birthmark edition

Handy checklist for when you make a Jojo drawing v2.0

At the behest of many families, here’s a new and improved edition:

  • Joestar birthmark
  • Dio’s ear moles
  • Make sure said moles aren’t on the wrong side because you drew with the drawing flipped
  • Speedwagon’s scar
  • Avdol’s squiggles
  • Kakyoin’s earrings
  • Polnareff’s earrings
  • Jotaro’s earrings
  • Josuke’s earrings
  • Rohan’s earrings
  • I guess everyone’s damn earrings, really
  • Okuyasu’s scars
  • Yukako’s sleeve flower
  • The correct laterality for Josuke’s and Okuyasu’s pins
  • Belts, both their existence and number
  • Giorno’s pockets
  • Bruno’s chest tattoo thing
  • Fugo’s strawberry earrings
  • Fugo’s swiss-cheese clothe-holes
  • Diavolo’s tattoos
  • Doppio’s freckles
  • Jolyne’s tattoo
  • Jolyne’s belly piercing, when applicable
  • Older Pucci’s beard bits
  • Johnny’s “cat-ear” hair bits
  • The horse shadow on his beanie
  • Gyro’s beard-squares

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Raven’s body in Birthmark. Even when I was little, I remember thinking how perfect she looked in this episode, especially when her hair grows. I always think Raven is stunning, but she seems especially beautiful in this episode. These scenes were when I realized that I not only wanted Raven’s powers, but I wanted to look like her, too.