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I looked it up but you don't have much around about Sean, anything you can share?


I fuckin’ love this dude. He’s very special to me because a lot of his design/basic info is a mix of me and my family. I’ll go ahead and list some facts about him.

- We have the same birthday, September 8th.

- He has blonde hair blue eyes like me and the rest of that side of my family.

- He was born in Yreka California, where my grandparents lived before they died.

- He has the same name as my half brother.

- He’s allergic to shrimp like me, and bees like my mother.

- Thankfully he dodged our family’s schizophrenia gene (lucky bastard, like 90% of us have some form of it) but one of his two brothers has it.

- He broke his arm in the same place I did, but it was from his abusive uncle. (Not related to anything about me, just something that I came up with for him.)

- He drives a motorcycle (another big part of our family… thing.)

Other than that, he’s just a very sad stoner security guard doing his best. He’s afraid of Zach and co. He’s bffs with Rudy the German teacher. One of his favorite things on earth is chocolate milk. 

He’ll be in the comic soon! He’s quite relevant and I’m very excited to share him with you guys. (We also call him a golden retriever because he’s cute and just lets things happen to him, golden boy, Seanathon etc. He has a lot of nicknames. Rudy calls him Ponytail Man.)

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Name: Sheila (Sheila-Prisca to be exact)

Nicknames: None

Birthday: September 8th

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 1,56m or something

Orientation: Super Gay

Nationality: Swiss

Favorite fruit: Apples, Strawberries 🍓

Favorite season: Autumn 🍁

Favorite book: Otherland

Favorite flower: Hyacinth

Favorite scent: Caramel

Coffee/tea/hot cocoa: Coffee in unhealthy quantities

Average sleep hours: 5-6

Cat or dog person: Cat

Favorite fictional character: Let me marry Urbosa ples

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 during warm nights, plus a fluffy one if it gets cold

Blog created: 8th of December 2015 (whaaat has it really been that long??)

Number of followers: 1,282 💌

Random fact: Sea cucumbers will fart their innards at you when startled. Oh, you meant about me? I have several tiny treasure chests full of shiny things.


Say what was Michelle’s weight gain?

Yes, in two week I have gained 19lbs! I’m not going to hide it, because hey food happens, and you enjoy it, but you gotta reign yourself in at some point and that point is today.

Best thing about me that I love is I’m not even made about it. I can accept it and move on. And when I say move on I mean move on down to some lower weight numbers. Oh yes!

Starting today, July 18, 2016, I am recommitting myself to this weight loss. No more slacking, no more working out, but no good eating, and no more half good days. I want to get back to focusing on portion control, not giving into food urges, and paying attention to when I am bored vs actually hungry.

So, I have come up with these simple guidelines to follow till the end of July, and then I may tweak them a little. However, my overall plan is to stick to them until my birthday, September 8th, in which I will have an enjoyment meal for all my hard work.

I have also enlisted @grandenoirceur (cause what you didn’t see that coming) to help me stay accountable. Bad ass trainer Chad is on the case. LoL

As, for this week I have finished filling out my planner for dinner to be had this week (except weekends go unplanned because I allow for flexibility because you just never know), and scheduled workouts with myself.

*Side note* I find if I write down the workout I am going to do on a day I am more likely to do it then leaving it up to chance. A tip I picked up a long time ago on tumblr about “scheduling yourself to workout”

So, this is my master plan everyone! Stay tuned for the pounds to drop off, and very annoying motivated/dedicated posts. LoL


Now the 60th year since you’ve been gone, today you turn 84 years old. Born to parents Mildred and Winton, on the 8th of February in 1931 in Marion Indiana and raised in the small farming town of Fairmount Indiana. You were raised by two wonderful families, an aunt and an uncle who loved you dearly, and grandparents who loved you equally the same. You graduated high school in 1949, having been a scholarly student, and liked by many; for you had a kindred spirit and a great many talents. All grown up and heading to New York City to find your calling soon after your high school graduation. you eventually created that famous actor, we all know and love as James Dean. A talented, eclectic, and a solitary individual. James Dean is indescribably one of no other, impossible to recreate. Today is not a day to focus on what took him away from us in his 24th year, but a day to celebrate the life he lived before that. Today we celebrate James Dean.

Happy Birthday angel.

February 8th, 1931-September 30th, 1955

Hey taylorswift my 16th birthday is soon! September 8th! It would mean the absolute world if you could wish me a happy birthday just because you are EVERYTHING to me and without you I probably wouldn’t be here for another year.
❤️❤️❤️ I love you so much and will see you soon
Your friend, elinor.