM: Listen…Niles is incredibly dear to my heart. He’s a well-written sexual abuse survivor whose story doesn’t revolve around his trauma entirely; he’s funny and he’s interesting and he means so much to me, as a victim of child sex abuse, because of how intricate he is. He’s a nonsensical character, in a lot of ways, which is exactly why he’s so relatable. Often extreme trauma will make us unpredictable and unkind without…truly wanting to be, and Niles very much demonstrates that. The fact that he’s been so damaged that he struggles to interact with other people, and his envy and his cruelty, makes him so loveable to me. He has more flaws than strengths, in my eyes, and I think that that’s very human.

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Vincent for the OC ask thingy!

For every name you get in your askbox, you must fill out the following character profile for said oc:

(Minor spoilers for DiM, if anyone cares)

Full Name: Vincent Gallagher

Gender and Sexuality: Male demisexual 

Pronouns: He / him

Ethnicity/Species: White / pure human

Birthplace and Birthdate: Minnesota, Nov. 8 

Guilty Pleasures: Having a lazy day

Phobias: Becoming too attached

What They Would Be Famous For: Being the first pure human to side with a demon

What They Would Get Arrested For: all the murders he’s committed

OC You Ship Them With: Warren Kennedy

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Eric Takano

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Documentary / psychological thriller

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Pretty much everything else

Talents and/or Powers: Trained in hand to hand combat and weaponry 

Why Someone Might Love Them: Intelligence

Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s kind of a dick … 

How They Change: He learns to care about others

Why You Love Them: He’s my angsty boy! He’s one of my most developed characters that I’ve actually forgotten about for years then brought him back to life XD (he really just needs a nap)

Thank you to my amazing sister @flaresiram ! If anyone wants another character just ask ^_^

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Full Name: Quincy (John Parker)
Gender and Sexuality: Male and bi
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Winged Human
Birthplace and Birthdate: America Illinois and November 30th
Guilty Pleasures: None really
Phobias: Hoplophobia
What They Would Be Famous For: Being able to communicate with birds
What They Would Get Arrested For: Attacking people with birds
OC You Ship Them With: Kylie ( @ouroneblackcat Won’t let me tag )
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Honestly no one?? He doesn’t really to a lot of people, and he’s just a good person so nobody really hates him.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: He can’t read, but he likes adventure movies
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Can’t read and he doesn’t like when the main character falls in love with an obvious love interest
Talents and/or Powers: He can communicate with birds
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s a good person and is there when you need him
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He can often accidentally do things he’s not supposed to, and some people wouldn’t like how touchy he is. I mean, he loves hugs a lot.
How They Change: Well he could change a lot. He could go through a really negative change through trauma, he’s pretty impressionable.
Why You Love Them: He’s just my small bird son thats good and great

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About the of thing, Dani

Here’s Dani’s profile pic~

Full Name: Dani Verlian
Gender and Sexuality: Male/Bisexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Human
Birthplace and Birthdate: 3rd of March in his childhood home
Guilty Pleasures: Summer songs (But the terrible ones)
Phobias: Heights
What They Would Be Famous For: His cooking, he’s really good at it
What They Would Get Arrested For: Unintentionally creating a huge caos in a city
OC You Ship Them With: Whoever you guys want ;D
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Probably Stangun, trying different stuff he creates on him
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Comedy
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Anything that has to do with lots of violence 
Talents and/or Powers: He’s really good at cooking and cleaning stuff, does that count?
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s really sweet and always listens to anyone’s problems
Why Someone Might Hate Them: When he gets worried he becomes really annoying
How They Change: He’s been through a lot, at least he’s now happy
Why You Love Them: He’s just the nicest man ever, how wouldn’t you love him

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damien and quinn

Both are shared ocs with @smetra
Answers are my own interpretations/headcanons with some guidance

