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!!This is not a drill!!

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A bit about me.

Everybody in the secret sessions have been saying that Taylor knows everything about them bc she stalked them here. So, basically I’m just going to do a personal biography just for Taylor, so she can know more about me in case she’s trying to meet me. This is a real private information, but I’ll do this for my baby.

So, this is me Arianna Arrieta.
I was born and raised in Venezuela, State of Zulia, I live specifically in a small town called Cabimas. I have a twin sister. I’ve lived with my parents for 17 almost 18 years but my father moved to another place to help us have a better life because of the situation in my country. So now I’m living with my mom, my sister and my brother.
I’m 19 and my birthday’s on September 8th.
I’m a college student. The college is located in a city in the same state but I takes me 45 min to take there, so it’s a bit tiring go there everyday.
I study Journalism and I’m cursing my 5th trimester.
My favorite color is purple.
I have been taking salsa classes for a year and 9 months.
I love my friends, they are all in my life.
I’ve never had a boyfriend or something like that.
The first I found out about you was with the love story video.
I can’t stop thinking about you and the day I get to meet you, and I think it has been like that since I became a swiftie.
My love for you is bigger than my dreams, bigger than this world, I can’t put it into words how much I appreciate your presence in my life. And yes, I feel less alone knowing you are here for me and all of us.
Thanks to you I have met awesome people, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.
My favorite album used to be speak now, but now I realized I couldn’t pick one so no all of your albums are my favorite.
Long live always makes me cry.
It’s 12:00 am here in my country and my eyes are closing cause I need to sleep and get up tomorrow at 4:00 am (I have to go to college) so I’m saying goodbye. This are a few things about me, Te amo and I hope we can meet soon. @taylorswift


Happy Birthday! (September 8th)

  • Irisdina Bernhard (Muv-Luv) - 1959 (58 years old)
  • Saiko Metori (Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan)
  • Azama (Fire Emblem Fates)
  • Hachigen Ushouda (Bleach)
  • Murata Tetsuko (Gintama)
  • Rakuyo (One Piece)
  • Cabaji (One Piece)
  • Celica A. Mercury (BlazBlue)
  • Astrid (Animal Crossing)
  • Souji (Pop’n Music)
  • Ibara Shiozaki (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Reever Wenhamm (D.Gray-man)
  • Kyouko Sasahara (Love Live School Idol Festival)
  • Banri Ogami (Idolish7)
Taking Care of You, For Once

​I have not forgotten that it’s Dr Iplier’s birthday today! So here’s my ego story for his special day. As always, the art is mine, posted here

This story could have gone on a lot longer than it did, but I didn’t want to start rambling

The egos don’t technically have birthdays since they’re strange figments all taking the appearance of one person, but it’s tradition to celebrate the day an ego appeared in their first video. Dr Iplier had been with the egos for 4 years, caring for everyone and making sure that no one falls apart, literally in some cases. With Wilford’s shooting, the search engines malfunctioning, Dark’s aggression, Bim’s lack of understanding in his power, Yandere’s blood lust, King’s clumsiness, Host’s bleeding and all the other issues faced with 17 egos living together, Iplier become one of, if not the most important member of the family, but when the 4 year anniversary of his first video came about, it was the doctor himself who required care. 

After going on tour, Mark was really unwell, but the illness had hit Dr Iplier like a truck at full speed just over a week later. He spluttered with coughs and sneezes as he tried to go about his daily routine, but once the googles, specifically Plus, found him, he was forced into one of the hospital beds in his clinic.
“You look awful,” Will stated, leaning against the doorway as the doctor blinked tiredly.
“I feel it,” he muttered quietly before breaking out into a coughing fit for the 3rd time that morning.
Will had been given the job of staying with the doctor for a few hours whilst everyone else prepared the ‘sick ego’ supplies, which was basically lots of comfort food, blankets and anything else entertaining. There was a TV in the clinic as well as 4 other beds, so everyone could pile in and enjoy a movie together or connect the monitor to a computer or console and play some games. It was something they always did when anyone was ill, especially since any sickness the egos get is usually linked directly to Mark and not contagious to other egos.
“Want a drink?” Will pulled out his gun, awkwardly fidgeting with it.
The doctor could tell he was uncomfortable not being in his studio filming, but as the oldest ego who was willing to help, he was chosen to make sure Iplier didn’t need anything whilst everyone else ran around.
“Water would be good,” Dr Iplier’s voice was hoarse and he coughed again upon finishing.

