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Here is Joseph Spurgeon, an anti at EMW clinic in Louisville Kentucky. 

He is protesting outside a University of Louisville Physicians office, mainly because Tanya Franklin is a doc at EMW but is also an OBGYN that runs a family planning clinic at U of L. 

So Joseph’s logic is, wants to make abortion illegal and unthinkable, but also wants to make birth control illegal and unthinkable.

Christofacism 101 right here, folks. 

Also when anti-choice protesters use doctors names, they make them a target to anti-choice terrorism. 

Which I do think Joseph is capable of.  

Little Bird

Hey! I just starting a Harry writing blog too and I know the feeling about not knowing what to write so here’s a prompt/request to get you inspired: Can you just imagine how Harry would be like when his baby is just born? Like he’d be asking the nurse all these questions before you both leave the hospital, and he’d buy like the most expensive car seat to make sure that his little one is as comfortable as possible. And sometimes you’ll catch him just watching her sleep … and ugh it’d be so cute

Thank you @blamehim for the prompt!


Harry had always wanted a baby of his own, getting on with little families the best in his late-teen/early-twenties years. Something about being with another family suppressed his baby fever momentarily. He knew he wanted babies with you after bring able to spend your twenties completely immersed in each other and your careers. After a year of trying, you finally got a positive test and Harry immediately jumped into new daddy research. He read all the books, had a list of questions at every appointment, and called his mom whenever he needed advice. He was ready, that is until you were in full-blown labor, pushing your little one out. They say when you have a little one of your own, the love for your wife completely changes and the love you have for your baby is something that can’t be described. Now he understood what they meant. Hair in a bun, his softest shirt on, the world’s biggest smile, and a little teary-eyed, Harry Styles was now a dad.

“….6, 7, 8, 9, 10. She’s got all ten toes and fingers, love. You’re perfect aren’t you, little bird? Hmm?” Harry gave out a wet chuckle. She’s been in the world for all of about 20 minutes and he could not believe his eyes. He helped make her, she was in your belly, and now she was here. He couldn’t wait to hold her and now after cutting her cord, he could finally get his cuddle. You wanted your bonding moment and to give her immediately to Harry whenever you were ready. Now he was sitting on a recliner in the birthing center next your bed, feet placed on the bed next to your thigh staring at his new little bird, the name he gave her when he heard her first cry. “Love you did it! I’m so proud of you. Look at her and that little cry. More like a little chirp innit. Like a little swallow.” Now she was branded.

A little rasp on the door took the both of you out of your little family moment as a nurse peaked in. “Everything okay in here? We are ready to weigh her and get all the forms together.” She and lactation nurse walked in ready for the final assistance unto full parenthood.

“Harry, love, would you like to start signing the forms, please?” You asked still groggy from your long labor. He passed of your little girl to the nurse and picked up her birth certificate.

“She is a healthy 7lbs 2oz. A right little bird she is right, dad. Any questions for me before I leave you to nurse? Harry couldn’t help but smile at the new nickname that was now catching on.

“Yes, I have a few.” Harry stated, sitting up a little taller, ready to bombard the nurse with his metal list.

“Sweetheart, please, not all at once” You giggled. You knew how he got. He wanted to know all the answers to any questions he may have in the future.

“I want to be prepared, love” He gave you a cute smirk and turned to the nurse. “Right, first question. How long after will she be bleeding….. Okay, so what the best way to make her comfortable?…. So how do I elevate back pain when she’s nursing?…. How do we know if she’s hydrated?…. Is that normal???…. How are we sure if she is buckled correctly in her seat?… ” He went on and on. You felt bad for the poor nurse but it seems like she had many new daddy’s who were overwhelmed.

“Alright Harry, that’s enough for now!” You smiled. “You’re bound to find more questions later”

“But, Love!! I bought that fancy new seat! We gotta make sure the little bub is in there correctly! No matter how many times we practiced”

“We? You mean you! We’re fine, Harry” You yawned, now that you little girl had a full belly and paper signed for your departure tomorrow morning, you really started to feel the weight of the world behind your eyes.

“I’ll take her, rest baby.”

Now, well past midnight, you heard soft coos and a familiar melody. Still exhausted, you decided to keep your eyes closed but tune into the little conversation. 

“Strawberries taste how lips do, And it’s not complete yet, Mustn’t get our feet wet, ‘Cause that leads to regret, Diving in too soon, But I’ll owe it all to you, My little bird”

Finding the will to open your eyes softly, you saw Harry rocking an already sleeping baby in the corner. You had dreamt of this moment, you, Harry, and a baby. However, this was better, it was real and it blew your mind that you were already in this stage of your life. You’ve never seen Harry so content. This was it, this was your life now “I feel you staring at me, button. Can I join you for a cuddle?” Harry smiles.

You open your arms wide for Harry to join you with your baby until she waked up for her first night feeding. You were ready for the giggles, tears, spit-up, sleepless nights, and an all too content Harry.

“Thank you” Harry said with a kiss to the forehead, passing the baby who was now starting to give out her soft baby chirp. You pulled her towards your chest nervously as this was your first time feeding her without the consultant or a nurse.

“What are you thanking me for?”

