Winchester brothers-Birthday wishes

Title: Birthday Wishes

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:1178

Request:Can I pretty please get a birthday one shot? My birthday’s Friday and it’ll actually be my golden birthday since I’ll be 17. I know your box is full so you can do other stories first.

Request:Turning 17 and sister in everything but name (so she’s not their sister but they treat her like she is) thanks again wolf, I really appreciate it.Idk maybe a small party in the bunker and they let her try a tiny taste of booze, and end up cuddling with Dean watching Caddyshack.Oh and a very intense game of Mario kart. Thanks wolf I really appreciate it.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY YA SPECIAL THANG! Hope it’s not too crappy, sorry it’s late x

‘’But Sammy, I just wanna go to bed!’’You whined as he dragged you down the old, crackled pavement. You shuffled, letting him carry most of you weight as he dragged you into yet another shop. 

He looked around, yanking and pulling you as he ‘ooh’d’ and ‘Awh’d’ at different things. ‘’One more shop!’He begged as he flashed you his puppy dog eyes. You narrowed your eyes at him, squinting as he held his gaze and stood tall, straightening himself out so he wouldn’t break. 

‘’You’re obviously not even interested in this stuff so why are you dragging me around shops?’’You glared as you crossed your arms. Sam rolled his eyes, about to comment when his phone rang. 

He pulled it out his pocket, glancing at the screen name before glancing back at you and turning his back towards you. You let out a huff, stalking off to the dvd section as you began to flip through random dvd’s. 

Sam suddenly came next to you before bracing his large hand on your shoulder. ‘’See anything you like, Bud?’’He asked softly. 

‘’No.. why?’’You frowned, brows drawing in. Why were they acting so weird, why did Sam want to know if you wanted anything. 

‘’Well it’s your birthday, duh’’Sam chuckled before he ruffled your hair. You whacked his arm before smoothing out your hair. 

‘’So’’You shrugged. ‘’We’ve never done anything for birthday’s’’You added. Sam just shrugged and motioned that you were leaving. ‘’No more shops?’’You asked with a weary glance. 

‘’Nope’’He grinned, popping the ‘p’. You both made your way back to the Bunker, Sam quickly shuffling behind you as you opened the door. You flicked the lights on as soon as the door opened and was caught half way of taking your jacket off. 

‘’SURPRISE!’’Dean yelled as he jumped up. 

‘’AHH!’’You screamed, bouncing backwards before pulling your gun out and aiming the barrel straight down Dean’s face. Dean dropped to the floor, you sighing as Sam lowered your gun. 

‘’Yeah, should have re-thought that part through’’Dean laughed as he got up and brushed himself off. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you in as he placed a warm kiss on the top of your forehead. 

‘’W-what’s going on?’’You asked confused, eyes tearing up as you looked around the room. There was a birthday sigh that had been hung up, the number ‘16′ been crossed out with a marker and ‘17′ written above it. 

‘’Really dude?’’Sam chuckled as he nodded towards the signs. Dean shrugged as he jumped down on the couch. 

‘’They were all out of 17′s’’He stated nonchalantly before patting the space next to him. You and Sam sat down either side of him. 

‘’I can’t believe you guys did this. It’s amazing. Thank you’’You whispered. 

‘’Ah ah, no chick flick moments little sister’’Dean grinned as he held his palm out. You rolled your eyes, nudging his arm with your elbow before resting your head on his shoulder. 

‘’Thanks guys’’You mumbled against his plaid shirt. They both smiled before they pulled out presents. 

‘’Now, it’s not much but it’s the best you’ll get’’Dean smirked as you sat up. 

‘’You really didn’t have to-’’

‘’Well you’re our baby sister, and we love you-’’Sam got interrupted by a groaning Dean. 

‘’Shut up and open your presents’’Dean yelled as he squirmed excitedly. Not even bothering to be gentle you ripped open the wrapping paper and smiled at Sam. 

‘’Thanks Sammy!’’You laughed as you placed the chocolate bar to one side before looking underneath. ‘’A one direction magazine. Thanks’’You chuckled. He gave you an innocent shrug. 

‘’It was all they had, that or porn’’He remarked before bringing his beer bottle to his lips. Dean passed you his and you were sure he probably did get you porn but only so he could say you couldn’t have it so he would have to take it ‘’away’’ from you. 

To your surprise you opened it up to a album you had been wanting for ages. You grinned, hugging them both.

The night started to get better, you were all now sat on the couch, Sam on the floor between your legs as Dean wore a titled party hat around his head whilst you played Mario Kart. 

‘’COME ON!’’Dean whooped as he swerved, his thumbs dashing madly at the controller. 

‘’No! Seriously? really (Y/n)’’Sam glared up at you as his car fell over one of your banana’s. 

‘’I’m the birthday girl’’You mocked as you threw him a air kiss. He rolled his eyes before you were all yelling at the screen, you and Dean getting so close to the edge. 

Sam gave up in the end, finally admitting defeat as he cleaned up the room. 

‘’Move it old man!’’You yelped as you knocked Dean’s elbow. 

‘’hey! Cheater!’’He accused. Sam rose his brows, giving you both a look. You finally had enough and shoved your hand in Dean’s face causing his car to swerve and you to have enough time to get ahead. 

‘’Hey!’’He growled as he threw his controller on the couch and jumped on you. You squealed, his weight pushing you down as you tried to get your controller away from his prying hands. 

‘’Alright, alright. You both win!’’Sam called as he separated the two of you. You poked your tongue out at Dean who just copied your actions. 

‘’Time to get some shut eye I think’’Sam chuckled. 

‘’Hey, Sammy’’You asked randomly. 

‘’Yeah, Bud?’’He replied as he put another cup into the black bag. 

‘’Ca I try some of your drink?’’You asked giving them an innocent look. Sam’s head shot up as straight away he was about to say no when he saw Dean giving him a ‘well it’s harmless’ look. 

‘’Only because it’s your birthday and that is it’’Sam said with a strict tone. He handed over his beer to which you copied his earlier actions and took a sip. You accidently took to much, the alcohol burning your throat as you face scrunched up. 

They began to laugh at you as you coughed, tongue sticking out. ‘’Eugh!’’You grimaced. 

‘’Well, least now we haven’t got to worry about her drinking’’Dean chuckled as he patted your back. 

You headed off to bed, tossing and turning as you couldn’t sleep. You don’t know whether its because you were still so buzzed from the excitement and happiness of doing something so normal and special. 

Getting up you padded bare footed to the hallway before you noticed a light coming from Dean’s door. The closer you got the more you heard mumbled voices. After knocking on the door you head a ‘come in’. 

Dean was sitting on his bed, one leg bent, the other resting out as he looked over at you. ‘’What’s up?’’He asked as you flopped next to him. 

‘’Can I watch this with you?’’You pouted, turning on your puppy dog eyes. He laughed, throwing his head back before wrapping a arm around your shoulders and drawing you into his side. 

‘’Course you can Little sis.’’He smiled. 

‘’Happy Birthday by the way’’