When the necessary supplies had been gathered, The Host took over looking after the doctor as Will rushed back to his studio to film a few episodes of his various shows. As Bim and Oliver popped in and out numerous times with food, blankets, cushion, plushies and even one of Bim’s succulents, The Host sat beside the doctor and told him stories. Some were classic fairy tales, but others were the stories The Author had written years ago. Dr Iplier felt much calmer listening to The Host, his voice like medication easing his sickness until everyone but Dark made their way into the clinic. Like one big, dysfunctional family, everyone wrapped blankets around themselves and watched some Disney films, because everyone loves a bit of Disney.

The day seemed to pass quickly. Everyone sang happy birthday for Dr Iplier, because of course they hadn’t forgotten it was his special day after all, before filing out of the room and heading to their own areas. It wasn’t until a few hours later, when the doctor had finally gone to sleep, that Dark showed his face for the first time. The high pitch ringing and crackle of his shell splitting caused the doctor to bolt upright, his heart pounding as two eyes stared at him from the doorway. After recovering from a coughing fit, Dark finally approached.
“Don’t do that,” Iplier choked, trying to glare at Dark, but he still looked as tired as before.
Dark chuckled deeply at the attempt and handed over a scrapbook.
“This is from us all. Since you’re unwell and we have had to be your doctors for the day, a few of the lesser egos decided that a scrapbook should be made to celebrate how vital your assistance has been to our survival. I apologise for my absence today but I was in my office putting everything together.”
The scrapbook was the same pale blue as the doctor’s scrubs, and Dark had handwritten in a fancy calligraphy font ’4 years of Dr Iplier’. Inside, each double page was dedicated to a different ego, with every one containing pictures, stories and even a small present.
“Thank you, Dark,” the doctor smiled, feeling a few tears pool in his eyes, “this is wonderful.”
“I hope you feel better soon, doc,” Dark sounded much more causal when he spoke this time, “you need to be well enough for Google’s birthday on Halloween. I wouldn’t want you to miss out.”
With a bow of his head, Dark started to leave the room before turning back to face Iplier one last time.
“Happy birthday, old friend.”
Dr Iplier allowed himself to relax again, the ear piercing ring of Dark’s voice and aura finally gone. He flicked through the scrapbook in his hands, glancing over a few pages.

First was Wilford, who’s pages were bright pink and glittering. There was a selfie of Will and the doctor from his first day in the building, and another from just last week. There were a few stories, obviously written out by Wilford judging by the use of gel pens, about the multitude of occasions when the doctor had operated on him to dislodge bullets when Will accidentally shot himself. There was a lollipop, pink and swirly, with a label saying ’Just as sweet as you’, which Iplier presumed was Will’s gift to him.

After Will’s pages were The Host’s. His pages were a soft brown with elegant golden swirls in the corners, and small buttons in the shape of books had been stuck to the paper. In the centre of one page were two photo. The first was taken by Google’s internal camera system of the day The Host first came to the building. He was still dressed in The Author’s clothes, the bandage over his eyes was just an old rag and his hair didn’t have his signature golden streak. The doctor could remember this day like a recurring nightmare, seeing a man he had known reduced to a shell of himself. The Host had been scared and alone that day, and only the doctor had managed to get him to say anything. The second photo was another of Google’s secret snaps, this time of the doctor applying a clean bandage to The Host a few months later, him finally looking like the man he is now. The story, written in the neatest handwriting anyone could possibly have, explained how The Host was very slow to trust people, especially with his lack of vision, but the doctor was different. His heart shone so bright that it cleared the darkness for him and gave him someone he could confide in, as well as the familiarity of an old friend. He was the first person to see The Host’s lack of eyes first hand, and to this day, he still changes the bandages whenever it’s needed. The whole story was essentially a thank you letter, because to The Host, Dr Iplier was the most important person in his life and without him, he’d still be trapped in his library, too scared to leave because of what he had become. Included was a dark blue bookmark, with ’For all the times I’m not there to tell you a story- Host’ printed on it in gold.

