birthdays are worst days

Happy Birthday *throws confetti* ILU~ you’re the best owl ever.

I seem to have a talent for being just a tad bit late with my birthday pictures. (that does not at all imply that I completely forgot it was Bo’s birthday until I saw @franeridart‘s post on my dash… ゞ◎Д◎ヾ )

Dear Evan Hansen characters as things my mother has done
  • Cynthia: collapses on my bed "they had weeeeeeed" continues to cry
  • Larry: makes strangling motion with her hands when her students are acting stupid
  • Jared: laughs at a trump meme for a solid 5 minutes
  • Heidi: joins PTA, "I don't like anyone. They're all so stupid."
  • Zoe: sings along to every Justin Timberlake song on the radio, scandalizes my friends
  • Alana: "why did I become a teacher I DON'T EVEN LIKE CHILDREN"
  • Connor: my mom was born on Father's Day, one year she woke up late to my grandma screaming "what do you have to say to your father?!?" at her, it took them solidly half the day to remember her birthday
  • Evan: "the worst injury I had as a kid was when I got my bell bottoms stuck in the chain on my bike and fell down a hill"
on kevin’s birthday
  • he wakes up like its a normal day, but ofc neil knows his birthday, neil knows the size of the big toe on his left foot
  • “happy birthday” neil mutters, an offhand comment
  • andrew overhears, and he freezes like hes just remembered something. his eyes slide over to kevin. in that one exchanged stare, kevin sees his own demise predicted. empires rise and fell, fire reins, andrews eyes are glinting, kevin is fucking screwed.
  • the foxes think theyre coy, but theyre so fucking not. kevin doesnt comment, and they dont comment. (mostly they dont comment. nicky cant help it. he offers a birthday lap dance and kevin swings for his head)
  • fast forward, its 5 pm, and kevin is cautiously optimistic that the day will go by without—
  • “SURPRISE” is not a thing a grown man wants to hear shouted from a dark room when he gets home. since his exy racquet never leaves his hand, he is Ready To Go, and Nicky, being closest, has to duck for the second time that day to avoid having his head taken off
  • Dan forces him into a chair and puts a party hat on his head, then threatens to have him benched if he doesnt stay put
  • kevin slouches and sulks bc he is kevin & he will never be happy
  • the foxes give him a horrendous rendition of happy birthday, but instead of kevin they say “fuckwit” (this is the only word andrew contributes) and then he blows out candles
  • he wishes they would all go away & not talk to him again until they knew how to play exy
  • the cake is chocolate w/ white frosting, and everyone has a piece. for most ppl, that means, like, u know, a reasonable amount for the size of the human. andrew consumes about half of the cake on his own without comment.
  • wymack shows up w/ a bottle of vodka not even wrapped halfway thru cake
  • kevin doesnt take the hat off bc he doesnt want to waste time being yelled at by dan, but he rambles to allison for a solid 10 minutes about george washington bc they happen to share a birthday
  • at one point, she cant take it anymore and walks away while hes mid-sentence
  • they dont leave him alone or talk about exy, so hes crabby, but he also doesnt admit that its overall not the worst birthday hes ever had

In celebration of their album, GLORY DAYS, Little Mix shares stories about their first kiss, puberty, first performances and birthdays! They then decide if it was a “Glory Day” or a “Worst Day”.


Imagine. Enzo singing and playing Happy Birthday to you. 

This day had been the worst. After a long shift at the hospital with rude patients and a boss struggling with his relationship and let it go out on his employees, all you could think about was taking a shower and making some food. 

You opened the door only to hear someone playing the guitar. You followed the sound too the living room where Enzo sat calmly. He went from a beautiful Spanish ballade to Happy Birthday and started singing to, you didn’t know he could sing. He finished and put away the gitar. “Happy Birthday, beautiful.” He said and pulled you into a warm hug. 

I guess the birthday ended up pretty good after all. 

Perceptive Functions

Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

Ne is about seeing all the possibilities, all the possible endings and directions of a situation. It synthesizes abstract ideas and easily understands connections between everything. People using Ne are able to connect up things, people, cases etc, that you would never imagine they would fit together. What is more, Ne takes one thing and it analyzes into many different things. Extroverted intuition is capable of entertaining multiple contradictory ideas simultaneously as it sees almost every side to every situation. It is predominantly a future-oriented function that examines all the possibilities of what could happen next. Those people are usually excitable (especially by the unknown or the totaly new) and highly creative. Ne people, can change the subject of a conversation so easily that you won’t even notice. They intrinsically enjoy debating ideas, exploring various interests and they view almost everything in life as challenging or fun. They also have vivid imaginations. They are constantly thinking about what to do or experience next, but have a difficult time sticking with just one idea or plan long-term. They get bored easily and they always need something different and new in order to keep up with.

Example: Someone gives to a Ne the word “Life”. Ne will act like: Life. Life is colour. Flowers have many colours so life is flowers. Flowers mean spring. My grandma loves spring. In spring I have my birthday. Spring is my friend’s Zoe (Zoe means Life in Greek) worst season. Birthday? Birthday is the best day in the world for each person. Did you know the world’s population is 6,5.000.000 +…. etc. That’s because Ne loves analyzing things in all possible ways and then connecting those things together.