“For her, for this life, for you, I never imagined my life would really be this way” You leaned up to kiss his lips. They were still salty from his previous tears

“It has been my pleasure”

What NO ONE Tells You About Childbirth:

  • All of your best friends will be pregnant and giving birth at the exact same time as you. FUN!
  • Hospitals and birthing centers LOVE when you block the hallway to chat with your lady brigade. Can they get you anything?
  • Your appearance will be your top priority, but don’t worry, because YOU WILL LOOK AMAZING. Your face will be dewy. Your limbs, slender and not bloated. And your hair will be soft yet full of life, like the downy wings of an angel. 
  • The baby will fly out of you on a dazzling, uncomplicated white unicorn. You will feel no pain. Afterward, the unicorn will fly you to the salon for a complimentary mani-pedi. 
  • You will definitely not poop yourself in front of a room full of strangers. 

I’m 99% sure Val is a trans woman on Outlast 2 and it’s kinda fucked considering the transmisogyny going on in the game concerning her character

7 Things You Can Do to Help Planned Parenthood and the Communities We Serve

What can you do right now for Planned Parenthood? Try these 7 things.

1. Donate to Planned Parenthood

The work to protect Planned Parenthood patients’ access to care starts now. Your support is more important than ever.

Donate to support Planned Parenthood health centers: Our health centers are open, and they’re continuing to deliver vital reproductive health care — like birth control, cancer screenings, and STD testing and treatment.

2. Speak Out Against Hate

Planned Parenthood’s patients are from all walks of life. They are immigrants, Muslim, Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ — and they all deserve access to health care in a safe and welcoming place.

Wherever you are (online or IRL), declare your rejection of hate and your solidarity with these communities. Show that you believe every single person is deserving of respect, dignity, and equal rights under the law.

You don’t have to speak out alone. There are several groups supporting solidarity with intersecting communities:

  • American Civil Liberties Union: Help the ACLU fight unconstitutional policies.
  • Color of Change: Join the nation’s largest online racial justice organization.
  • Human Rights Campaign: Help LGBTQ people get treated equally, everywhere.
  • National Disability Rights Network: Advocate for people with disabilities.
  • Take a stand with 100 women of color leaders.
  • Now is the moment for white people to be bold and join the movement for racial justice.
  • Southern Poverty Law Center: Make the promises of the Civil Rights Movement a reality for all.
  • Transgender Law Center: Ensure all can live safe, authentic lives regardless of gender identity or expression.
  • Trust Black Women: Report anti-abortion activity in the Black community to SisterSong and a Trust Black Women partner.
  • United We Dream: Fight for relief and fair treatment for all undocumented immigrants.

3. Volunteer for Planned Parenthood

Go to to sign up to volunteer with Planned Parenthood, or call your local health center.

4. Make an Appointment for Health Care at Planned Parenthood

Our health center doors are open. Like always, every person can get health care at Planned Parenthood, no matter what.

You can support Planned Parenthood by making your next reproductive health care appointment at your local Planned Parenthood health center. Need birth control? A well-woman exam? STD tests? We can help you with that and more. Some Planned Parenthood health centers also provide hormone replacement therapy for trans patients.

Go to

5. Tweet Your Defiance With #WeWontGoBack

Use social media to reject hate and refuse to let the next president roll back the rights we’ve fought so hard to secure.

Tweet your defiance along with the hashtag #WeWontGoBack.

6. Share Cecile Richard’s Message of Strength

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards shared a message of resilience earlier this week. Read it here — it’s sure to give you strength.

7. Sign Up for Email & Texts

Join our email network to stay on top of the issues. Our email alerts will also help you learn how to get involved with campaigns that advance and protect reproductive health.

Want text alerts? Text “StandwithPP” to 69866 to join our Planned Parenthood mobile action network. Standard data and text rates may apply. You can text STOP to quit at anytime.

Of course, these are just a few things you can do. The opportunities to get involved and fight back don’t end here. For 100 years, Planned Parenthood has faced challenges and attacks from people opposed to our mission to provide expert sexual and reproductive health care, no matter what. Through every attack, we’ve come out stronger. We’re going to use that strength to lead in the coming days, months, and years — for the patients who rely on us and for our allies across progressive movements.

I think about my birth experience a lot. I keep wanting to write it out here.

The strangest feeling in the world was getting up afterwards. To state the obvious, there was an empty space inside of me all of a sudden. Just what felt like a huge hollow. My lungs had trouble moving and I felt so out of breath as I was ushered to the bathroom. It immediately made me want to faint for some reason. My body could not reorient itself.

I thought the ride from my house to the birth center would be chaotic and unbearable. I’d heard enough stories about harrowing car rides in the throes of labour. Screaming and whatnot. But that ride was the calmest part of the whole experience. We left around 9pm. The sun was setting and everything was lavender. My favorite hour. I think it’s funny that as I was in transition (of labour), I was in transit during a transitional time of day. My dad drove, super stoic and focused. Marc and I were in the backseat. I quietly gazed out the window in between saying “contraction” and having him press on my back.

The easiest contractions to handle were the ones in the last hour before pushing. They were by far the most intense, and made me queasy with their intensity. But at the same time they took me to this really deep space, it’s hard to explain. I lost all sense of time. It was satisfying to make my way through each one and I felt safe between my doula and my partner. I could barely talk.

