Ever thought that no matter how much you explain yourself, no one will understand?

Because the fact of the matter is you barely understand yourself nowadays.

You don’t know why you feel how you feel. 
You don’t know why you do the things you do. 
You don’t know why you’re becoming more and more afraid of things of this world now more than ever before.

You don’t understand yourself, 
How is anyone else suppose to?

I'm Not Lenny

This ends here.

I’m not going to let us
go any further than
where we’ve gotten.

I can’t risk it.
If I let this continue
I’ll squeeze the life
out of what we

It’s too precious
to be in the hands
of someone like me.

It’s time to let go
of what I’m holding,
for fear that it will
become strangling.

This is not
Of Mice and Men
and I refuse
to become the
Lenny in your story.


Sit and think.
Let’s reminisce.
How many crushes have you had in your lifetime?
How many were random classmates that caught your eye,
Internet crushes?
Now how many were a close friend?

Why do we always fall for our best friends?
Is it because they’re the ones that know us?
The ones that will always be there?
They don’t promise kisses, or anything of that kind.
They promise love.
They show love.
They stick by you.
With all that can go wrong, they hold on, with one hope of,
maybe one day being so much more.

Six. A. M.

Its 6 in the morning.
I’m running from dreams of you,
Although I’m not sure why because I want to see you.
I long to be near you as I am in those dreams.
But somehow, someway; something in these dreams alarm me of reality -
That you are not mine.
And I am not yours.
So its 6 am, I’m watching the sun rise
And all I can think of is how nice it’d be if your eyes accompanied mine in acknowledging this beautiful start to a day.
All I desire, is to be near you.  
To fall asleep right now with you.
Because in more than one way, it’d satisfy me.
But most of all, it’ll give me hope
that maybe we truly do belong to each other, we just may not know it now.
Or have established it.
Maybe fearing it will have the same outcome as last time.

Two Peas In A Pod

Too much pride.
Fear of being made a fool of,
causes them to armor up.
Neither is willing to speak of their feelings,
Afraid that they may be the one that loves too much,
While the other loves not enough. 

Separated for a while,
Yet never too long.
They always run back to each other.  

He can have any girl he wants,
But somehow he chooses her.
She can have any guy she wants,
But somehow she chooses him.

Regardless of their choices,
They still attract others;
Soon enough, they’re multi-tasking,
Toying with more than each other’s heart,
And soon enough, the truth will surface,
And though they are doing the same thing, 
And have no obligation to each other,
Hearts will be broken.
But they can’t help themselves, 
They are two peas in a pod.