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

Ni forms a framework of how the world works based on thorough, abstract analysis of past and current events. It aims to identify the “essence” of ideas, theories, people and situations in order to fit them into a larger schema. Introverted intuition is a forward thinking function that seeks to identify the optimal or most likely outcome of future events. People who lead with introverted intuition always try to find the most possible end in situations etc. They are usually intense people, focused and highly perceptive of inconsistencies that arise in their external environment. They enjoy riddles, puzzles and wordplay. When they end up in a conclusion, it’s really hard to make them change their minds because they think that what they guessed it’s the only right thing. They often experience “hunches” or “aha” moments that they may identify as epiphanies. They are excited by the unknown. They usually need time when forming an answer and often, they will return days after your last conversation in order to tell you something they thought or they learned during this period. While Ne is all about seeing all future possibilities (even the wrong ones), Ni is about seeing the one most sure/obvious possibility. Their intense foresight is a product of their future-oriented introverted intuition subtly pairing with their low extroverted sensing.

Example: A Ni is watching a complex movie with friends. One of the characters keeps saying that they feel alone, they don’t know or care about the future, they never smile etc. The Ni user will automatically conclude that this character will die or commit sucide eventually and they will probably be right. That’s because Ni knows to take in information from patterns, symbols, behaviour, unnoticed things etc and then to sum all those things up and find the final result.

Extroverted Sensing (Se):

Se is focused on taking in the world as it exists in the present moment. It is highly in tune with the sights, smells, sounds and general physical stimulus that surrounds it. Extroverted Sensing lives and thrives in the moment, more so than any other function. People who lead with Se are often naturally athletic, highly impulsive, observing and enjoy ever-changing stimuli. They place a high value on aesthetics and lust after the “finer things in life”. Extroverted sensors usually aren’t interested in over-analyzing a situation. They simply see what they want and they go for it. These types tend to exude a natural sense of confidence, as they are usually quite sure of who they are and what they want. If they want to say something, they say it. If they want to hear something in a noisy room, they will tell others to stop talking. They like doing sensory activities (or sports).

Example: When you try to read a book or do your homework or a project and you automatically turn your head and look at a butterfly out of the window, it’s your Se function noticing an external sound, figure etc and it wants you to stop doing what you’re doing and just keep looking at that butterfly. Se users would also want to go outside and touch the butterfly.

Introverted Sensing (Si):

Si is a detail-oriented, information storage function. It takes note of facts, events and occurrences exactly as they happen and categorizes them, somewhat like an internal filing system. This is a past-oriented function that dwells predominantly on what has been and it often gives way to nostalgia. People who lead with Si are organized and structured, as they believe in being prepared for any potential problem. They hold tradition in high esteem and believe that the tried and true method is always the best way of getting things done. Introverted sensors believe that the future will repeat the past, more so than any other type. They hate the unexpected and they always want to feel secure about anything. They hardly ever try new things or different methods of doing something because they see the good - old method as the best one. They also connect things that are happening now, with similar things that happend in the past. They are really good at remembering details such as names, numbers, dates, street names, adresses etc.

Example: A Si person looks at a red dress. The way they react will be like: Wow look at that dress. It reminds me of a longer, red dress my second cousin, Mary, was wearing four years ago in a school party next to that street at 8:30 PM, and she was so beautiful with that dress and I remember a tall, thin boy called Bob telling her… etc.

Decision - Making Functions

Introverted Feeling (Fi):

Fi is about deep analysis of personal emotional processes and morality. It seeks to break down emotions to their core and understand them as wholly as possible. It also develops a strong internal value system of right and wrong, which the Fi user employs to make decisions. Fi searches for the deeper meaning behind everything. Introverted feelers are highly aware of their own emotions, and when they put themselves in the shoes of others, they can often feel their pain or joy on a personal level. That means they cannot feel in the same way what others feel. They are sympathetic (understand the pain/joy), but not empathetic (feel the pain/joy of others). People who lead with Fi are compassionate, analytical and often highly concerned with moral issues. It is very common for them to be self-conscious because they find it hard to understand how others may react to something they do or say. They are usually highly creative or artistic, and may feel as though nobody else truly understands who they are deep down because their feelings are introverted, so they aren’t comfortable expressing how they feel outwardly. They express their passion through art, music, poetry etc. They have a rich inner world that they want to guard. They mainly advocate for staying true to yourself and do what makes you happy.

Example: In a survivor game, there is a Fi user that has to do something they don’t like/want to. Fi users would never do something they’d feel it’s wrong. Let’s suppose that someone tells them to kill an animal (a turtle, a fish etc). The Fi person will probably not do it because this is what their moral/ethic code of right-wrong tell them to do, even if that means they will not eat.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

Fe is highly concerned with maintaining social norms and keeping the peace. It is a decision-making function that strives to do what is best for the group and picks up naturally on the emotions of others. It is a mirroring function that may cause the user to have trouble deciphering and understanding their own feelings without the input of others. Extroverted feeling requires social interaction to stay fulfilled, more so than any other function. People who lead with Fe are highly reactive and sensitive to the feelings of others. They seek out social interaction relentlessly, as they feel the happiest and most alive when they are in the company of loved ones. They seek to maintain harmony and keep the peace at all costs – they cannot fully enjoy themselves unless the people around them are healthy, happy and comfortable. Although they do have personal moral standards, they usually try to create harmony and peace, even if that means sacrificing a part of their individuality. Warning! People who use Fe, will not feel healthy and happy, until everyone they care about is happy. If you see someone feeling sad by keeping harmony, it means they are not Fe. Maybe they are Fi. Fe is happy when everyone is happy. Fi wants everyone to be happy, but only if it is happy first.