Getting into the big bath tub was amazing. The heat took the majority of the pain away but I couldn’t get fully comfortable without drowning. Even when I was at my most miserable I remember thinking “wow, I’m basically giving birth in a luxury hotel.” The towels had that hotel smell to them, if that makes sense. Eternally grateful I didn’t go to a hospital.

I thought I would know how to push but I got so lost. I panicked when I felt him move down suddenly, shit got too real - it dawned on me that I still had to guide this human thing through what felt like an impossibly small doorway. That was the first time that I thought, maybe I made a huge mistake.

Pushing was the worst part of it all. I have never felt so helpless or defeated. It took an hour and a half to get him out. I was actually scared. I went to a bad place for a while. Someone laughed loudly and it made me really upset. I started thinking I would die of a heart attack before he was born because my heart was racing, I stopped being able to catch my breath between pushes.

The energy I exerted trying to get him out is hard to put into words. I have never worked so hard. I went past my physical limit. I was waiting for paramedics to burst in and pronounce me brain dead. It was so disheartening to put all of myself and then some into the push only to feel him recede. I wasn’t doing it right. I wasn’t trying hard enough.

The midwives told me they’d have to perform an episiotomy because he was having a hard time moving through me. I said out loud, “no I don’t want that.” And then to myself I said, ‘alright this baby is coming out right now, I don’t care if I die from the pain.’

And then I heard them say, “okay stop pushing and just breathe your baby out,” and I couldn’t believe it was almost over.

And then someone said, “Alice reach down and grab your baby,” and with my eyes still clenched shut I did exactly that, and his warm little body was in my hands, and then he was on my chest, screaming more than I expected. And I was just dumbstruck in that moment.

The pain didn’t stop at his birth. They dug around in me and pressed on my stomach and stuck me with a shot of oxytocin and gave me stitches and took my blood. That was worse than the pushing. I was so exhausted and just wanted to be left alone.

Then all the doting started. People were bringing me food, a popsicle and a bagel and a burrito. I was surprised by how hungry I was. They gave me sips of water and juice through a straw. I didn’t have to hold anything except my baby. They stuck an ice pack between my legs which was a huge relief. I was praised repeatedly. My mother cried.

And then they helped me dress and packed me into a wheelchair (I was so tired and sore), we took photos and tied a purple ribbon on the tree in the lobby of the birthing center and then we drove home. Looking out the window at the landscape, the sun was just rising, and I was surprised at how little things actually felt different, with Mal asleep in the car seat next to me. I thought I would feel all the fear in me melt away; I’d just gone through an incredible miraculous event. I still felt scared, but different. It’s a hard thing to explain. I was on such a high. Like I was literally queen of the universe for performing this task. We crawled into bed and all things get blurry now. I remember Mal looking so small, so sweet. I remember feeling all the love that ever existed swelling up in my heart. I remember feeling tired as fuck.
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“Polyamorous man’s two wives give birth within 30 days of one another - and all three insist they couldn’t be happier”:

Jonathan, Dani, and Melinda are a polyamorous family, which means that they all believe in having more than one partner. The trio and their two children all live under the same roof, with all three parents sharing every aspect of parenthood, from nighttime feeds to diaper changes.

‘It might seem strange to a lot of people, but to us it makes perfect sense,’ Melinda, 28, who runs her own healing company, East-West Collaborative Health, told Daily Mail Online. 'We all love each other and it was our dream to fall pregnant at the same time. Unlike conventional couples who are sleep deprived when a newborn comes along, there are three of us to take it in turns on the night shift. We breastfeed each others babies, split the finances three ways and the housework too. Even sex is great as if one person is not feeling up for it, then there are two other people to choose from.’

Dani added: 'We compliment each other perfectly as our parenting styles are so different. Whereas I’m a bit paranoid and constantly worrying about germs and if the babies are breathing, Melinda is the opposite. We just need a bigger bed, as we are all co-sleeping with the babies as well and at the moment the only way Jonathan fits is if he lays horizontally at the bottom of the bed.’

Until Dani met Melinda in 2008, Melinda had only been in monogamous relationships with men, while Dani had enjoyed relationships with both men and women. But after meeting at a music festival, the pair knew they were destined to spend the rest of their lives together. Despite gay marriages back then not being legal in California, the pair exchanged vows on the beach in a commitment ceremony on June 26, 2010, in front of friends and family. But one year later despite being desperately in love, Melinda confided to Dani that she didn’t just want a wife - she wanted a husband too.

'When Melinda first told me she was missing a man in her life I thought “Why aren’t I enough?”’ Dani confessed. 'But the more we spoke about it, the more I realized there could be huge advantages to having three of us in our marriage. The hard part was finding a man we could both fall in love with.’

Miraculously the girls didn’t have to wait too long for their dream husband to come along. Just a few months after their initial discussion, Dani and Melinda met Jonathan, after all three enrolled on the same building class. But the two admit that the were hesitant about approaching Jonathan initially, over fears that he might not feel the same way about one, or either of them. Thankfully, their fears were unfounded.

