A Steroline Fan's Reaction to TVD 6x13

Bonnie on the Previously scenes

Bonnie cooking breakfast

“Happy Birthday Bonnie”

Elena’s fucked up logic about Bonnie’s birthday

Yay! Steroline scene I’ve watched a million times!!

That way Stefan looks at her

Baroline’s childhood story

Stefan following Caroline like a lost puppy

Damon: Happy Birthday Bon Bon

Kai cockblocking a Delena moment

Kai explaining his disgust with crying

Enzo being obsessed again

Momma Donovan mention

Liv being miserable without Luke

Elena calling Silas hot

Kai calling Delena revolting

Stefan stalking Care

Stefan and Caroline slightly flirting

Elena in reverse

Kai being a perfect Elena hater

Matt trying to make conversation with Sara

Bamon clip on the camera

Damon remembering his pact with Bonnie

Stefan is drunk and is teasing Caroline

Steroline fake fighting

Steroline laughing on the ground

Elena questioning Delena

Old Stelena mentions

Bonnie sobbing

Kat Graham’s acting

They find Ms. Cuddles

That Stero Gaze

Stefan stroking her cheeks



Bonnie and her goodbye video

Bonnie not coming back

Tyler telling Liv he doesn’t wanna see her again

Delena sex

Stefan giving his wifey alcohol to dull the pain

Bonnie taking her life into her own hands


Next weeks promo: Bye Jeremy, Hello Steroline