Example: Five friends plan to go out for food and everyone wants to eat pizza except from a Fe user who wants Italian. The Fe user probably won’t tell what they really want to eat and they will agree with others on pizza, since they don’t want to ruin the atmosphere. This is what makes them happy, so they won’t feel sad for not eating pizza.

Extroverted Thinking (Te):

Te seeks to impose order on the external environment as efficiently and logically as possible. It’s about doing what you know and using your knowledge and information. It values productivity above all else and is a results-based, action-oriented function. Te wants to see results, it doesn’t care about the process or the system behind it. It naturally implements concrete plans for accomplishing goals and is quick to make decisions. People who lead with extroverted thinking are frank, decisive, calm, ambitious and highly productive in every capacity. They are natural leaders, goal-oriented in the workplace as they are quick to take charge and give orders. Extroverted thinkers may come across as bossy, hard, or opinionated to those who lack the function, but in reality they are simply pointing out what they believe to be the most efficient course of action for everyone involved. Te will ask “how the system works and what else can be done?” while Ti will ask “why the system works that way and what else is happening behind it?”. Te will not learn something they think it’s not useful or something that will not help them achieve.

Example: Te is given a program about a project that must be done. The schedule is like: First, we need to do x. After, we should tell y to do z so after these and these courses of action, the result should be like this. Te will probably not care about the process. They will overlook it and they will keep in mind just the result of the project. They will work the way they want in order to logically achieve their final goal, without showing importance on the process and the schedule.

Introverted Thinking (Ti):

Ti is an information-gathering function that seeks to form a framework for how and why the world works on a concrete, tangible level. It is adept at understanding systems and naturally notices inconsistencies within them. Ti seeks a thorough understanding of how things work as a whole. It wants to deconstruct things to look at the individual parts and see how things function together. Ti will also ask why, when etc. It cares about the process of things and not so much about the result. They cannot be satisfied with just a small answer or just what the goal is. They want to know everything about the process, about the idea behind it. They are logical, systematic and objective to a fault. Introverted thinkers will learn something for knowledge’s sake. It doesn’t matter if they will never use the information. They just want to know. Even if it’s useless. They ask a lot of questions about everything they think it’s questionable. They enjoy finding “short-cuts” that increase efficiency within a given system. Ti users are often heavily introverted, as they take a great deal of time to understand how things work before they feel comfortable sharing or acting on their knowledge. They prefer not talking about what they have in mind and they hate it when others think out loud.

Example: Ti is given a mathematical exercise which goes like: A=E. Ti will be annoyed by the exercise and the person that created it. That’s because Ti wants to see all the process. It doesn’t care that A equals E. They want to know the whole action. So they correct the exercise and they make it look like: A=B, B=C, C=D, D=E, so A=E.

Hope this helps ☺

Ten Years

Warnings: none? FLUFF

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister! Reader.

Request/Summary: Can you make an one-shot where the reader is kidnapped at the age of 2 or 3 and Sam and Dean have been looking for her for a long time, but can’t find her and the reader is raised by the one(s) who kidnapped her, but when she is adult Sam and Dean find her. The kidnapper(s) could be supernatural (like a demon or vampire) but you can decide that. Btw I love your account and Every story is just so amazing in it’s own way <3

Word Count: 1,576 (I went a little overboard)

Y/N: Your name

Y/N/N: Your nickname

Thirteen years, thirteen years it has been since they last saw you. You were only two years old when you were taken from their lives. It was a werewolf pack case that had got you taken, your two older brothers forever guilty for it, and your father blamed them as well. It was the middle of the night and you couldn’t sleep, so, big brothers Sam and Dean took you on a ride with baby to look  at the stars, but what they thought was going to be a calming night actually turned into a bloody fight. During all the commotion one of the werewolves managed to take a hold of you and took  you to their nest, being separated  from your brothers forever, or so they thought.

It was your fifteenth birthday today, your Mom had woken you up with a small vanilla cupcake with a pretty blue candle place right in the middle.

“Happy Birthday, Sunshine!” She said planting a soft kiss on your nose, “Make a wish” She said motioning for you to blow it out. You thought for a second, what could you wish for? Finding the thing that you had lost. You didn’t know what you had lost but it always felt like you were missing something, you never mentioned this to no one of course, they’d think you were crazy. With your wish in mind you blew out the candle, your mom then picking the blown out candle and licking the frosting still on it.  

Just a second later your older brother Matt ran into your room and smashed the cupcake into your face, leaving the oh-so beautiful frosting on your face.

“Goddammit Matt! I’m gonna get you!” You said jumping up from your bed and running after him. When you caught him you hugged him and slathered all the frosting on your face onto his shirt. You were both laughing hysterically and hugged again.

*Sam and Dean’s POV*

But meanwhile you were having fun, your real brothers were having the worst day of their year. Your birthday was always the hardest day of the year, it made them remember all the time they hadn’t been able to have with you. They were currently doing a case in Lakewood, Denver. It seemed to be werewolves considering that all the victims were found without their hearts. They found a lead on where the werewolves were going to be, so they decided to check the place out, tomorrow though, since today was a day of mourning

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Birthday Wish - Alfie Solomons One Shot

It’s my birthday and I’ll write smut if I want to.

