Oh, and I forgot! For the Second Day of Tilz’s Birthday, I got her this kitschy 1974 paperback edition of Joanna Russ’ The Female Man. It was the last one they were selling so go me for being right on the spot.Tilz, this book is nearly perfect except for some minor transphobia near the end, which Russ apologized for later (putting her worlds above most second wave feminists when it comes to terf-dom.) Not only is it exquisitely world built (can that be phrased that way even) but it’s also one the most perfect pieces of sci fi in terms of its literary aspect that I’ve ever read. Outside of the whole sci fi element, too, it’s one of the best feminist art works from that era, period. I’m sad that you won’t have the pleasure of first reading it at 16 like I did, but I reread a couple of years ago and it stood up to that rereading.

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