Dr Iplier flicked through the book, noting the obvious colours for each ego. Each of the google’s pages were their corresponding colour, Ed’s were a deep brown, Bim’s were lilac, King’s were red and gold, Silver’s were black and white, Bop’s were deep blue, the Jims’ were metallic blue, Bing’s were yellow and Yandere’s were blood red. Finally he reached the back pages, which, judging by the black paper and 3D effect around the border of the pictures, were Dark’s. Dark wasn’t one to take selfies, or even agree to be in photos, but stuck to the first page was the only photo the doctor had with Dark. It was after the ‘A Date with Markiplier’ video, when Dark had over exerted himself trying to manipulate the viewer and the doctor was treating him. The photo showed Dark smiling genuinely, despite being drained of his power, which was a rare sight in itself, but Dr Iplier was actually laughing. The small caption below it read ’The first time I needed your assistance, you didn’t hesitate to help, and although the circumstance was unpleasant, I enjoyed your company’. On the 2nd page was a recent photo of Dark, a selfie in fact. It looked to be from today since Dark’s desk in the photo was covered in paper, glitter, glue and other small crafting supplies to make this scrapbook. To many, a selfie in a book that is meant to be a birthday present is incredibly self centred, but below the image was a small caption.
Thank you for sticking beside me, even when I’ve been aggressive. I can’t promise I’ll be nicer since it’s in my nature to manipulate, but I want you to know I appreciate you and everything you’ve done for all of us’.

The doctor felt tears in his eyes again, this time they fell onto his cheeks as he closed the book and hugged it. He’d have to read through it properly when he felt better, but now he could go to sleep feeling the happiest he has been in his 4 years of existence. It truly was a special birthday. 

[A/N: Can I just say that I wrote this back when I thought his birthday was September 8th. I changed a few things to make it work for today, but the rest was left unchanged, and it was only when I read through it that Dark says ‘old friend’… That’s how Damien greeted us in WKM *cries*]


Hi! My birthday is on September 8th and I never get any birthday gifts irl so I usually just post my wishlist here and hope for the best. dfskdjfvbskjfgb

Anyways heres my list if anyone wants to buy me something! I’ve had a really hard time this past month so anything bought for me would literally make my day! 

You can also donate money to me on paypal if you want to help me eat since my college took all of my money and my boss cut my hours: 

If you buy me a gift or anything lmk because I would like to tell you how much I love you and I’ll give you every ounce of love in my heart! 

Anyways thank you for always being there for me and listen to me whine about my life on this shitty blog u guys are gr8. 