Birthday Wish

Her heels clicked out a warning regarding her dark mood as she rapidly walked along the cobbled streets. This day couldn’t end fast enough. All she wanted was to go home and climb into that big copper tub and soak every worry and ache away. Forget this day had ever happened. She snorted a loud humpfh as she skirted around other pedestrians. One shoulder knocking off a large gentleman’s and nearly sending her teetering off balance. As she fought to remain upright, the thought came sourly; yeah, just forget you’d ever been born.

Well that was a bit dramatic. Not to mention ungrateful. However, it was her birthday and also just about the worst day ever. Work had been busier than ever, with barely a moment to pause. Her new hosiery had a run in it not ten minutes after arriving at the bakery. Worst of all was an entire batch of bread ruined due to an incorrect oven setting. She had hoped her boss would let her go early - maybe even take her to lunch. But no, he’d been his typical grumpy, volatile self all morning. When she had sought him out in his office to say she wasn’t feeling well, he wasn’t even there. Had “gone for the rest of the day on some important task” his assistant had said.

Well wasn’t that just fine!!! HE gets to leave for a special errand, but the birthday girl spends the day covered in flour and buried in his paperwork.

Well hell no, if she would!!

She told that foolish boy assistant as much and marched straight out of the empty office. Then right on out the distillery back doors. Ollie thought about given chase; he had warned Alfie about not saying anything to his girl on her special day. But the tough gangster had insisted he had it all under control. Ollie shook his head and gave up the idea of chasing Alyona down the streets. Especially given her mood when she departed. He smirked a little imagining the tirade about to be unleashed on his employer when she arrived home. Maybe he’d sit down behind the big desk and have a cup of coffee while he imagined the scenario. Ollie was halfway to his office and the coffee pot when he suddenly turned on his heel in retreat to the desk once more. Picking up the phone he heaved a sigh. He still had to work with the man after all.

Alfie heard the key in the door from the second floor of the manor and came to stand at the top of the stairs. She breezed through the door, slamming it so hard he winced and the dog backed out of the room. Her clutch and keys were tossed upon the hutch and heels kicked off; one skittering down the hallway towards the kitchen. A mumbled fuckin hell tossed after it.

Alfie cringed from his position above. Well, there was no doubt she was his woman, as he heard the stream of curses continue towards the kitchen. A door slammed, followed by the bang of glass on the table. Guess Ollie weren’t bluffing after all. Suddenly silence from the kitchen and slowly he descended the stairs. He found her by the doors to the backyard, eyes wide and mouth ajar, the glass of whatever something strong and straight she poured tilting in her hand. Only her eyes moved slowly about the room, taking in the dozen or so bouquets of flowers. So many colourful blooms that she could not even name them all. And in the centre of each fragrant bunch was a simple daisy.

The breakfast table was set with china and candles, and it was only now as she stood wondering how - her nose caught the delicious aroma that permeated the room. As she turned towards the oven, her eyes caught Alfie standing leaning against the wall just outside the kitchen entrance. Eyes resting on her and the smile lighting his face.

“Ya thought I forget yeah?”

She could only nod and buried her face in her hands. Her mind recalling all the hateful words that had rolled about her head the long walk home.

“Yeah well see, I didn’t right. Happy birthday beautiful.”

The tears slipped down her cheeks, as she thought how yet again she had under estimated him. Thought the worst - when here he had left his business to come home and do his best for her. Her eyes dropped to the floor.

“I’m wretched.”

He crossed the room and stood before her, hands in his pockets.

“Ollie said ya weren’t likely to arrive home in the best of moods.”

"I’m sorry Alfie. I don’t deserve all this … I was so hurt and angry …”

He finally drew her into his arms ; felt the whole weight of her sag upon him. All he could think about was how he loved the way the top of her head fit perfectly in the crook of his neck. His chin resting at her temple where he kissed her softly.

"Nah love. I should have said something this morning before I left.” His hand rubbed down the length of her back. “Would have been more proper than letting ya go half the day thinking I’d forgotten. Or didn’t care.”

She leaned around his burly frame and plucked the daisy from the nearest bouquet, inhaling it’s sweet scent.

"Ya did really good love.” She pulled his mouth to her own. “Mmmmm, real good.”

"Yeah? Because listen sweetie, this is only the start.” At her raised brow, he took her hand and led the way upstairs. “Come on.”

When they reached the landing he proceeded towards the master bath, she could see light flickering from the hallway. When she stepped inside, her breath caught. The bathtub stood steaming full and surrounded by more flowers and candlelit filled the room. A bottle of champagne chilling nearby. The final touch was a tray of strawberries dipped in chocolate. She almost swooned on the tile floor. Instead she clasped his hand.

"Alfie, I can’t believe ya did all this. No one has ever …” her voice caught and the tears flowed once more.

Alfie was more practical and simply pulled her close and began slowly undressing her. His eyes capturing her own and holding her with that steady way of his. His hands roamed over her bare flesh, stoking all the flames to burning. She reached for his shirt buttons but he pushed her hand away.

"Ach, this is just for ya tonight love. Get in and don’t come out until I can see yer smile in those stunning eyes of yers, right.”