Full Name: Damien Ilith
Gender and Sexuality: Male Pansexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Native American/Caucasian Human
Birthplace and Birthdate: idk location and I don’t remember birthday. I know he’s a scorpio though!! Edit: its november 1 and he was born in England
Guilty Pleasures: Playing the piano. Being a good brother to his little sister
Phobias: Being a bad brother
What They Would Be Famous For: Damien Ilith is already famous for being Damien motherfucking Ilith. But nah seriously, taking over his family’s business and guiding it to really good places
What They Would Get Arrested For: LOLOLOLOL A LOT. Damien has a really bad party streak so UHHHH
OC You Ship Them With: Wow a lot. Nari, Eliza, Ruka, Aiden, Juliet
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Ruka. And she kinda does ;)
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: I see him liking sci fi things and comedies. Definitely would watch a good romcom too
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: I’m really bad at this question so uhh lol?
Talents and/or Powers: Good musician with a pretty voice. Can probably kick your ass at beer pong and pool. In magic aus he has the ability to manipulate pain by touch.
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s funny and loving and extra af. He’s funloving and good to spend time with.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s the wooooorst. His jokes can be distasteful and his cockiness sucks and he used to be a big ole bully. A lot of people hate him and TBH I DON’T BLAME THEM
How They Change: DAMIEN USED TO BE AN EMO BOY. LIKE THAT WAS HIS OG CONCEPT. He’s taken such a 180 holy c r a p
Why You Love Them: I love Damien so much for so many reasons. His facade is so shitty but so fun and then his love for Momo kills me. he’s such a good guy who suffers from other people’s interpretations affecting him.

Full Name: Quinn Kay

Gender and Sexuality: Male Asexual heteromantic

Pronouns: He/Him

Ethnicity/Species: Caucasian (so many white boys wtf i swear we have pocs) human

Birthplace and Birthdate: idk birthplace. Idr his birthday either… i believe he is a capricorn tho??? Edit: Birthday is Dec 24 (thats unfortunate)

Guilty Pleasures: Emilia. Emilia Emilia Emilia. His friends as a whole tbh.

Phobias: His daaaaaad. Getting close to people. Dying.

What They Would Be Famous For: Being the smartest man of the future.

What They Would Get Arrested For: Hacking into some database or some shit.

OC You Ship Them With: Emilia. Emilia Emilia Emilia.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Shery

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Informational encyclopedias

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: All cliches.It’s all bad to him. Its why he doesnt read fiction

Talents and/or Powers: Smart smart smartypants.

Why Someone Might Love Them: tbh i dont know. He’s smart and it’s cute when he smiles. He’s so COLD though ugh.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s cold and mean and doesn’t give anyone the time of day.

How They Change: Well he loses an eye? Idk he starts making friends despite his best efforts to not and it’s like watching the grinch’s heart grow 3 times larger

Why You Love Them: He’s my favorite. I don’t even know why. He’s just complex and tragic and I love watching him suffer :)

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Full Name: Amy “Anders” Smith
Gender and Sexuality: Female and bi
Pronouns: She/her
Ethnicity/Species: Human
Birthplace and Birthdate: New York and December 20th
Guilty Pleasures: She loves to write songs and drum solos, and often she’ll write songs to relieve stress. She also loves to do mathematics and science.
Phobias: Theophobia
What They Would Be Famous For: Song writing and drumming
What They Would Get Arrested For: Stealing (And assault on occasions)
OC You Ship Them With: None
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Aaron, Katie, Annie, Ambri, and Alexsandra(?) ( @justgonnareblogjunk ) (Thats a lot of As)
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: She loves actions and mystery books and movies
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Useless romantic subplots and “oh no I love you but you were the criminal??!!?!?!”
Talents and/or Powers: She’s good at song writing, drumming, and shooting things.
Why Someone Might Love Them: I’m actually not sure?? I mean, she’s cold, sarcastic, and mean almost all the time. I’m sure my buddies could tell me something.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s cold, sarcastic, and mean almost all the time.
How They Change: Well she can either be dug into a deeper hole of dug out. Really she changes on how people treat her, which is usually not that well.
Why You Love Them: I love her because she’s just a little angry cowboy.