'When I met the girls I was just coming out of a long term relationship with my childhood sweetheart,’ Jonathan, who run his own construction company, recalled. I knew they were married and I didn’t know they were interested in me. But one day they wrote me a letter and revealed what they wanted and I’ll be honest I didn’t know what to do. I thought they were amazing and fancied them both, but I had to think long and hard whether I was capable of loving them both. While men might fantasize about such a situation, in reality it is double the responsibility.’

To explore their feelings for each other the threesome went on a road trip for a week. And it was then that Jonathan began to realize he was more than capable of loving both women equally. 'We just all clicked so well,’ he added. 'Polyamory is an unusual concept for sure, and one I had never heard of, but the more I spent time with them, the more I fell in love with them both. We all just complimented each other so well.’

Sadly, while Jonathan’s mom Sandy was open to their unusual relationship, other friends and family had a harder time accepting it. 'My mom thought it was a joke when Dani and I got married, so when we told her about Jonathan she just thought we were crazy,’ Melinda explained. 'Some of Jonathan’s friends just thought it was all about kinky sex and thought it was just plain weird. So much so he doesn’t talk to some of them anymore. Dani’s family had a hard time accepting it too. But luckily there were others, like Jonathan’s mom Sandy, who thought what we had was amazing and gave us their full blessing.’

The threesome also had to learn to overcome their own feelings of jealousy too. 'At times it has been hard to adapt to, as for me just being with Melinda was enough,’ Dani explained. 'So to see her fall in love with Jonathan was at times tough. But I began to realize that I could love him too, in my own way. And the more we talked to each other, the easier over time it has got. There are moments when I just want Melinda to myself, but now there are also moments when I feel just as strongly about Jonathan too. We have just learnt to cope better as time goes on. Now we all make sure we give each of us time together and separately. […]’

By the end of 2013 Melinda, Dani and Jonathan were living together and began making plans to start a family. 'We all have a fabulous sex life, share the same bed, so we just made sure we timed things correctly and prayed our wishes would come true,’ Melinda said. 'I found out I was pregnant on January 14th this year and two weeks later we all let out a scream of pure delight when we found out Dani was expecting too.’

On July 1st 2014 they got married in front of friends and some family in a park near their home. And, while their marriage contract is not yet official or legal, the family pray that one day their unique family set up will be recognized in the eyes of the law. 'My mom didn’t come to the wedding as she doesn’t approve of our life, ’ tells Melinda. 'But Jonathan’s mom Sandy gave us away and as we both stood with our blossoming bellies, it was the perfect day, full of love and laughter.’

'It was just so special experiencing pregnancy with the woman I love going through it at the same time,’ Melinda said. 'The birthing center we chose was incredibly liberal and thought our family was wonderful. I would have my check up and then Dani would have hers straight after. Sharing a bed while pregnant was a little tricky though as the bigger our bellies got, the more squashed we all were.’

Both Melinda and Dani had natural water births and Jonathan was there for them both, along with a camera, which captured the entire experience for the trio’s upcoming web series Looks Like Love To Me, which documents every aspect of the trio’s unique lifestyle.  

'Jonathan’s mom Sandy was also in the room and it was incredible as our labors lasted pretty much the same time. Melinda’s was 13 hours and 12 minutes and mine was 13 hours,’ Dani, who is currently studying sign language explained.  'Melinda and I really wanted to share breastfeeding each others babies and this week I breastfed [Melinda’s son] Oliver for the first time. It gave Melinda a break and time alone with Jonathan and me an invaluable chance to bond with a boy I consider to be my son.’

As for raising their children within an unconventional family unit, they are not concerned about what anyone else thinks. 'People sometimes ask us: “Are you not worried about the kids getting bullied at school?”’ Melinda admitted. 'But in all honesty it is not something that concerns us. We had agreed that when thy become old enough we will explain our situation and are committed to instill them with tools to face any hurdle they may encounter. Thankfully we live in community that is pretty liberal and over time we hope families like ours will not be in a minority. Because in all honesty we think having two moms and one dad is the perfect way to raise a child, in a home full of love. We are even open to taking in even more lovers if it feels right in the future, as more hands make for an easier life.’


°Happy POV. You tell Happy that you’re pregnant and he’s scared to be a Dad.

Happy prepped his chair at his tattoo parlor. A brother of the club was on his way over for a touch up.

He was in the mood to get this done and head home, where his Old Lady was laid up not feeling well.

Happy didn’t want to leave but she had insisted that he get this done.

Quinn entered, his towering frame shadowing over Happy.

“Sup brother?” Quinn asked, giving Happy a brotherly hug.

Clapping him on the back, he sighed, “Alright.”

He pointed at the seat, ready for Quinn to park it.

“Heard Y/N’s been under the weather. She okay?”

Happy’s brows furrowed as he put a dollop of Vaseline on the tray.

“Who told you that?”

Quinn shrugged, “Croweater’s talkin’ about it to Gemma.”

Happy rolled his eyes and shook his head, “Can’t keep their mouths shut, the nosy bitches.”

“They're  women, man. It’s what they do.”

“Y/N has some sort of stomach bug. Don’t know what, but I had to threaten her with a smiley face if she didn’t let me take her to the doctor.”