She kissed him soundly and then didn’t hesitate to climb in the soothing heat, leaning back with a long sigh. Alfie handed her a crystal glass of champagne and brought one of the decadent berries to her mouth. She licked her lips, savouring the blending of flavours; noted how his brow raised.

"Sure ya don’t want to join me?”

He stared at her long and hard, as though memorizing every detail. Eyes raking down the length of her lithe form, lingering on the swell of her breasts just below the water. Recalling the first time he had glimpsed her just like this. How he had wanted to climb into that tub and lose himself in the feel of her. And now he knew exactly how good she felt.

And he had dinner in the oven.

Fuckin hell and damn, when did ya get domesticated anyhow!?

"I can’t believe, right … that I’m even saying… hell probably gonna regret it … but I got to keep an eye on the dinner.”

It was unclear who was more shocked. Alfie that he was turning down sex, or Alyona that he had actually cooked.

"Not Sabini’s?”

He snorted in offense. “Fuck no love. I wanted it to be special for ya.”

His eyes sought hers, the hesitation and uncertainty barely concealed. She grabbed his arm and pulled him back for a hearty kiss.

"I love you Alfie. And you have made it special.” The look of relief that crossed his face did not go unnoticed. She whispered softly by his ear, “and I know you’ll make it extra special later too.”

Their gazes locked, and mouths merged and when he finally raised his head again

"There’s that smile I love. Happy birthday love.”

He left the bathroom with the instruction to take her time, and went back to continue dinner preparations. When Alyona finished in the bath and wandered back to the master bedroom wrapped in one of his huge fluffy towels, she saw a beautifully wrapped package lying on the bed. Quickly she untied the ribbon and lifted the box lid to discover a delicate lace negligee. She touched the silk fabric in awe. Never had she owned something so beautifully made. It was art. And the most beautiful shade of soft coral. She knew immediately he had picked it out to compliment her eyes. Grinning wide she donned the garment - and nothing else. Opting to leave her long tresses knotted, with stray curls hanging down her graceful neck, she proceeded downstairs to the kitchen. It was aglow in candle light but she could see Alfie lifting a dish from the oven and setting it upon the cooling rack.

When she glided into the room, he immediately straightened; eyes taking in every inch of her.

"Fuck me.”

She laughed softly, “Well that is my birthday wish.”

Alfie didn’t waste a second this time, before closing the space between them.

"That roast really needs to sit for a spell yeah. Brings out the flavour … or some shit, I don’t fuckin know. Hell love, look at ya.”

Before she could reply, or even catch her breath, she was lifted on top the counter and his mouth was ravishing her own. His hands already climbing up her thighs, fingers reaching for the panties that weren’t there and meeting her wet centre directly. He groaned and pulled back to raise a brow.

"Damn. Kinda feels like it’s my birthday, eh?”

She grabbed him by the front of the trousers, and pulled him back. Slender fingers slipping past the waistband to tease the tip of his hard cock. Her other hand grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him near.

"Well it’s not, so get over here and make my wish come true.”

"Bit pushy ain’t ya?”

But before she could use that smart mouth again, Alfie pushed her back to lay upon the counter, hitching the lingerie up to her waist. Strong hands lifted her hips, while his head dove between her spread thighs. With expert use of his skilled fingers, mouth and tongue - he fulfilled that wish. Several times over.

When she finally raised up, eyes and body limp with spent desire, he unfastened his trousers and drove inside her in one swift movement. His need driving him hard and fast; thrusting into her with such passion dishes rattled within the cupboards below. She clung to his broad shoulders and wrapped her legs about him like a vise. A surprised gasp that he’s taking her to dizzying heights yet again. Both of them desperately seeking release from the tightening coils that set fire to every nerve, every cell and lingered on the edge of bursting. Until finally with a few deep and slow thrusts, the flames finally ignited and spread their heat along every limb and they fell into the inferno together. Alfie’s chest heaved with the effort given and her head dropped to his shoulder. She pressed a kiss along the side of his neck and he could only murmur in reply.

"Oh god Alfie. This is the best birthday ever.”

He hugged her close. Buried his face in the soft curls that had tumbled free. When his eyes met her own, they held a hint of his teasing nature.

"And here I thought based on what Ollie said, I’d have to give ya a proper spanking when ya got ‘ere.”

She smoothed the silk negligee back down her hips and hopping off the counter, cast him a sly wink as she sashayed over to the table.

"Well love, we haven’t eaten yet. Ya never know what might happen. Ain’t over till it’s over … right? And it’s still my birthday for another five hours.”

Alfie stood still, jaw slack. Until he clapped his hands together and gave her a wicked leer.

"Damn if it don’t feel like my own birthday.”

"Yeah well I’m starving now love, so why don’t we eat … and then we can get back to granting wishes.”

She cast her own wicked grin. “Eat up - yer gonna need the energy love.”

"Getting pushy again ain’t ya? Careful love - I might think yer picking a fight with me again.”

She laughed out loud. “Now there’s some wishful thinking.”

Fucking hell. Between those eyes and her sassy mouth of many talents - she was gonna be the death of him for sure. And he couldn’t for the life of him think of how he could wish for anything more.


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A Gift To The Bird Boy- Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Reader

“Well, well, well,” said a male voice that you knew well, “what do we have here?”