━━ FULL NAME: Yuki Tsukino
━━ GENDER & SEXUALITY: Male, Heterosexual
━━ ETHNICITY & SPECIES:  Caucasian, Human
━━ BIRTHPLACE & BIRTHDATE: Small community outside of Vale’s main city. 

━ GUILTY PLEASURES: Yuki loves cooking. It’s something he loves to try, even when on the road. On his way to Atlas he brought a hot plate just to experiment with different cuisines. 

━ PHOBIAS: Aquaphobia (fear of water)  Monophobia (fear of being alone) Trypanophobia(fear of needles)

━ WHAT THEY WOULD BE FAMOUS / INFAMOUS FOR: Nothing yet, but Yuki wants to be famous for mapping Remnant and discovering what was missed/forgotten to time. 

━ WHAT HAVE THEY / WOULD THEY HAVE GOTTEN ARRESTED FOR: He hasn’t gotten arrested yet, but he would be caught for trespassing. He climbs everywhere and sometimes in places he shouldn’t be. 

━ A CHARACTER YOU SHIP THEM WITH: I’m open to pretty much anything, and anything is certainly a possibility! But if I had to be honest, I really ship Yuki with Weiss. I think his exploratory nature would resonate well with her. It’s kind of hard to put it into words, but it might be something she’s interested in; with her being a bit sheltered. It would also be a good way to soften her heart! On another note, I lowkey ship him with Yang as well. 

━ CHARACTER MOST LIKELY TO MURDER THEM: He hasn’t ruffled any feathers, so for now it’d be a Grimm. 

━ FAVORITE BOOK GENRE: Mystery, adventure, fiction.

━ LEAST FAVORITE BOOK CLICHE: Putting in a genre(eg:Romance) for the sake of it, and it doesn’t flow well with the rest of the story. 

━ TALENTS AND / OR POWERS: Aside from his semblance electrokinesis, Yuki is a very agile person. He likes to use this talent to parkour and climb buildings, often doing such a thing in Vale or at beacon. 

━ WHY SOMEONE MIGHT LOVE THEM: Hell if I know  But seriously, someone might love him because he’s very sweet? He tries to put someone else above himself, going the extra mile to make someone happy, especially if they’re down. 

━ WHY SOMEONE MIGHT HATE THEM: He can be a bit blunt at times, some people might not like that. And there are others who wouldn’t like him wandering all over the place simply because he likes to, not to mention he’s stubborn as hell. 

━ HOW THEY CHANGE:It wasn’t until his mother died that Yuki changed as a person for the first time in his adolescent life. After an explosive release of pent up emotions he hid himself away for awhile, learning with his sister’s help that it was unhealthy to keep his emotions bottled up inside. It was always a problem of his, trying to be strong and put trust in someone. 

━ WHY YOU LOVE THEM: He’s my damn OC! the first, and so far only one I’ve actually put down onto paper(Computer) I love trying to write out stories and relationships with other people, OC or canon alike! 

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FULL NAME: Takumi (I’m not getting into any middle or last names just yet. Or ever.)
GENDER AND SEXUALITY: Trans male and biromantic/bisexual.
ETHNICITY AND SPECIES: Hoshidan and human.
BIRTHPLACE AND BIRTH DATE: Castle Shirasagi and December 14th.