‘Get to Know Me’ Tag ♡
  • Got tagged by my precious Laura @byungjoo THANK YOUU~
  • Rules: Answer 30 questions then tag 20 Blogs (NNNO THATS TOO MANY OMG)
  • Questions
  • Nicknames: Umm lets see, Minty, Lavender, Mom… those are the only ones I have any more besides a few private ones.
  • Gender: demigirl
  • Star sign: Virgo sun, Pisces moon, Gemini rising 
  • Height: I’m probably 5′7″???
  • Time: it’s ten past one in the morning oops
  • Birthday: 8th of September!
  • Favourite bands: Until the Ribbon Breaks, Fall Out Boy, Seventeen, Disclosure, Gorillaz, Monsta X, Forgive Durden… I’m sure I’m forgetting some people
  • Favourite solo artists: Woodkid, Gotye, Zico, Jack Conte, Mystery Skulls, Dean… I know there’s more around here somewhere…
  • Song stuck in my head: “Rollin’” by B1A4!! I’ve really fallen in love with it and I think I might stan them now!!
  • Last movie I watched: Kingsmen: The Golden Circle. I thought the original was much better thought out and the sequel felt like it was written by fans who didn’t know what they were doing. :/
  • Last show I watched: Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’ve been rewatching the entire series now that Netflix has it available for download.
  • When did I create my blog: January 24th, 2017. My only post on this blog for SIX DAYS was a gif set of yugyeom wearing a bunny tail shoving his ass into the camera while jackson held it lovingly and exclaimed in awe. S I X  D A Y S. dark times.
  • What do I post: a fruit salad of kpop, various groups, not necessarily exclusively my biases. A good chunk of bts and monsta x, along with heaps of seventeen and then a bit of other groups
  • Last thing googled: “winwin age” because I couldn’t remember if he was a 97 or a 95 :///
  • Do you have other blogs: I have a few other non kpop related blogs that I like to keep secret and if you know about them then its because i trust you not to Out Me! But I also run a Xiumin blog ( @my-dearest-minseok ), a JHope blog ( @gxlden-hyxng ) and a Jinjin blog ( @dreamyjinjin ). I say they’re member blogs but they’re really just picdumps.
  • Do you get asks: like… rarely… if i reblog a question list, I might get one or two if I’m lucky. but otherwise no.
  • Why did you chose your URL: I have a long and boring history about my various kpop urls but long story short I like the fact that my nickname is minty and whichever bias I’m feeling most at the moment steps in (i’m super tempted to change it again to something more generic but I also really like having bias url, oops)
  • Following: 731
  • Followers: 128
  • Favourite colors: mint, lavender, magenta, periwinkle, basically any pastels, also I’m a big fan of teal/turquoise!
  • Average hours of sleep: usually around 6
  • Lucky number: 3, 5, 9, 16, 17
  • Instruments:I used to play violin, recorder, guitar, and vocals. Now I do none of that.
  • What am I wearing: a soft dress with entirely too much chest room, so i wear it to sleep in
  • How many blankets I sleep with: Usually it’s just sheets and a comforter, but if it gets cold I like three
  • Dream job: god probably an aquarist or a script editor
  • Dream trip: Someday I want to do the Park Hopper Challenge and go to every Disney Park in the world <3 Or just to Paris.
  • Favourite food: Teriyaki chicken donburi!! and dumplings, like most things that can be considered to be dumplings even in a vague sense are my favorite things. annnd probably japchae also, I love beef japchae TwT
  • Nationality: as much as i hate to say it, i’m american
  • Favourite song right now: All three unit tracks Seventeen have released this month are my favorites. Change Up, Trauma, and Lilili Yabbay are MASTERWORKS by AMAZING TALENTS wow I love talent, I love Seventeen
  • tagging ummm  y’all don’t have to do this I’m just gonna tag you if i wished we talked more UM @imeightout @lastlov @noweimywei @xiaowedance  @minhyukie @draculaun @grapefruitwoozi @jooheonster @jinjins-freckles @kihyunslips mmmm ok now I’m going to bed!!

so I was tagged but the two very lovely @bisexualmctatenski and @demonfero <3

Rules: Answer 30 Questions then tag 20 blogs

1. Nicknames: Phoebss

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Virgo 

4. Height: 5′2″

5. Time: 23:10

6. Birthday: September 8th

7. Favourite bands: Bastille <3, the Chainsmokers they are more than one person its a band fight me, Imagine Dragons 

8. Favourite solo artists: Halsey and Avicii and Blackbear 

9. Song stuck in my head: Heaven in hiding -  Halsey 

10. Last movie watched: We’re the Millers 

11. Last show watched: Ru Paul’s drag race 😂

12. When did I create my blog: idk Libby tells me its more than a year ago 

13. What do I post: Teen wolf, malia and stalia but teen wolf Is dead so probs just memes now 

14. Last thing googled: how the fuck do you get an a* in economics 

15. Do you have other blogs: Yeah, @incorrectstaliaquotes, @fystalia @the-jason-todd

16. Do you get asks: mostly hate

17. Why did you choose your url: because drunk scrabble is the best 

18. Following: 139

19. Followers: 240

20. Favorite colors: blue

21. Average hours of sleep: 6 if I’m lucky 

22. Lucky number: 9

23. Instruments: guitar, piano and low key know drums 

24. What I am wearing: big baggy jumper and sports shorts <3

25. How many blankets I sleep with: a dog  

26. Dream job: idk I just want to  travel 

27. Dream trip: everywhere

28. Favourite food: quinoa

29. Nationality: British

30. Favourite song right now: the draw - Bastille 

I tag @trolling-since-chernobyl @salt-and-more @lydiascoyote @raphsieg007x @whydidyouflyaway @wellhaytheremysweetship @facetiious @sterek-malec @maliaisbi @lokiprincess


