When I was about ten years old, I was dancing at the White House and I was getting interviewed by the local news and the guy said, “what do your friends think about you dancing?” And I told him “well, they think it’s a girl sport, but I’ll be making the big bucks one day and they will be picking up my trash”. And I kid you not, about ten years later I was living in Los Angeles and I was touring the world as a Justin Timberlake dancer and I got the chance to dance in some movies and some commercials, some music videos. I was living out my dream, and I came back home to Stoughton and I saw two kids who used to make fun of me, literally picking up my trash. They were working as trash man that summer. So full circle, those same kids who were making fun of me and trying to ruin my day, look at what happened.

So don’t ever, ever let anyone derail your dreams..