GUILTY PLEASURES: Takumi actually loves compliments? Not the sort that’s overly doting because he gets embarrassed easily, but the sort that’s genuine; blunt, simple. Words that he yearns to hear that he’s worked hard to get, rather than something given because of his status that sounds empty. Takumi also loves having his hair brushed, personally only from Mikoto, but I suppose if he’s in a relationship he wouldn’t mind if Leon does it (to an extent, because Takumi’s hair means a lot to him). Takumi also loves food and cooking. I’m just listing things he genuinely loves here rather than “guilty pleasures” per say, but they’re near enough the same thing.
PHOBIAS: Abandonment of any kind, being “forgotten”, replacement, not being “good enough”, anything to do with feeling inferior/any inadequacy. Nightmares. Ghosts and anything supernatural. The dark, typically seeing things in the dark. Vulnerability and beingexposed.
WHAT THEY WOULD BE FAMOUS / INFAMOUS FOR: Takumi would be famous for being, of course, a prince of Hoshido, and being an extremely talented and gifted archer. Unfortunately Takumi would be infamous for his impression he leaves on people that he’s misunderstood for a lot, such as the labels placed on him like: being a crybaby, being uptight, snotty, bratty, etc. Takumi would actually also be infamous for being perceptive and smart. He is really good at tactics, contrary to most people’s popular beliefs of him being incapable because of his emotional vulnerability? Takumi is also extremely distrusting, so he’d be infamous for that too impression-wise.
WHAT HAVE THEY / WOULD THEY HAVE GOTTEN ARRESTED FOR: Takumi is really law-abiding I doubt he’d get arrested for anything. I can’t think of anything…………
CHARACTER MOST LIKELY TO MURDER THEM: Iago, Zola….. the Nohrians, Anankos.
FAVORITE BOOK GENRE: Ancient philosophy, military strategy. Anything historical. Also adventure, a bit of fantasy.
LEAST FAVORITE BOOK CLICHE: Anything considered sappy, such as typical romance cliches.

TALENTS AND / OR POWERS: Archery, first and foremost. Balance. Gifted with the Fujin Yumi and being the one to wield it. Observation and perception. Good judgement too. Tactical. Smart. Book-savvy.
WHY SOMEONE MIGHT LOVE THEM: Takumi is incredibly loyal and would do anything for the people he cares about, even if sometimes it can go against his reason, though that really depends because Takumi is also really true to his judgement. His first impressions of people are harsh, but Takumi is really good with his judgement and is very cautious and careful. He’s distrusting, but also adoring and loving, though it takes a long time to get close to him. Takumi is extremely passionate and determined to succeed, though he’s also very harsh on himself. Every word Takumi speaks is genuine. Takumi doesn’t lie. Takumi is extremely truthful and also very blunt, often. He’ll pour his heart and soul into the things he loves and cares for. He’s extremely understanding if he does like you, and makes it evident that he cares.
WHY SOMEONE MIGHT HATE THEM: Takumi is harsh with his words. He speaks his mind, and often that can rub people the wrong way. Takumi is insecure and often feels inferior to everything and everyone (a bit of an overstatement when putting it that way, but there’ll be something Takumi fixates on). It takes a lot to gain Takumi’s trust, and he can be rather rude to the people he dislikes. Takumi doesn’t get a lot of sleep and his attitude can come off as extremely moody and unnecessary. He complains, but he’s always truthful. Takumi is also impulsive and doesn’t like social settings that much. He’s distant and rather closed-off to a lot of people and hates admitting when he’s wrong or if anything is wrong when he’s feeling low. There’s a barrier there which is really hard to break, for several reasons.
HOW THEY CHANGE: Takumi can’t necessarily change himself, but he can grow to learn to love other people and trust them. He can change his judgement, though he needs to see change in other people as well. Takumi can come to be trusting, and he can come to also accept his own flaws for what they are, and wants to fix them the best that he can. Takumi is mentally ill, and often, he doesn’t understand how his own mind works. It’s hard to control the impulsiveness, the rampant negative thoughts, the constant paranoia of other people’s impressions of him. But he’ll try.

WHY YOU LOVE THEM: Being that Takumi is my comfort character, I am the same with a lot of his traits. His mental illness is something I deal with myself. I resonate with his mindset and thought process, and honestly I also look up to Takumi, because he deserves so much credit for what he does in order to become a better person. People often look past this because of his emotional vulnerability, but Takumi is as capable of a prince as his siblings and any other royalty. He’s distrusting for a damn good reason and I think people need to stop calling him an antagonist or villainizing him. Just my humble onion. (I think I’ll meta this now heheh).

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