Quinn laughed while Hap cleaned and shaved the area of rework.

Things quieted down as the buzzing of the tattoo gun filled the void of the shop.
About halfway through, Chibs came storming into the shop looking worried.


“My brother, ye need to get to St. Thomas. Y/N passed out.”

Happy’s eyes widened.

“Go on, man. We’ll get this later.” Quinn said, looking just as worried.

He liked Y/N. Any woman that could rein in the Tacoma Killer was kosher in his book.

Hap was quick to clean up Quinn and put everything away.
The whole club, including the Old Ladies were all in the waiting room hospital when Happy and Chibs walked in.

Gemma stood, giving Hap a hug.

“What room?” He asked, gruffly.


He went down the hall, only to be stopped by a male nurse, “Immediate family only sir.”

Hap’s jaw ticked, “I’m her Old Man, boy. Get outta my way.”

“Clarence, it’s okay.” Margaret Murphy came down, stopping the situation before it got worse.

“Sorry Mr. Lowman. Your doctor will be with you shortly.”

Happy nodded his thanks and went in the room, shutting the door behind him.

Y/N was alseep, only having an IV and heart monitor beeping.

Going to her side, he leaned down and kissed her pale lips. He laid his head down, whispering,

“Please be okay baby girl…”
Y/N moaned softly about an hour later, making Happy jump up.

She opened her eyes and smiled sleepily at Happy.

“Baby girl… you okay?”

She nodded, then winced. “Yeah, these beds are so uncomfortable though.”

He grinned slightly then it faded. Happy leaned his arm above her head, taking his other hand and running it through her hair.

“What happened? Scared the piss outta me.”

“Sorry honey… I was dehydrated from all the puking. I’m better now.” Her eyes shifted from his and he knew something else was wrong.

He gripped her chin firmly, “Uh hu. Don’t you start lyin’ to me girl. Now what the hell is going on?”

She closed her eyes, then opened them, revealing fear and tears.

“I’m pregnant…”


“You’re going to be a Daddy.”

Happy didn’t move and he felt panic.

Y/N sighed and rolled over, “That’s what I thought.”

He shook himself from his thoughts, true fear hitting him when he realized that she was shutting him out.

“Baby, no…”

“Just go Happy.”

“No! Now listen me.”

Y/N rolled back over, wiping a tear away.

“I’m scared.”

“You shouldn’t be.

"Well, I am. I don’t want to end up like my father.”

She sat up, pulling Hap to sit down. “You’re Dad just walked out and never look back… are you leaving us?”

“What? Hell no!”

Leaning forward, she kissed him.

“Then you’re not him.”

It wasn’t that simple… there were things… stuff that happened to him that he never told a soul too other than his mother.

It wasn’t the time to tell Y/N. She needed her rest, but the worry of being a Dad made him nauseous.

“Get some rest baby girl so we can get you home.”

She looked up at him as she got situated, “Are you mad?”

He kissed her slowly, tasting the familiar sweetness that was his Old Lady . “No, baby.”

She breathed through her nose, nodding her head. She knew there was more to the story, but she also knew not to push Happy into telling her.
Y/N was released a few hours later. Happy thought of taking their SUV and driving out to his Ma’s for a quiet few days.

“You feel up to riding in the car?” He asked her, rubbing her knee.

She yawned, “As long as I have a pillow and a blanket, I’ll be alright.”
Happy helped Y/N up the steps, then knocked on the door.

His mother, with her light brown hair in a bun and dressed in her neatly pressed pants and button down shirt; she looked like she was having a good week.

It was those weeks that she had the energy to press and iron her clothes. Her bad weeks during chemo, she usually wore a house coat.

Her green eyes lit up as she saw her son and future daughter in law.

“Come in, come in!”

Once inside, they hugged, Mrs. Lowman giving them both a good squeeze.

“Hey Ma.” He said, kissing her cheek.

“A surprise visit!” She looked at Y/N, her worry lines appearing.

“Oh Sweetheart, what’s the matter?”

“I’m fine Momma.” She said, swallowing.

Happy knew what was about to happen. Y/N had held it in the whole drive to Bakersfield, but she was about to be sick.

“You look sickly, Dear.”

Y/N slapped a hand over her mouth and ran to the kitchen sink since it was the closest.

Quickly following her, Hap held back her hair.

“Oh my,” Tears filled his mother’s eyes, but she hurried and got a glass, filling it with crushed ice and Sprite, which she always had on hand.

“Go sit down, baby girl.” Hap said, rinsing out the sink.

Y/N sank down in the chair, some color returning.

“Are you okay, Sweetheart?” Mrs Lowman asked.

Happy nodded at Y/N, letting her know it was okay to tell.

“I’m pregnant, Momma.” Y/N said, giving a weak smile.

His Ma pulled up a chair, hugging Y/N as they both shed some tears.

It warmed his heart seeing them like this, but the constant nagging was still brewing in his stomach.
Much later on, after Mrs Lowman fixed a light dinner. Y/N had gone to bed early, exhausted after the busy day.

Happy sat on the porch, smoking when his Mom came out.

“Talk to me, son,” she said, sitting next to him.