You looked up and saw the Joker grinning at you.  The chains wrapped around your wrists cut into your exposed skin from attempting to escape for hours.  You refused to have the man that killed the love of your life kill you.  You had just completed a mission assigned from Batman and this asshat decided to kidnap you on the worst day possible.  August 16th or Jason Todd’s birthday.  

“I was visiting an old pal’s grave and found you there. I never knew the boy blunder had his own little birdie.”

His laughs echoed throughout the room.  You refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing your fear and pain.  He skipped to you and dragged you to the middle of the room.  There was now blood dripping down your wrists.  Your chest ached from all of the swings from the crowbar.  Cuts and bruises were littered all over your limbs.  Each breath you took was painful and raspy.  You craned your neck to see him pulling out more of his weapons.  He was reciting ‘another one bites the dust’ over and over again until he found what he was looking for.  He held a small tube in his hand along with a syringe.  

“Is it too late to give the birdboy one last gift?  I bet he’ll be happy to see his lovely angel.”

Another set of laughs erupted from the deranged clown.  You wondered what was in the tube.  Was it his Joker venom?  Was it poison?  A million questions sped around in your mind until he walked over and ripped the sleeve off of your bloody shirt.  He plunged the needle into your arm and let its contents flow into your bloodstream.

“I borrowed this from an ol’ buddy of mine.  I may have altered it a bit, but I will give nothing but the best for the birdboy.”

“I’LL KILL YOU!!” you screamed.

You began thrashing around until he hit you with the crowbar again.  Your vision faded as the toxin or whatever he injected into you started to take its toll.  That’s when you saw him.  Jason was on the ground and surrounded by a pool of blood.  You tried to run over to him but you couldn’t move.  You scanned for any sign of movement but failed.

“JASON!!  Jason please wake up…..”

He didn’t.  You looked away and started sobbing.  Then you felt a hand on your shoulder.  Behind you was Jason, but his face was in the shadows.  When a light was shone across his face you screamed once again.  His face was covered in scars and blood, but that wasn’t the reason why you screamed.  He had an open cut running from his mouth to his cheeks.  His eyes were not the ones you fell in love with.  The eyes he had were filled with a psychotic combination of anger and joy.  He dragged his hands up your body until one of them grasped your throat.  The other carved a knife into your bruise-covered stomach and all you could do was scream.

The illusions continued to get worse and worse.  They consisted of the deaths of your parents, they deaths of the innocents you failed to save and all of your darkest fears, but with a twist.  Whatever the Joker did to the fear toxin, it added his own theme of madness to your fears.  Your throat was raw from the screaming and your skin stung every time the cuts made contact with the cloth of your shirt.  Your vision was fading once again and you gave into the darkness.


When you regained consciousness you were in a different room.  Instead of concrete walls and your blood smeared everywhere there were pale blue walls and cheap furniture spread around the room.  To your left was a nightstand with medical supplies and a glass of water.  Bloodstained cloth and gauze was in the trash can under it.  You looked at your arms and found them covered in slightly bloodstained gauze.  Your legs and upper torso were also wrapped in gauze.  Most of your heavy wounds were stitched up and healing.  How long were you out?  Who rescued you?  Is this another one of Joker’s illusions or tricks?  You wrapped yourself in the blanket and tried to calm yourself.  It didn’t help.  The door creaked open and revealed a man with more medical supplies in his hand.  He looked shocked to see you up.  He slowly approached you and pulled you into a hug.

“I thought I lost you, (Y/N).”

You remained in that position for a while before you calmed down and glanced at your rescuer.

“Jason?” you whispered.

“It’s me (Y/N/N).”

You pulled your arms out of the blanket and returned the hug.  

“Oh my God! I missed you so much!”

“I know.  I missed you, too.”

He held onto you like you would slip away if he let go.  When he found you he thought he was too late.  You held onto him like he would disappear if you let go.  You would never let go again.


A/N: It has been so long since I have posted a story! I haven’t been able to think of any good ideas, but I read a book recently that got my creativity flowing. I hope you all like this and I am planning on having more chapters so don’t worry too much that this chapter is so short. Sorry but I suck at summary’s… Also please excuse any typos… it is two in the morning haha:)

Summary: The three of you were the best of friends, inseparable. Until your eighth birthday party when Taehyung goes missing. Jimin and yourself feel guilt and sorrow for thirteen years until he suddenly shows up again. You want to know what happened and where he has been for thirteen years but he can’t talk. 

Part 1/?

   “45, 46, 47, 48, 49, and… 50!! Ready or not here I come!” 

   You woke up in a cold sweat as soon as the younger you in the dream took her small hands off of her eyes to go and find her best friends. It has been thirteen years since that night and three since you dreamed of it. You just turned eight years old when it happened, innocent and free to play from sun up to sun down with your two best friends. Jimin and Taehyung were the only other kids your age on the street you moved to when you were five.

   Your family had to move to a different town when your father was presented with a new job as a Detective in a somewhat small town. Much smaller than you were used to at the time. He was a cop in a large city before he got this job and thinking of his family and how he didn’t want to be a part of large city crime anymore he took the job in a heartbeat. 