NAME :    rose
NICKNAME :    rosie
FACECLAIM :    lol do i ever use them ??  if i had to choose probably colin firth bc he’s a cute turtle
PRONOUNS :    she / her
HEIGHT :    5″1
BIRTHDAY :    september  8th
AESTHETIC :    dark  matte  lipsticks ,  oxfords ,  shades  of  reds  &  gray .
LAST  SONG  YOU  LISTENED  TO :    back  to  you  -  louis  tomlinson  (  instrumental  )
FAVORITE  MUSE (S)  YOU’VE  WRITTEN :    lydia  martin ,  laurel  castillo ,  jordan  baker


WHAT  INSPIRED  YOU  TO  TAKE  ON  THIS  MUSE :  he  was  hot  lol !  but  no  for  real ,  i  thought  his  character  had  so  much  potential,  what  with  his  personal  backstory  +  the  rep / history  of  the  hale  pack  &  it  was  just  executed  so  badly  that  i  couldn’t  help  but  feel  offended .  i  wanted  to  change  things  &  one  thing  lead  to  another    i’ve  been  rping  as  him  for  almost  two  years  now
WHAT  ARE  YOUR  FAVORITE  ASPECTS  OF  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE :   um  tbh  i’ve  been  suffering  with  derek  since  forever  bc  i  don’t  particularly  enjoy  writing  in  derek’s  mindset  ——  its  not  very  interesting ( whoops )  so  i’m  glad  that  i  introduced  a  alt  side  to  him  into  my  interpretation !
WHAT’S  YOUR  BIGGEST  INSPIRATION  WHEN  IT  COMES  TO  WRITING :    ????  when  do  i  write  ??  what does this mean
FAVORITE  TYPES  OF  THREADS :    definitely  para ,  heavy  plot ,  moral  ambiguity  +  emotional  constipation  lol !  but  caring  /  hurt  type  threads  are  so  wholesome  &  good  too 
BIGGEST  STRUGGLE  IN  REGARDS  TO  YOUR  CURRENT  MUSE :   everything  oh  my  fuck .  since  i’m  still  in  the  midst  of  deciding  derek’s  character ,  i  feel  like  his  personality  is  a  little  mood - swing - esque  lately .  also  i  do  want  to  incl  more  internal  monologue ,  which  i  find  that  i  have  tendency  to  omit  -  without  that  aspect ,  i  don’t  think  i’m  able  to  portray  derek  as  well .

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Amidst all the chaos, I have not forgotten that today is Dr Iplier’s birthday!

4 years since this idiot came to be an ego. He’s probably the only person keeping the egos alive half the time because I imagine having that many egos in the same building is probably chaos. He also just wants to be an actor and Markiplier TV was his debut performance. Either way, here’s to the doc!

I actually drew this a month ago back when I thought his birthday was September 8th, but thankfully a friendly anon on my writing blog told me that this video was uploaded onto Cyndago before the one on Mark’s channel


name:  morven  /  ven.
birthday:  september 8th.
zodiac:  virgo.
height:  5′7″ ish.
sexual orientation:  picky, but indifferent to gender.
favorite color:  cornflower blue, but i can appreciate a ton;  prefer … reserved  ??  colours, though.
favorite book:  i don’t read anywhere near as much as i should-
favorite artists / bands:  lately i’ve been listening to flume / missio / sivik / savoy  &  a ton of others,
last movie I watched:  labyrinth bc it’s my #comfort movie.
hogwarts house:  slytherin.
random fact:  i own tons of action figures  &  pop vinyl figures;  the pops are all stacked up on the top of the drawers next to my bed, and my cloud figure is standing at the Very Top.
when did you create your blog?:  last october, if i remember correctly …
do you have any other blogs?:  yeah, but they’re also low activity.  @inscaria  @joutouda  &  @nyokai  are my only active ones asides from cloud rn, but i’m moving genji to my wip multi-muse.
what made you decide to get a tumblr?uhh well i mean, i used to write bucky via e-mail rp,  the person i wrote with often tried to convince me to make a blog because she had a rp blog-  but i said it was way too much effort. fast forward a few months and i’m into k project, then kiznaiver. i was messaging a k project rp blog who answered my questions, and wound up making my kiznaiver blog first  …  learning what to do there,  &  then eventually making fushimi among other older blogs.
do you get asks on a daily basis?when i reblog memes yeah, but i’ve been So Slow lately
why did you choose your URL?it’s sort of a pun;  ex-soldier  mako merged together, but when i was making the url even that was a pun because infusion and  …  mako  …  and cloud’s fun time with that,

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