Happy stubbed out his cigarette and looked out into the neighborhood.

“I’m scared Ma.”

“Why?” She reached around, rubbing his back.

“I don’t want to end up like him .”

She nodded, understanding his predicament.

“Does Y/N know everything that happened?”

Running a hand briskly over his tattooed head, he sighed, “No,”

“Happy Lowman,” his mother scolded.

“I know Ma! Alright!?” He didn’t mean to snap at her.

“Tell her,” Mrs Lowman used her stern tone, not taking her sons lip.

“What am I suppose to tell her!? That the son of a bitch burned me with cigars? That he used to love to beat me with his belt til I was raw because I left a toy out? Or how about when he damn near beat me to death because I didn’t grab the right beer?!” Happy’s chest heaved as he relived the harshness of his childhood.

“I blame myself for that,” His mother said, sadly.

“I don’t. You couldn’t have known. He was real good at hiding that shit.”


He froze at the sound of her soft voice.

Mrs. Lowman stood up, leaving the two to talk alone.

Y/N made her way to Happy, leaning down to kiss the tattoo on his head.

She sat close to him, putting her arm through his and threading her fingers with his.

“I didn’t know your father was like that,”

Happy stayed silent, not trusting himself.

“I mean, I gathered he was a bastard, but I didn’t realize it was that bad.”

Happy snorted, “Yeah, he was.”

“Hey, don’t snap at me, Lowman.”

Happy’s shoulders fell, hearing the hurt in her voice, “I’m sorry.”

She nodded, proping her chin on his shoulder, “You’re going to be an amazing Daddy. I know it.”

Laying his head on top of hers, he sighed, “I wish I felt the same way.”
Y/N waddled up the corridor of the birthing center trying to keep the labor going.

She wore two gowns so she was completely covered but had been complaining about it being itchy and hot.

Happy walked next to her, ready to hold her as the contractions took over her.

She paused, gasping while holding her tummy, “Hap, I think it’s time.”

His eyes widened as he nodded, “T- Tara!” He hollered.

Tara came around the corner, looking concerned.

“Y/N, you okay?”

She breathed through her nose and exhaled out her mouth, “I feel like I need to push.”

“Alright, get her to the room and in the birthing pool.” Tara instructed.

Has quick as possible, they made their way back to the room.

Everyone left so Happy could help Y/N strip.

Happy slipped into some swim trunks and stepped into the pool first. He held out his hands, ready for anything at this point.

Y/N gripped his arms, stepping carefully over the lip of the pool. She sighed as the warm water covered her belly.

His mother, a nurse and Tara came in.

“Ready?” She asked, smiling.

“God yes!” Y/N gasped as a contraction hit.

Happy was kneeling in between her ankles, ready to catch his baby.

“I gotta push.” Y/N whined.

Mrs. Lowman used her knees for Y/N to lean back on.

Happy helped spread Y/N’s legs and leaned forward to kiss her head.

“Push baby girl.” He said, lowly.

Y/N bore down a small screech escaping her.

He watched as the baby began to crown and if he was scared before; he was fucking terrified now.

“Oh, shit!” He whispered.

“Just a couple more pushes Y/N! Hap, get ready to catch the baby.”

She bore down again, a combination of a grunt and a scream ripping through her throat.

Happy watched in terrified fascination as the head, shoulders and body just slipped right from Y/N.

Carefully, he caught the baby, holding on firmly to it.

They were so slippery!

He quickly craddled the baby to his bare chest, emotions taking over him. Tara took a blanket and began wiping down the baby and suctioning the nose and mouth.

It took a few moments, but the baby began to wail.

“Congratulations, it’s a girl!”

Y/N and his mother bursted into tears.

“Shhhh, it’s okay, Sweetheart.” Happy soothed the baby.

He leaned down and placed her on his Old Lady’s bare chest, covering them up.

He was still scared of becoming what his father was, but for once, the bottomless feelibg was starting to fade the more he watched Y/N and his baby girl, Libby.

A few hours later, once everything had settled, he held the bundled pink baby and rocked her in the chair as his woman slept.

Looking down at her, he thought of all the hell he had been through in his life.

This was it for him… he knew from then on, that he’d be the best Dad ever to Libby Lowman.

Biz burada dünyayı değiştirmek için toplanmadık.
Mütevazi bir önerimiz var;

“yeni bir dünya yaratmak !”

Comandante Ramona

(As a Tzotzil Mayan woman, “Ramona” left her home in search of work. She experienced the disparities between the rural communities and the larger towns. And, seeing that life was unjustly different for Indian women, she joined the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) to make life better for rural people, especially women.Comandante Ramona also helped to integrate women’s interests within the EZLN’s first list of demands, including demands for: birth clinics, childcare centers, spaces for women’s artisanal work and selling, as well as access to education and family planning resources for indigenous women. Her struggle was very intersectional: challenging traditional gender norms within rural Chiapas communities and at the same time pushing for indigenous rights within a larger country context.She participated in various actions with the EZLN, including the National Indigenous Forum, The First National Congress of Indigenous Women in Oaxaca and pushing for the San Andrés accords. She died at 47 years old from kidney failure.)