   You moved into a large house with two stories and a large wrap around porch. Much more room than the small apartment you lived in before. The houses on your side of the street all sat in front of acres and acres of forest. There were so many large trees that it scared you the first time your car pulled into the driveway. You clutched your bunny rabbit stuffed animal closer to your chest as your mother helped your baby brother out of the car. 

   “Y/N its okay sweetheart. Come look at the house with me.” You mother had unbuckled your car seat straps before she moved to grab your brother so you just shrugged them off your tiny shoulders and pushed the heavy car door open. With your bunny held tightly in your hands you made your first step onto the ground that was starting to spot with drops of rain.You saw your mother rush into the house with your brother, your father was already inside opening windows to air it out. 

   “Look Jiminie! Another kid! Maybe she can be our friend.” You heard the voice coming from behind you so you turned quickly to see who was talking about you. Standing at the end of the driveway were two boys. One was slightly taller and lanky with shaggy hair that hung over his eyes enough to move when his eyelashes did. He looked dirty and wasn’t wearing any shoes. The other boy was smaller with a chubby face and hands. His hair wasn’t as long and better kept than the other boy. It was darker too almost black whereas the taller boy had more of a brown color hair. The smaller boy was pale and the other had a dark tan. All you could do was stare at the two of them and hold your bunny tighter. 

   “Hi! My name is Taehyung, but you can call me Tae or TaeTae or Taehyungie.” The taller tan boy introduced himself first and then pointed to the smaller boy, “This is Jimin, he is kinda shy. You can call him Jimin or Chim or ChimChim or Jiminie.”

   Taehyung was very outgoing and talked so quickly it took you a moment to process what he had said. The whole time you were quiet and just looking at them. Jimin stood slightly behind Taehyung who had a large smile on his face in the shape of a rectangle. 

   “My name is Y/N… I am just moving here today.” You didn’t know it was possible but Tae ended smiling bigger than before when you finally talked back to them. 

   “Oh good!! We are the only other kids our age on this street, and as much as I love having Jiminie as a friend I am excited to have another one! My house is the one right there and Jiminie’s is on the other side of yours.” Tae pointed to the house on the left of yours and claimed it has his. Jiminie’s was to the right. 

   “How old are you guys?” You asked the question in a quiet voice nervous about their answers. What if they were older than you and didn’t want to play with someone younger? 

   “We are both five.” Jimin answered this question and he had and even quieter voice than your did. But your eyes went wide and you smiled at them. 

   “Me too! I am glad I moved next to people my age so we can play! At my last house all the kids were older than me so they didn’t want to play with me.” You looked down at your feet when you finished talking feeling like you said too much. Will they think you are weird now?

   “We will play everyday don’t worry!” Tae said this and walked forward to grab the hand that wasn’t holding your bunny. “Lets go see your house!”

   You rolled onto your side in bed and turned your phone screen on to see the time. 7:30 in the morning, aka way too damn early to be up on a Saturday. You noticed the text from Jimin saying that he was coming over only to hear a knock at the door seconds later. You rolled out of bed with a groan and threw a large sweater on over the sleeping shorts and tank top your wore to bed. It was cold in your house and your bare feet on the wood floor made it very obvious that if you were to look out the window you would see a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. 

   “I’m coming! I’m coming! Don’t get your panties in a wad!” You yelled at Jimin when you made it down the stairs and heard him knocking on your door still. You threw open the door only to be surprised by how pale Jimin looked, much more pale than usual. “Woah Jimin, what happened!? Are you okay?”

   “I had another dream last night Y/N…” You grabbed his hand and pulled him inside your home ready to talk about whatever he needed to get off of his chest. You brought him to the window seat in the back of the house facing the woods and sat him down. He had a blank expression on his face and still looked as pale as a ghost. 

   “I am going to make us some tea. Stay here and blink why don’t you? It’s starting to creep me out.” You turned around and went to the kitchen a few feet away and still within eye site of Jimin. 

   You poured the tea into two mugs when it was ready and carefully walked over to Jimin and sat next to him on the window seat folding your legs underneath you. You handed him his mug and he just clutched it between his hands tight enough that you saw his knuckles start to turn white. 

   “I had a dream about him for the first time in four years Y/N! I almost forgot what it was like and this one was way different than the others. I was walking in the forest and I kept hearing a little kid giggling. I followed these small footsteps that only got bigger the more I walked, and the child’s laughter turned into screaming and someone yelling ‘Help me!’. I ran to help but I couldn’t get far very fast because I tripped on tree roots. Finally the screaming stopped… When I got back up from falling the last time there was a person standing in front of me, but he didn’t seem like a real person. His hair was long and stringy and he was so skinny I could count almost every bone. I knew it was him as soon as i saw his face and heard his voice. He asked me the worst question I have ever been asked Y/N…”

   “What did he ask you?” You grabbed Jimin’s clammy hand and held it tight in your own.

   “He asked, ‘Why didn’t you help me? Why did you let the monster take me?’ I woke up screaming Y/N, I couldn’t breath. That’s when I sent you a text saying I was coming over.” 

   “I had a dream about him as well last night Jiminie… Why after so long? Why now? 