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Love-always-liz keeps bringing her 2 week old newborn out in public and I am like 🖑. Hold up. Stop. Usual recommendation is your baby to be 6 to 8 weeks before bringing them into public crowded places like a church. This is per two doctors one for my now 2 and 6 years old. I just want to 😷 that poor boy. She brought her kid out first when he was less than a week old. No way would I have done that to my kids. Ugh. Uninformed moms scare me.

I don’t really agree with this thinking, although I guess that makes me an “uninformed mom” according to you.

I took Truly places definitely before she was 6-8 weeks. I took her to the grocery store. I took her to target. I took her to the birthing center I was supposed to give birth in to meet the midwives. I think if you have a healthy child, you should get them out there. Exposing them to the general public, in my opinion, is good for their immune system. Truly has a great immune system, and I think it’s partly because I don’t sanitize everything she comes into contact with and I let her body build up a natural strength and immunity to things.

But. Maybe I’m wrong. 🤷🏻‍♀️


How they react when you go into labor...

Posting this per request! I love writing out head canons. If you have a suggestion for future headcanons please leave me an ask


• At the first sign of possible labor he immediately cancels all work plans even if it’s a few weeks before you go into real labor and never leaves your side.

• He already has the best midwives and staff in the entire country at a private birthing center on call for when the time happens.

• When you finally go into labor it will be Zen who will be his anchor because Jumin is an emotional wreck.

• He asks for Elizabeth 3rd to be present for the birth and you tell him no.


• Surprise! Your water breaks while he’s on set for a movie. You’re home alone when it happens so you call Zen first and then hop into the RFA chat.

• Jaehee is the first one to show up to your house, and she is the one who stays with you until Zen finally arrives to be with you. 

• Zen speeds on his motorcycle all the way home just to get to you, nearly getting multiple wrecks.

• Jumin sends security guards to your house to keep the paparazzi from invading yours and Zen’s privacy.

• He puts those prenatal pregnancy coach classes to good use! He rubs your back, your feet, and your shoulders. Anything to make you comfortable for your all-natural home birth.


• This poor cinnamon roll doesn’t have a clue what to do. He went to every prenatal class with you but his mind goes entirely blank.

• He offers to play the LOLOL soundtrack for you to help you feel comfortable.

• He faints when you get an epidural, causing him to almost miss the birth.

• Thankfully your next pregnancies he will be super prepared.


• He likes to think he’s prepared. After all, he read every book & online article he could find online when he wasn’t busy taking care of you.

• When your water breaks while you two are cuddling on the couch he forgets everything and initially panics. 

• He rushes you to the hospital in his favorite car. You can bet he sped through every stop sign and ignored the speed limits. 

• He’ll try to make you laugh and keep your mind off of how painful labor is. 

• Every time he leaves your sight, he will cry with happiness. After all, this is the start of the new family he doesn’t feel like he deserves. 


• You two decided to opt a child so when the mother goes into labor you both are there for her and supportive of her. 

•  The rest of the RFA will come to your side as you await your new bundle of joy.

• This will be one of the happiest days of her life with you. 

Do The Honors? Steve Rogers/Captain America

Author’s Note: Damn, this was cute as hell. I’m sorry for getting to it so late! I hope anon babe you see this and you enjoy it! 

The first two parts are memories if you didn’t know. I’m still sorta sick so please do forgive me if I didn’t find all of the mistakes. <3

Word Count: 3,316



Request: Anon

Could you write some daddy!steve x reader?


“Steve!” You called out to your husband. You nervously fiddled with the plastic stick in your hand.

“Y/N! I’m coming!” Steve’s footfalls could be heard rushing towards you. You had no idea how he would react to what you were about to tell him, you could only hope for the best.

A soft sigh escaped you lips, “You can do this Y/N! You’re an Avenger anyway, you’re brave as hell…” You stopped your pep talk when you heard heavy breaths at the door.

“Y/N? Wha-What happened, are you alright?” Steve crossed the threshold of the bathroom, quickly grabbing you at the elbows. “Are you hurt?” You shook your head at your overly worried spouse.

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While you’re pregnant, he will wait on you hand and foot and make sure you’re comfortable at all times.

Whenever you say anything about not feeling well or your stomach hurting he’ll want to rush you to the hospital.

He’s had the hospital/birth center bag packed, ready at the door for weeks. He had to call Nate and Elena to ask them for help on what to pack.

When its finally time, he’ll be a nervous wreck but he’ll get you to the hospital quickly and safely.

You nearly break his hand every time you have a contraction but he never lets go.

When it’s time to push Sam will be right next to you whispering encouraging words even if you keep telling him to shut the hell up.

You have a girl (which he was secretly hoping for since you guys didn’t want to know the sex of the baby beforehand). Her name will be Avery or Anne or Bonny or something like that thanks to Sam’s love of pirates.

Watching Sam hold the baby brings tears to your eyes. He’s so good with her.

When you get home, he still won’t let you do too much and you appreciate that because you’re extremely tired.

The baby starts crying one night and you start to get up but he stops you and tells you he’ll get her. The crying stops but Sam doesn’t come back. Your curiosity gets the best of you so you get up and walk to the baby’s room. There you find Sam sitting in the rocking chair, holding the baby and talking to her. She’s staring up at him almost like she can understand every word he’s saying. He’s telling her about you and how you two met and how he knew you were the one as soon as he saw you. You listen for a little longer then quietly go back to bed feeling like the luckiest person on earth.

I’m such a sap…

Listening to relaxing music can help reduce labor pain - simply because it gives you something else to focus on! Which kind of music you consider relaxing is up to your personal taste. Classic music, nature sounds, pop tunes or heavy metal: Choose whatever makes you feel calm and happy. However, make sure to ask beforehand if you’re allowed to listen to music in the hospital/birthing center. 

chaos-aurelius  asked:

hey, I saw your post on Thousand Curses the other day, so I'm following with another question, what is its opposite move, 'Myriad Truths'? the wikia says something about giving live to 1500 to counter 1000 deaths from Thousand Curses... but is that all?

Alright, world-building theorizing, part 2!

First of all you need to know that the moves “Thousand Curses” and “Myriad Truths” are both references to the ending of the story of Izanagi and Izanami in the Kojiki and Nihon-Shoki, the source of most of the commonly agreed Shinto Mythology (think of them as being to Shinto what the Edda is to Norse Mythology). 

Now, both the Kojiki and Nihon-Shoki have slightly different versions of the tale, but in both versions the story ends with Izanagi making the same mistake as Orpheus and breaking his promise to not look at his wife (who incidentally is also his twin-sister…) before bringing her back to the world of the living, which results in him seeing her in a zombie-like form and cursing her and all of the underworld for being so unsightly. Izanami gets understandably angry and tries to kill Izanagi, sending female demons (the Yomotsu Shikome) after him for that purpose, but Izanagi manages to escape them with some magic tricks, then he seals the entrance to Yomi with a rock and tries to catch his breath. He doesn’t get much of a break, however, since Izanami immediately starts bickering with him through the rock (They really are a married couple…. and siblings…) Eventually their quarreling derails to the point that Izanami casts a curse that will kill 1000 people in the living world every day, just to spite Izanagi. Izanagi reacts to that curse by swearing to build 1000 birthing centers in which at least 1500 babies shall be born every day - or 10.000 in some versions. 

This is what the moves symbolize. “Thousand Curses” was translated literally, while “Myriad Truths” was “10.000 Truths” originally. The symbolism here is that Izanami casts her ancient curse; to bring death and despair upon those that  disappoint her ideals, while Yu with Izanagi-no-Ookami returns that which was destroyed 10-fold, dispelling the despair. The reason the move is called “Myriad Truths” rather than “Myriad Births” is what Yu is opposing Izanami’s ideals with: Not with spite and impatience (as the mythological Izanagi did; which is what Adachi symbolizes), but with his own ideals, with his willingness to look the harshness of the world, the death and despair and cruel truths and curses, right into the eye and accept that they’re reality. 

Izanami is a goddess. In the Persona Universe, gods and demons are created from human emotion and thought. Izanami was created from the people’s collective desire to see their wishes come true, but this desire became warped into self-delusion through the ages, which is what caused Izanami to start the events of Persona 4 in first place. (And P4GA hints that Marie embodies what remains of Izanami’s original purpose, before she was warped.) So all of Izanami’s powers are based on the collective human desire to delude yourself.  Yu opposes this with the polar opposite desire; the strong belief and ideal that you have to look the truth in the eye, especially if you want your desires to be granted. Now, if it were Yu alone, his lone emotions probably wouldn’t be enough to cancel out Izanami’s powers, but he *isn’t* alone. That’s the whole point of him having Social Links. Through his Social Links, he has the strong emotions of more than 20 other people behind him when he casts his “counter-spell” to Izanami’s curse - and because those emotions are so strong when channeled into his persona, they do to Izanami’s powers what most opposing forces do to each other in nature: They neutralize each other. 

Myriad Truths symbolizes the willingness of Yu - and everybody he knows - to accept the fact that the world is a difficult, harsh, cursed place full of dark truths and death, and still find the silver lining and birth new things that make up for that which is destroyed everyday. This willingness and hopeful courage is enough to cancel out Izanami’s power and thus disperse it (and returning it to Marie, if you’re playing Golden and have finished her side quest.) 

This is very similar (though smaller in scale) to how the protagonist seals Nyx at the end of Persona 3: It’s been stated that it’s his honest, sincere desire for life and willingness to sacrifice the life he loves to protect other lives that counters out humanity’s collective desire for death, which draws Nyx and Erebus closer together. 

In fact, these oppositions are a running theme in the Persona series since the early days… Mai and Aki, Maki and Pandora, Shadows and Personas, Ideals and Rumors, Philemon and Nyarlathotep… There’s always two opposing forces of desire, born from the same pool of energy, that cancel each other out, but also cannot exist without each other. It’s the theme of balance that leads to “enlightenment” (Or as Jung would say “Individuation”) which the series propagates. 

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Can I request a hanbin scenario you are having a 5 months pregnancy and you secretly go ikon concert to support him ? Thank you ❤️

Can I request a hanbin scenario you giving birth thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Member: Kim Hanbin

Genre: Fluff

A/N: it’s Husband!Hanbin season (i combined this if you guys dont mind :D)

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