   You remember the day he went missing so vividly. It was your eighth birthday and the worst day of your life. Jimin and Tae were hiding and you were the seeker for the last round of hide n’ seek. You were having a small little BBQ with the boys and their families. The parents sat on the back patio talking and laughing with each other. Tae’s older siblings were playing basketball by the garage, and your younger brother was already asleep in the house. You finished counting to 50 and turned away from the back wall of the house ready to find your friends. You were the best seeker out of the three of them, but Tae was the best hider. Your parents made it a rule that the three of you could not hide in the woods because they didn’t want anyone to get lost. It wasn’t a problem because Jimin and you were afraid of monsters sneaking around in the shadows of the trees. 

   Tae was always the fearless one.

   You saw Jimin’s blue sneaker poking out from behind the garbage can and quietly walked over to him before jumping into his point of view yelling “BOO!” He jumped and clutched at his chest before giving you a dirty look. 

   “Hey! Why did you scare me! You could have just found me like a normal person.” He was working on breathing right again when you took his hand to pull him away from the smelly garbage. 

   “Now you can help me find Tae! He is going to be tricky to find like always!” The two of you started to look all over the back yard and sides of the house. For some reason you kept looking back towards the wall of trees lining the edge of your yard. It almost felt as if someone was watching you. That’s when you heard a branch snap in the direction you were looking but you couldn’t see anything so you brushed it off. 

   “Hey I thought we told you guys only one more round. It has been much longer than that.” Jimin’s mom called out to us from the patio. 

   “It’s the same round! We haven’t been able to find Tae yet. He picked way too good of a spot this time.” You noticed the parents all getting a worried look on their faces and your dad stood up and walked over to you.  

   “Let’s go find him together shall we?” He looked down at you and Jimin with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. From a very young age you could tell what your fathers “work face” looked like and you could see it now. He walked around with you and Jimin both yelling Tae’s name and that the game wasn’f fun anymore. Eventually it got darker and colder and Tae’s older siblings took you and Jimin inside while the parents stayed out and looked for him. Jimin and you sat in the window seat facing the forest and watched as all the adults looked around with flashlights. You noticed some people from your dad’s work came by to help look as well.

   You and Jimin sat by that window for hours watching everything unfold. The two of your held each others hands and wouldn’t let go in fear of losing the other. Eventually the two of you fell asleep in that same window seat. You don’t know how long you were asleep until you heard a very loud scream coming from outside. You looked out the window and saw even more lights pointed toward the forest and saw Tae’s mom in the grass on her knees screaming and Tae’s dad holding her. You saw your dad walking out of the forest holding Tae’s brown sandal. 

   He hated wearing shoes. The only type of shoe his mom could get him to wear were sandals. You turned to look at Jimin and saw that his eyes were wide and he held your hand tighter.

   “Don’t worry he probably just took his shoes off so he could walk quieter.”

   At the time you didn’t know if you were saying that to convince yourself or Jimin but it never helped. The search went on for months and everyday you sat on the window seat and looked at the forest hoping Tae would walk out with his big box smile and wave at you. Thirteen painful years went by and all three families lived in the same houses. Maybe we were all hoping to see him walk out of the forest some day. 

A/N: Thank you for reading!! If you liked it please let me know. Feedback is always welcome. I am planning on making this into multiple chapters if people like it. Sorry it was so short but I felt like that was a good place to leave this chapter. 

My fingers slipped and some angst happened. Whoops. 

Here’s the thing: Jughead despises his birthday. It’s a glowing stain on the shitstorm he calls his life. Typically, he can pretend that it doesn’t exist, that when the day comes, it’s just an ordinary day where he silently ages up one year, but some years are more difficult.

When he’s pulled from sleep during the early morning hours of his birthday by a sneezing fit, he mentally curses every being while desperately trying to stifle sneezes into the crook of his arm.

“Jughead?” Archie’s voice is thick with sleep, but the questioning concern is evident in his tone.

When the fit ends, Jughead breathes out a tired sigh. “Go back to sleep.”

“Are you okay?”

Jughead flops back against the air mattress and drapes his arm across his eyes. No, he thinks. No, he’s very much not okay.


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Best Brother [Twin!Jungkook]

Summary: Twin!Jungkook AU. When nobody in school seems to notice it was not only Jungkook’s birthday, but also yours, Jungkook knows just the right way to cheer you up.

Genre: Angst, fluff

Word count: 1.8k

A/N: A Jungkook imagine to celebrate this cutie pie’s birthday! Happy birthday Jungkookie. Even though you’re growing older, you’ll always be a smol precious bunny in our eyes. Love you ♡

Originally posted by jeonsshi

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6.Drums And Interviews (Neymar)

7.Reality Is Better (Oscar)

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74.Grocery Shopping (Neymar)

75.Will You Go Out With Me (Neymar)

76.Only temporary (Neymar)

77.Valentine’s Day Surprises (Neymar)

The Best and Worst Birthday Ever.

BBRAE WEEK DAY 2 May 2nd: Primal Vs Awkward moments NSFW

Everyone has awkward moments in their life, and Raven was no exception to this. She just wasn’t use to having them with him. This particular day was by far one of the most awkward moments of her young life. It was mid February and she was dreaming in her queen size bed. Tangled in silk sheets and his arms she was completely and utterly tranquil. He woke her up by kissing softly on her neck. His hands grazing over her smooth skin. As his warm breath danced over where his lips had been. She hummed raising her hips her eyes fluttered. 

“Gar?” She asked curiously wondering if it was really time to wake just yet.
He nipped warm pale skin with a purr. “Today is all about you baby. I’m going to make you want me so bad.”

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